BlackRock Bitcoin ETF DAYS Away! (Crypto is about to EXPLODE!)

Huge news for the Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF I am flabbergasted that more People aren't talking about this in the Final hours your biggest enemies reveal Themselves we were right the entire time It is amazing that we have access to This information the general public has No idea what is about to happen not that They couldn't know they just don't know They don't know they should be looking Black rock and 11 plus others are days Away from getting approval from the SEC For their spot Bitcoin ETF Gary Gensler And the SEC just keep losing you know About the sec's major setback with Binance back in June you know about the Sec's two major losses with ripple in July and October you of course know About the sec's landmark loss against Grayscale making all of these spot ETFs Possible possible well another major L For Gary Gensler just happened the SEC Deeply regrets their misleading Statements and other errors in the Crypto case the crypto company in Question called digital licensing Inc or Debt box so what happened the sec's Attorney apologized to a judge on Thursday for misrepresenting facts used To secure a restraining order and asset Freeze against the crypto firm the SEC Basically lied made stuff up carried out Actions against this company and the Judge basically just made them apologize

And now there'll be repercussions on the SEC another L for Gary another one huge News for the Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF I am flabbergasted that more people Aren't talking about this black rock Just dropped it's updated S1 and it does Name the aps it does name the authorized Participants Janes Street and JP Morgan Kind of ironic kind of iconic looks like We have our first horse at the Starting Gate in the final hours your biggest Enemies reveal themselves we were right The entire time so just to be clear the AP names were not due in the s1s so Black Rock adding them in there bit of a Flex in that regard so if we see other S1's not naming APS doesn't mean that They don't have ones lined up but this Does make black rock the first horse Officially ready so obviously it's Looking more and more like the 11 plus Spot Bitcoin ETFs is a done deal you'd Basically need the highest wrongs of the Government to step in and stop these Things from being approved so basically We're talking about Joe Biden or Somebody pretty high up there like Joe Biden would Joe Biden stop the ETFs from Happening does he even know about it it I don't think he would if he knew about It plus it's an election year guys it's An election year keep that in mind very Positive again I want to point this out To you this is a classic example of

Watch what they do not what they say it Was not but 3 weeks ago that JP Morgan's CEO Jamie diamond made the remarks if I Were the government I'd shut it down you Pointed out doing true use case for it Is criminals drug traffickers anti-money Laing tax avoidance if I was the Government's close it down now he wants A piece of it he wants a piece of that Digital gold so all the biggest players Are in now again more evidence the Approval is days away in the final hours Your biggest enemies reveal themselves We were right the entire time and just So you understand JP Morgan's role as APS with black rock this will be their Role APS play a critical role in the Functioning of ETFs they are responsible For creating and redeeming ETF shares They help maintain the liquidity and Proper functioning of the ETFs by Facilitating the process of creating and Redeeming shares in response to demand Especially important for a product like A Bitcoin ETF where the underlying asset Is not a traditional security APS would Likely be responsible for managing the Creation and Redemption of shares in Exchange for cash or Bitcoin helping to Align the etf's market price with the Net asset value of its underlying asset The deadline for all of these amendments Is today that's why we're seeing all of This happen we love a good last minute

Dash and we are seeing all of these Applications get refiled and updated Valkyrie just refiled their spot Bitcoin ETF vanc just submitted their update for Their spot Bitcoin ETF in addition they Also dropped a new commercial honey the New Bitcoin ETF ad just dropped tell me What you think you know it's amazing to Me the tremendous impact that the home Computers have had on on everyone and Yet it seems the people I've talked to Say that it takes you longer to do Something by putting it into a computer And calling it up again than if you just Kept simple record yourself in the [Music] [Music] House Coinbase just replaced its head of Custody you recall that coinbase is Doing the Bitcoin custody for Black Rock And over half of the spot ETF applicants Coinbase replaces its head of custody as The company gears up to provide services For the spot Bitcoin ETFs Goldman Sachs Even changing their tune spot Bitcoin ETF approval will bring more Institutional investors into crypto says Goldman Sachs exec I am hugely bullish On the future of this whole industry and This cycle specifically hugely bullish Because of the having because of Black Rock because of the ETFs understand this black rock is not

Our savior they will tell you to buy as They click sell and that's okay know the Beast understand the game keep buying Dips and have a 10-year time Horizon What do you think about this to me this Means that when bitcoin's 150k or Whatever the number is Black Rock that's When they're really going to ramp up Going on TV saying how bitcoin's going To take the market cap of gold at 500k And that's when they'll begin selling Not that I don't think Bitcoin can get To 500k talking about just being near The top in general they're going to Click sell and that's okay know the Beast understand the game but of course We have the ethereum spot ETF coming up This is going to be huge purely Narratively wise this cycle this is Going to a be a huge narrative for Ethereum and then when it actually Happens it's going to be huge for Ethereum too but what happens after Bitcoin what happens after ethereum what Happens after the salana ETF I think a Salana ETF is coming at least I think in The next 2 years we're going to be Hearing a lot of people talking about How they think a salon ETF is coming and It just might be I think it's very Possible then after that Black Rock Spot Chain link ETF why not is there any Reason why chain link wouldn't be next So do you have one Bitcoin if you have

One Bitcoin you are well ahead of the Curb if you see how Bitcoin distribution Is hell even if you just have fractions Of a Bitcoin you're doing very well way Ahead of the curb and it's really more About timing right it's really more About timing and it is time 2012 201 2016 2020 now so many of my friends who were Waiting for Bitcoin to goow lower at 32k Are now buying Bitcoin at 43k interesting to see human slm Market Psychology play out in real life are you Seeing this do you have any experiences Like this what happens when Bitcoin Starts consolidating near all-time highs What happens when Bitcoin breaks new All-time highs 2024 is going to be great Subscribe to the channel join altcoin Daily we put out one video every day Keeping you informed if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe


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