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Since this recent Bitcoin having Bitcoin's issuance rate is more scarce Than gold and while Gold's Supply Inflation is between 1 more closely to 2% each year Bitcoin Supply inflation Rate has dropped to 83% now the scarcest Asset in human history so why isn't Price exploding yeah one of the things That everyone wants to see is like the Having occurs in a minute later all of a Sudden the price goes up or down or Sideways what's going to occur but what We've seen historically is that the Having does take some time to kind of Work in um there was great research that Came out of bitwise and what they showed Was in the month before the having the Average return over the last couple of Bull markets it's been 19% in the month After the having it's been 1.7% so you'd Say oh if I look at it as a 30-day Before 30-day after it doesn't really Matter but if you actually look at it Over a longer time frame let's say 12 Months or 18 months the having has Marked a point where then we go up and So it's just classic economics 101 right If demand stays the same and you take Away half of the incoming Supply The price has to adjust up or down to Accommodate everyone I think that this Time won't be any different and what Comes next because now that the monetary Inflation rate of Bitcoin has dropped

Below gold it'll be interesting to see If its market cap will exceed gold According to the stock to flow thesis And according to onchain analyst Wily Woo in his view BTC will lag its stock To flow valuation by 5 to 10 years as The world simply doesn't move quickly C To the infrastructure regulations Trading instruments asset manager Acceptance all takes time but if Bitcoin's market cap does eventually Exceed gold in the next 5 to 10 years That's an over 11x from here and it Appears that that's what black rock is Betting on black Rock's Bitcoin ETF ibit Now holds over 274,000 BTC up another 570 from the last trading Day and only 450 BTC are even issued per Day black Rock's clients bought 1.26 Times the new supply of Bitcoin one of The most interesting things that people Kind of wake up to coming out of the Crypto world is there might be more Deens on Wall Street than they are on The crypto world right if you say to Someone hey you can get 10x leverage if You say that there's a 100x opportunity There's a lot of people and suits and Ties are going to pay attention and so I Do think that we like to have a black And white world and say oh like all the Risk Takers over here in crypto all of The smart money is on Wall Street but

Naturally there are just as many Risk Takers if not more on Wall Street and so What I think is now going to be a big Narrative going over the next 12 months How do those investors get access to Those assets and even compared to Traditional ETFs Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF is officially in the top 10 of all Time for longest daily inflow streak Meaning 71 days in a row there's been More net buyers than net Sellers and yes Bitcoin ETF inflows in general have Started to taper off we've already seen A lot of those flows into the ETF start To moderate meaning eventually this Streak will come to an end it won't be The end of the world the mainstream Media might tell you that it will be Even the most successful ETFs to this Day do have es and flows but this is not Just black rock driven this is globally Driven and just in Hong Kong's Bitcoin And ethereum ETFs officially approved to Begin trading on April 30th what has Happened is Hong Kong has uh the one of The advantages that Hong Kong has in Asia is that this is the first mward Advantage because this is Hong Kong is The first in Asia to allow the spot Bitcoin and ether ETFs so in less than 6 Days these institutional Asian onramps Open up will will this be as big as the US market I I think that you know and While the Asian ETF Market is not as big

As the US ETF Market it is still Significant obviously us has the deepest ETF markets globally and uh uh the big Names like you know the Black Rock and The fidelities as we know are leading The Bitcoin uh spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US so in the absence of this big this These big names in Hong Kong uh it could Be a a little less I mean it could be be Actually a fraction of what US is seeing In terms of the size the flows of the Market but it is nevertheless a big an Important uh step by Hong Kong which Wants to be uh you know a digital Hub in Asia and by the way the 230 billion Harvest funds Bitcoin ETF that's one of Asia's Bitcoin ETFs will begin trading On April 30th with a 0% fee meaning They're competitive meaning they want to Acquire the assets the clients so so First off uh let me show little Something uh this is the article in Question cardano founder Charles Hoskinson's Studio releases first game But it's on Gala chain the game is Called Voyager Ascension this is from The company reflex a Charles hoskinson Backed firm and Charles has a problem a Big problem with how the media is Portraying him it's about one of my Assets um so up here we have cardano Founder Charles hoskinson Studio Releases its first game but it's on Gala Chain oh no when a user asked about

Reflex his other company Charles simply Responded I have six companies we worked With Gala chain on this because they're A great Community a great company There's a lot of wonderful people and What we wanted to do is start linking Together a lot of different game Companies so reflect in itself has a Portfolio of of several games it's Working on some are cardano native and Some are outside of the cardano Ecosystem uh in different ecosystems and The hope is to try to link and unify Them all together and create some Interoperability between the different Game chains and different game groups so That we can easily navigate users Between the two and talk about common Problems that exist in the gaming world So if you hold Gala you like this and Hyera hedera jumps 113% amid Black Rock confusion you see Harar skyrocketed after an announcement That name dropped Black Rock but the Price is now falling as the investment Giant says it's not directly involved Now we reported this to you yesterday Black Rock tokenizes a money market fund On hadera and the reason we felt Comfortable sharing this with you is Because that's what H bar told us today We witness rwa history as black Rock's Icus treasury money market fund is Tokenized on hadera with Arch axx this

Made massive headlines but but it turns Out Black Rock directly had no part in This no say in this we have not worked With hadera a black rock spokesperson Said ARX distributes our product through Tokenization and is using hyera so BlackRock has not adopted hyera it is Just through a third party and let's Talk about lower cap altcoins but I do Just have to report the SEC is being Sued over their new dealer rule the cryp Crypto industry is finally not taking it Talk about the lawsuit that blockchain Association filed today against the SEC Essentially challenging the sec's view Of who and what is a dealer what's the Issue that you see they're saying SEC You can't it's so ambiguous the rules You're trying to regulate crypto over This is unfair we're suing you I loved This explanation yeah so the SEC Finalized a new regulation called the Dealer rule um earlier this year and the Problem is the SEC went forward and Basically tried to do a very expansive Redefining of what it means to be a Dealer so this is problematic for Traders who are trading on their own Account that might get pulled into this Regulation but in the crypto world is Particularly problematic for Decentralized finance you know in Decentralized finance we're trying to Replace intermediaries with software

Code where there is no customer and Client relationship a person could go Simply interact and make a transaction On their own behalf and so with the Dealer rule it is so vague and the SEC Made no attempt to answer the questions That the crypto industry had in the Comment making process that we think That this violates the administrative Procedure act uh you know the SEC has Laws that they have to comply to with as Well and I think the APA is one of them And so we're hoping that the court will Find that their action was arbitrary and Capricious and we pull back that rule in Lower cap altcoin news we're happy to Announce that lime wire is now Integrated with the BNB chain Greenfield For nft data storage this is a direct Product from binance and this Integration marks another step in our Joint commitment for the AI space and Bringing the benefits of generative Ai And web 3 together and what BNB Greenfield is well BNB Greenfield is a Cutting Edge decentralized storage Solution developed by binance and lime Wire creators can now benefit from High-speed decentralized storage and Full data ownership of their Creations So if you're bullish on the future of AI And crypto you love this and speaking of That we are thrilled to welcome Anoka Brands as our new strategic investor

This is an announcement from AIT Protocol which is AI data infrastructure And this partnership this partnership Marks a significant milestone for AIT Protocol as it accelerates the Advancement of AI development and Broadens the scope of native Applications opening up Pathways for Global growth and Anoka Brands sees Value in investing in AIT and in a quick Piece of gaming news for superverse Adoption continues superverse is Integrating with the most anticipated New metaverse of 2024 Avalon the community created web 3 MMO with AI powered explanation and game Modes is integrating with superverse and Specifically what that means the super Token is being integrated into the world Of Avalon bringing World blending Utility to the Token enabling super Purchases in the ecosystem will be a Massive win for both communities if You're interested in making money in Crypto click subscribe because we will Keep you updated a video every day Keeping you informed bye always see you Tomorrow by


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