The Altcoin Reckoning

Hey everyone and thanks for tripping Back into the Cryptoverse today we're going to talk About the altcoin Reckoning if you guys Like the content make sure you subscribe To the channel give the video a thumbs Up and also check out into the Cryptoverse premium at intothe Cryptoverse decom we've been talking About the altcoin Reckoning for Essentially the last two and a half Years and while it may seem like the Altcoin Reckoning ended long ago as I've Have said for the last 2 and 1 half Years the altcoin Reckoning refers to The devaluation of Altcoins against Bitcoin that is what it Refers to and for the most part for most Especially larger market cap Altcoins they just continue to put in New lows against Bitcoin so if the Altcoin Reckoning is the devaluation of Altcoins on their B Bitcoin Pairs and if altcoins on their Bitcoin Pairs just collectively put in a new low Two weeks Ago then it means the altcoin wrecking Has still been going on even when people Think it didn't think it was right even When people thought it ended they still Have been putting in lower lows Collectively on their Bitcoin Pairs and So I know this is going to be a Contentious subject but I'm not going to

Stray away from My Views just because People uh sort of like to mock them and What not again you have to remember that The most vocal critics of my views on Altcoins have told you Bitcoin dominance Topped in January they told you it Topped in the summer of 2023 right so Again yes their altcoins went up on USD Pairs because Bitcoin went up but the Coins are still being devalued Collectively against Bitcoin And in my own experience in the Cryptoverse Altcoins are oscillators at best against Bitcoin and what I mean by that is That at Peak bull market Mania phases They reach a approximately parody with Bitcoin meaning the market cap of Altcoins reach about the the the combin The combined market cap of altcoins Reach approximately the market cap of Bitcoin at Major Peaks right where it's Around one but at the at the end of the Altcoin Reckoning the altcoins Collectively reach Around4 of bitcoin's market cap 0.25 and So because I believe that altcoins are Oscillators at best Individually Then it means that Collectively they are oscillators at Best so with that in mind why should I Assume that the altcoin Reckoning would

Be over here when historically we see All Bitcoin pairs drop all the way down To 0.25 right now again we must remind Ourselves what caused the altcoin Reckoning to be over last cycle in my Opinion again it's just it's just a Thesis it it doesn't it's not even Necessarily true it's just my view on The market what caused altcoins to Finally stop bleeding against Bitcoin Well there two things you had lower Interest rates by the FED right you had The FED low lowering rates you can see That the altcoin Reckoning last cycle Ended in September of the prehab year After the FED had already started to cut Rates right the FED has not started to Cut rates yet so that is one reason why I think it would be premature to assume That the altcoin Reckoning is over Furthermore the other thing that Ultimately led to the end of the altcoin Reckoning again the the the devaluation Of altcoins against Bitcoin was the Shift from quantitative easing to Quantitative tightening and you can see Again that it was precisely that shift From quantitative Tightening to quantitative easing that Marked the end of the devaluation of Altcoins against Bitcoin unfortunately We still have not seen either of those Events occur we have not yet seen the

FED cut rates and we have not seen the FED begin to expand their balance sheet And so what you're seeing is you're Seeing the continued Devaluation of Altcoins against Bitcoin while people While all you know while people will Tell you that they are holding up well Every step of the way down okay now Let's go take a look at some individual Altcoins now again I know that anyone Who watches this video they're going to First Cherry a lot of people are going To go cherry pick a few micro caps that Are doing well today and say well you're Wrong guys a few altcoins does not Represent the collective altcoin market Right if you have a majority of the top 10 altcoins by market cap putting in new Lows against Bitcoin that's what matters Right that's the overall Market it's not The latest meme coin that's probably Just going to go to zero next year just Like a lot of the meme coins that people Were talking about a year ago no one Cares about anymore they're talking About new ones so when you think about The devaluation of all Bitcoin pairs First look at eth eth Bitcoin just put In a new low a couple of weeks ago right And so again the biggest critics to my Views on all Bitcoin pairs were never Telling you that eth was going to go put In a new low in April furthermore they

Were never telling you it was going to Put in a new low in January for this Cycle right so again there are a lot of Critics to this view but they also have Only ever told you that the altcoin Market had already bottomed against Bitcoin and that's all they've said for The last year and a half and they just Keep seeing all Bitcoin pairs go lower And lower and lower while at the same Time constantly saying that the altcoin Market is quote unquote holding up well Or they eth Bitcoin is quote unquote Holding up well but again it has been a Slow devaluation remember the reason why They thought eth Bitcoin had bottomed in The summer of 23 here was because that Was when essentially bottomed last cycle But I think their mistake was assuming That it had to occur at the same time in The cycle when in reality the reason it Occurred over here in 2019 was because The FED had shifted to looser monetary Policy something that has still not yet Occurred So eth Bitcoin just put in a new low now You might say well Ben eth Bitcoin is Bouncing here and you're right right it Is and I also said that if it's going to Get one last bounce is going to be just After the having it also got a bounce in January right after the spot ETF launch Right so This is something we actually spoke

About before it happened I even Mentioned many many times that if it Were to follow the pattern of last cycle You might expect one little bounce at The end ultimately to stay below the Bull market support band that leads us Into the final capitulation of all Bitcoin pairs this Summer that has been My view and it has been my view for a Long time you can see that Bitcoin has been putting in new lows Okay Ada Bitcoin has been putting in new Lows dot Bitcoin again another altcoin That's pretty high by market cap that Keeps on putting in new lows Litecoin Bitcoin keeps putting in new lows madic Bitcoin keeps putting in new lows right A lot of these larger market cap alts Are putting in new Lo CL avac Bitcoin is Still off the low but as I said before It's following a pretty common pattern Of all Bitcoin pairs from prior Cycles Where they set a low in the bull market We then retested and then we just come Back down to it and eventually break Support we saw the same thing with Dash Bitcoin in a prior cycle very similar Move right set a low in the bull market Retested over here this is even retested Basically in the having year late preh Having year early having year get a Bounce and then still fade back to where It was and ultimately go below it and

Then you can see what it's done ever Since right so even the ones that have Not yet put in new lows it doesn't mean That they're not going To B&B Bitcoin has been a bit more Resilient recently than other altcoins But it also was putting in new lows as Recently as December right as recently As December it was putting in new lows And again I I'm not trying to avoid this One I'm saying like it has been showing More strength than some of the other Altcoins but guess what a majority of Altcoins are still putting in new lows On their Bitcoin Pairs and to find ones That are not you'd have to cherry pick Ones in the top 20 that are Not or they're on their way to new lows Right now or you'd have to find a micro Cap that was created recently and and Show that one that's not putting in new LS but a lot of them are right and you Can see that by looking at total three Minus usdt divided by Bitcoin I think What you're witnessing right now is the Last Exit pump of all Bitcoin pairs Before we see final Capitulation of all Bitcoin pairs as we Go into May June that is what I think I've explained it many many times and I Will stand by it despite what the Critics say and again I could be wrong I Very well could be wrong I'm willing to Admit that now I admit it like I I very

Well could be wrong I've been wrong About things but this is a very similar Pattern we saw last cycle where after Setting a low Here we then had one final bounce that Ultimately faded at that bull Mark just Below the bull market support band and Then it rolled over into the summer and A lot of times you will see all Bitcoin Pairs capitulate in the summertime Because a lot of people aren't as glued To their computers as they are during You know the um during say the fall and And the spring and the winter right it's During the summertime people focus on Other things a lot of times and so the Collective bid for the altcoin market Can often sort of dry up and so I think That that's what you're looking at right Now I I think we're seeing all Bitcoin Pairs get this final bounce up but I Think they're going to ultimately fail Here and go back down to the range low But this time when they break I don't Think there's going to be any mercy and A and another rally I think it'll just Lead you into the final capitulation Going back to 25% of bitcoin's market Cap I do very strongly feel about this And again I know you might feel a Certain way about that and you might say Well you know what about this what about That but at the end of the day if all Bitcoin pairs are putting in new lows as

Recently as two weeks ago then the Altcoin Reckoning was still going on as Recently as two weeks ago it's just that People are distracted by the US Devaluations of altcoins to even notice What their Bitcoin valuations are doing We saw the same thing in 2019 just Before the FED cut rates all USD pairs Went up they didn't go up as fast as Bitcoin Bitcoin then eventually rolled Over and it crushed the altcoin market And the altcoin market bled to the range Lows so my guess is that you will see All Bitcoin Pairs fall from this level about 42% against Bitcoin going into the Summer if you were to look at dominance Of Bitcoin excluding Stables you will Notice that it tends to Surge in the Summer months in fact in 2021 you can See it surged in June right it surged up In June and then it even went slightly Higher in July you can see it pretty clearly That's when the dominant surged and it Also surg by the way on a Bitcoin USD Dump in 2022 we saw dominance excluding Stables Surge in June and it also occurred on a Bitcoin USD dump in 2023 we saw the Bitcoin Dominance surge going into June it did Not tag the top of the wedge but that One occurred on a Bitcoin rally it

Started off on a Bitcoin dump but it Finalized on a Bitcoin rally and so I Say once again that because monetary Policy has not yet shifted why would my Bias on this shift if my reasoning for Being bearish on all Bitcoin pairs for The last two and a half years has been Based on monetary policy and everyone Can say I was wrong if they want but Bitcoin dominance has been going up the Entire time I mean that's the fact That's the reality of it as many as many You know trolls as there been on my on My views on bitcoin dominance it's never Stopped going up I mean it it it just Continues to go up and you get these Pullbacks that make people think that That's it but in reality it was just Another higher low right but the the Overall trend has been nothing but up For the dominance of Bitcoin excluding Stable coins and so I think that what You're going to witness here over the Next couple of weeks is Bitcoin Dominance will find a higher low once Again and it will then surge Into the summer months and the dominance Excluding Stables should hit about 64% meaning the dominance including Stables should hit around 60% so 60% would get you right here Which coincidentally is exactly where The bubble on all Bitcoin pairs began This was when the major breakdown

Occurred so I think we're ultimately Going back up to that level again as I've previously explained if you take The FIB retracement tool you will see That that corresponds roughly to the 618 Retracement which last cycle is Precisely where the dominance of Bitcoin Rallied back to by the end of the Altcoin Reckoning the 618 that's where I Think the dominance of Bitcoin is Ultimately headed now because the having Just occurred there are a lot of vocal People that are saying that okay now They think the the rotation into Altcoins begin and look it's because a Lot of people believe that which is what Causes these bounces by all Bitcoin pirs In the first place right is because Enough people believe it just like Enough people believed it over here After the spot ETF right and and the Dominance surged for about one week and Then it just bled back down the Following weeks so I can't help but Think that the people that are making That Proclamation today that all Bitcoin Pairs are done bleeding are making the Same mistake that they did after this by ETF and so yes in the short term you see More more you know you see more and more People flock into altcoins they trade Their Bitcoin for the altcoins but my Guess is that all Bitcoin pairs are Essentially going to roll over over the

Next few weeks and go back down to the Range loads if you look at monthly Candles of all Bitcoin pairs you will See a very a very similar Pattern right where last cycle you also Had this same type of level being set You then finally had a this candle Here which had a wick lower than all the Prior Wicks right we just had that right We had the same thing it had a wick Lower than all the prior Wicks and then It was the following Month that they finally capitulated it Was this was in May and then the next Month June is when all Bitcoin pairs Finally capitulated and they were done Trying to hold this level as Support and so I think that there is a High probability that you will see Something very similar happen this Summer as all Bitcoin pairs get another Drop but this time I don't think they're Going to hold this as support and I Think they're going to bleed all the way Back down to the range Low again all Bitcoin pairs are Oscillators at best a lot of altcoins Don't even oscillate against Bitcoin They just bleed look at the Litecoin Bitcoin Valuation it's it's been Bleeding since 2013 right I mean it you know really Right here since 2013 it's just been

Putting in low or high highs and lower Lows a lot of the relics from prior Cycles are doing very similar things Right they they get a major pump and Then they just keep on putting in lower Highs and lower lows so if individual Altcoins are oscillators at best why Would we assume that the altcoin market As a collective would be any better than An oscillator so the the glass last half Full approach is to say that it's an Oscillator with deviations here and here Right that's sort of the glass half let Me switch this over to weekly candles That's more so the the glass half full Approach right to say that it's an Oscillator with slight deviations that Occur Occasionally to the upside and the Downside glass half full Glass half empty approach is to say well Most altcoins bleed against Bitcoin over The macro scale and therefore what if The altcoin market is collectively Bleeding against Bitcoin over the macro Scale as you can see technically this is A high and this is a lower high and a Lower high and this is a low and then a Lower low right so again Glass half full would say oscillator Glass half empty person would say Bleeder but the point is that neither of Those views would really support the Idea that all Bitcoin pairs are done

Bleeding because even in the case where They are oscillators at best it would Still seem likely that they're going to Bleed back to the range low now you Might think we're too late in the cycle For that to happen But I Disagree because as I said Previously dominance didn't top last Cycle until a Loos monetary policy Arrived that means altcoins bled to Bitcoin and they didn't stop bleeding Until the fed pivoted from quantitative Tightening to quantitative easing so They lowered rates and they pivoted from Quantitative tightening to quantitative Easing so my view is that we are going To Witness a fairly large devaluation of Alt Bitcoin pairs in May and June and it Could even go to July if you were to look at eth Dominance you can see that in 2022 it had a really big Drop right had a really big drop in 2022 and in 2023 it was sort of the Opposite right eth Bitcoin was actually At the top of this Channel but you can see that it's kind Of sort of slowly bleeding into the Summer and it also is bleeding into the Breakdown of the eth Bitcoin valuation And so I think you're going to see the Eth dominance fall a lot in May and

June as the eth Bitcoin Valuation is falling And therefore that should put the Bitcoin dominance excluding Stables at the top of the Wedge remember last cycle what Ultimately kicked off the end the grand Finale of the altcoin Reckoning was two Things it was the Breakdown of the eth Bitcoin valuation You can see that when eth Bitcoin broke Down all Bitcoin pairs had their final Plunge this cycle e Bitcoin has been breaking down right I Mean if you sort of draw this line Across you can see that eth Bitcoin has In fact been breaking Down and E Bitcoin is has been Struggling really I mean I know it's Gotten a little bit of a bounce the last Couple of weeks but it is still stuck in Traffic on strug Street as far as I'm Concerned as long as it's below the Bullmark sport band then who cares right So that was one thing the other thing That really kick started the grand Finale of the altcoin Reckoning was the Breakout of gold so gold broke Out right here and that initiated the Final stage of the altcoin Reckoning We're seeing something very similar here Where gold broke out and it's taking a Little bit longer right But I think it's just kind of doing

Something similar what it did right Here I think the altcoin Reckoning is Still occurring and that people are Going to say that eth Bitcoin is holding Up well the entire way down and they've Been saying it for the last six quarters And my guess is by the time they finally Get on board and recognize that it's not Actually holding up well is finally when It bottoms now if we want to cherry pick Micro caps we can go look at other is Bitcoin so this is everything outside of The top 10 now you might look at this And say well Ben you know it's already Had a 60% drop and then a 60% rally so Or a 70% rally so how can you really say That the altcoin Reckoning is still Going on as I've said many many times Last cycle it had a 60 something per Drop about the same 68% drop here 68% Drop here then guess what it Rallied about 70% how is it any different it's not and Guess what it did not Bottom until after the FED started to Cut rates the FED has not started to cut Rates yet but guess what others Bitcoin Had a final 60% drop as those rate Cuts Finally Arrived others Bitcoin has already Dropped 20% from the Highs who's says they can't drop 60% From those highs which would be another 50% drop from the current valuation why

Not it happened last cycle as rate Cuts Arrived why can't it happen this Cycle I think that there's a lot of People that are sort of thinking that The devaluation of altcoins against Bitcoin is over just simply because we Are during it's you know the having is Here and all that other stuff but the Reality is that just a couple of weeks Ago others Bitcoin erased all of its Gains since the summer of 2023 think about that all of the gains That others Bitcoin had the the micro Cap valuation against Bitcoin just a Couple of weeks ago they wiped away all The gains they had had since the summer Of 2023 think about how much some of Those altcoins rallied since the summer Of 2023 and they just wiped away all Those gains collectively in the span of About one week It's always like that it's always the Stairs up and and then the elevator Down and you can see the final Devaluation of others Bitcoin over here Was a brutal drop right and I mean who's To say it's not just happening once Again you first had this drop you first Had a 40 something per drop and then a 30% rally and then another 40% drop so Far we've had a 30% % drop we've seen About a 20% rally what happens if we Just get another 30% Drop why not right I mean that would be

Sort of be best case scenario I think Where it bottoms out at that Low that could happen it could also go Lower as well but the point is that if It does come back down and retest this Low All Bitcoin pairs including the top 10 Are already at the lows so that means That they would break Down so again people can be frustrated All they want but the reality is that All Bitcoin pairs have never really Stopped bleeding and why should they There has not yet been a shift in Monetary Policy so I would recommend caution on The altcoin market especially on their Bitcoin pairs I know that a lot of People just say it doesn't matter and They only care about their USD pairs but I'm telling you guys they matter they Matter a lot you know looking at Something like one over eth Bitcoin so Just the Bitcoin eth valuation you can Tell why it matters right you know at The merge one Bitcoin got you about 11 And a half eth when everyone was calling For the flipping today one Bitcoin gets You almost double that it gets you about Over 20 Eth this is why it matters this is why Bitcoin dominance matters I know a lot Of people don't care about it and they Say why do you talk about this stuff but

This is why it matters you're throwing Your money into all these altcoins look At one over8 a Bitcoin the Bitcoin Ada Valuation right people are throwing a Lot of their money into altcoins as they Just keep on bleeding back to Bitcoin in September of 2021 one Bitcoin Would get you 16,000 Ada today it gets You 134,000 Ada that's why it Matters Bitcoin is your unit of account it is The standard right why are you using US Dollars as a standard you know those go Down Bitcoin is the standard and so if you're Sitting there holding a large basket of Meme Coins and you're thinking they're going To durably outperform bitcoin over the Long Haul what are you thinking right I mean There's only a couple that have ever Done that over a longer period of time What are the chances that the hundred That have been printed over the last Month they're going to do That please understand the de Devaluation of altcoins on their Bitcoin Pairs is the altcoin Reckoning and they Are still getting wrecked for anyone who Cares to look at their Bitcoin pairs Madic Bitcoin look at one over madic

Bitcoin so this is the Bitcoin madic Valuation the last time I did this video Look at what I was looking at I was Showing you how one Bitcoin got you 16,000 Matic in 2023 early 2023 the last Time I did this video in February 2024 just a couple of months ago I Showed you that it was now equal to 51,000 madic now just two months later One Bitcoin is equal to 90,000 Madic this is why Bitcoin dominance Matters so many people are just so happy That the US devaluation other altcoins Are doing okay because bitcoin's doing Okay but but the reality is they're Bleeding against Bitcoin and what Happens if Bitcoin drops right you have Two scenarios Bitcoin goes up or Bitcoin Goes Down And if Bitcoin goes Up the altcoin market keeps bleeding Back to bitcoin right because there Hasn't been a shift in monetary policy If Bitcoin goes Down the altcoin market keeps bleeding Back to bitcoin again look at dominance Excluding staes when did we hit the Wedge here it was de hearing Bitcoin USD Drops right it was when Bitcoin USD was Dropping Here and then Here when we didn't hit the wedge it was When Bitcoin USD went Up what happens if it goes down then you

Have the more brutal part of the market Cycle where all Bitcoin pairs go down While Bitcoin USD goes down and I can Assure you that's not a fun part of the Market cycle so again There are a lot of people that have Spent a lot of time mocking Bitcoin Dominance and mocking the altcoin Reckoning the devaluation of all Bitcoin Pairs but Bitcoin dominance has never Stopped going up look at dominance Including Stables look at dominance including Staes here it Is now look at monthly High kanashi Candles not a single red candle since December since November of 2022 that was The last Red Candle you could have basically Just stuck with Bitcoin over alts for The last year and a Half taken a lot less risk and seen most Of those alts become devalued against Bitcoin sure you can go out there and Use survivorship bias to tell me why I'm Wrong about how these five micro caps Have done Okay but you don't see Bitcoin dominance Go up this much if most all Bitcoin Pairs are not bading especially the Larger market cap ones okay I don't care About you know the 10,000th meme coin Created right the reality is that a lot Of people are buying those things up

With the intention on getting rich but In reality the founder is likely just Going to rug you when you're sleeping One night and you're going to get upset About it and then you're going to fall For it again probably if you're not Careful you have to be careful I mean I'm not saying that everyone Falls for That stuff but a lot of the people that Are critical of these views fall for That stuff they buy the they buy the mun Coin it rallies they think they're a Genius they get rugged they go do it Again and then before you know it they Have nothing and all I had to do was Just stick with Bitcoin and they would have been so much Better off it's kind of like why holding The S&P 500 often is much better than Trying to like you know swing trade all These individual Stocks this is why right if you just Hold the Market the S&P you do quite well if you Just hold Bitcoin over a long period of Time you can do quite well but we've Seen the altcoin Reckoning go on the Devaluation of all Bitcoin pairs for a Very long time and I don't I don't see a compelling reason Why it's Over if you remember The the social risk we've talked about This a

Lot it actually just put in a lower low Which is kind of looks like 2019 right a Low and then ended up putting in a lower Low and then it got a little bit of a Bounce here right here in July you see That little Bounce by social risk after It put in a lower Low and then Bitcoin us you rallied back Up there back up to around the 8we SMA that's exactly where Bitcoin just Rallied to Right the 8we moving average if I pull It up on the weekly you'll be able to See It right up to that 8we I said that 8we SMA that's going to be important the Reaction from that 8we is going to be Important but you can see that the Social risk just put in a lower low just Like it did over here and then got a Little bit of a bounce up as Bitcoin Rallied back up to the 8we SMA just like It's getting right here as Bitcoin Rallied back up to the 8we ese but then The social risk came all the way back Down to the 0o to 0.1 risk ban in the Summer of 2019 and then that is when Finally all Bitcoin pairs actually Bottomed out it was after this surge in Social risk followed by a move back to The downside So I I just I can't help but think that There's people are are are being kind of Impatient with it and not letting this

Whole cycle play out Because the timing of rate Cuts is Taking so Long but we said this a long time ago we Said higher for longer we said the Fed Was going to go to 5 and a half% even When most people said they were going to Stop at three and a half So why should it be Different I could be wrong you know I Mean look it's possible we go into the Summer and and the reverse happens and I Know if that happens I will um I will uh You know I'll be in my corner for a While but I I do feel like I have to Warn people about the devaluation of all Bitcoin pairs I've watched my Portfolio go down and down and down in It satos valuation and prior Cycles and I recognized how easy it would have been Just to stick with Bitcoin the reality Of crypto that really no one wants to Accept is that the alt season that Everyone wants usually only lasts a few Months and then after that few month Rally by alts they then spend the next Three to three and a half years Bleeding that's what happens And I wish him were not the case you Know that I I I I wish that the market Were different I wish that you didn't See that Happen but what I want is not does not Matter what I what I want to see happen

Does not Matter what matters is what the market Tells us happens the alt season that you Dream of only occurs in a few months of The entire Market Cycle and Then all Bitcoin pairs bleed for the Next three years look at that 157 weeks That's three Years Right look at where we Are we're at 136 Weeks 157 weeks would put you in September of 2024 why can't they keep on bleeding They bled this long last cycle right so Why can't they keep on bleeding I think They probably Could so Be aware that the altcoin market the way If you want to think about the cycle as Four years right A lot of people like to Think about it as four years it makes it Simple altcoins bleed against Bitcoin For three of those years and then you Get one year where they outperform but The other three years they Bleed Right the one year where they Outperform in my view has not started Yet and and if it has started it only Just started because the altcoin market Put in new lows against Bitcoin two Weeks ago so I still think we are about

To witness the final devaluation of all Bitcoin pairs going into the summer Months I think eth Bitcoin is going to Go to 03 to 04 just like it has previously you've Seen those drops after breaking the Range low Here it was a 50% drop here it was like A 30% drop Here even if it's a 20% drop it gets you To 03 to 04 so I think you'll see e Bitcoin at 03 To 04 I think you're going to see Bitcoin dominance at 60% you should see Bitcoin dominance excluding stables at 64% you should be you should see eth Dominance taking out this low 14% you see you should see others Bitcoin at the very least back down to These lows at .16 I don't know if it's going to go Below that but I could see it going Below that just like it went below it Over There and there you have it right you Know total 2 minus USD divided by Bitcoin has also been just continuing to Put in new lows right so again you know I put out a lot of videos on the altcoin Reckoning over the last two and a half Years and And the reality is that the biggest Critics of it were bearish on bitcoin Dominance for the last year but Bitcoin

Dominance continues to prove those People wrong over and over and over Again it keeps on going higher despite Their best efforts to say that it's Going to go down it's because when You're in a high interest rate Environment and quantitative tightening Late business cycle high-risk assets Bleed to lowrisk gas sets that's what Happens and we've seen it happen for the Last 2 and 1 half years already I think It's going to go on for another few Months and then it'll be over and you Might say well if it's a few months What's the big deal the big deal is that While we may be close to it in time I Don't think we're close to it in Valuation because I think all Bitcoin Pairs still have about a 40% drop ahead Of them so that is the altcoin Reckoning It's been playing out for years I think a lot of people are Impatient waiting for it to play out but They've never stopped bleeding if you Pulled up a chart and looked so I think They're going to keep going down we will See going into the summer if that Happens look at all Bitcoin Pairs and See if they get rejected here at their Bull market support band right if they Get rejected here just below it just Like they did over here then that should Be sort of the final nail in the coffin That begins their final Journey to the

Lower part of the range At25 of bitcoin's market cap 25% of Bitcoin's market cap so those are my Views if you guys like the content make Sure you give the video a thumbs up I do Appreciate it I don't ask for enough but I would appreciate if you guys give the Video a thumbs up make sure you Subscribe and again check out into the Cryptoverse premium add into the Crypt we've got thousands of charts Not only for Bitcoin but also for Altcoins you can call me a Bitcoin Maxi If you want to but told you guys in Early 2022 I was just going to put on my Bitcoin Max the Hat until the Bitcoin Dominance rally was over and as far as I Can tell it just put in new highs a Couple of weeks ago there's no concrete Evidence in my view that dominance is Topped therefore my Bitcoin Maxi hat Remains on and I'm just trying to help People preserve the Satoshi valuation of Their portfolio by not watching it Disappear as their altcoin just keeps on Bleeding back to the king I'll see you Guys next time bye


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