Bankrupt Cryptocurrency Lender Celsius Has Found A Buyer [ Crypto Espresso 2.16.23 ]

Welcome again to another exciting Episode of crypto espresso your teeny Tiny daily shot of caffeinated crypto Headlines I'm your host Andrew and it's Thursday which means we take a look at a Seemingly obscure holiday and today is Fat Thursday which basically means stuff Your face with donuts it's every Thursday for me ugh all right it's more Like every weekday and weekend I need to stop eating so much first up For some time now the identities of two People willing to put up hundreds of Thousands of dollars to back Sam bakeman Freed's Bond have been kept secret but Now thanks to a judge they've been Unmasked and there Larry Kramer and Andreas pipke Stanford University staff Who are close friends of spf's parents Collectively they have pledged seven Hundred thousand dollars in a statement Kramer said during the past two years While my family faced a harrowing battle With cancer they have been the truest of Friends bringing food providing moral Support and frequently stepping in at a Moment's notice to help in turn we have Sought to support them as they face Their own crisis several media Outlets Have been demanding for this information To be released Federal prosecutors Meanwhile are seeking to substantially Toughen the terms of Sam bacon and Freed's bail agreement virtually Banning

Him from using the internet the Fallen Entrepreneur has used two methods of Encryption in the last month as well as Messaging a former colleague and Potential witness on Signal he also used A VPN claiming that he was trying to to Watch the Super Bowl judge Lewis Kaplan Has been asked to dramatically limit Spf's use of cell phones tablets Computers and the internet as a whole in Court filings the prosecution warned the Existing conditions leave too much room For circumvention of restrictions aimed At preventing inappropriate conduct Including contacting Witnesses and Accessing cryptocurrency assets bankrupt Crypto lender Celsius has found a buyer That hopes to resurrect the company if It all goes smoothly smaller Celsius Investors with less than five thousand Dollars Frozen on the site could see up To 70 of their funds back its earned Platform and crypto mining division Would be passed over to Nova wolf Digital management which says it's Prepared to inject 55 million dollars in Cash and rebuild operations as a public Company this would involve oversight From the Securities and Exchange Commission and the company currently Referred to as new Co not to be confused With new key the delightful alien would Be 100 owned by former Celsius earned Creditors with no involvement of Celsius

Founders the plan is subject to approval From a bankruptcy judge in New York and And finally a Republican senator is Reviving a bill designed to legalize the Purchase of crypto with 401K retirement Account funds Tommy tuberville says that He wants to keep the government out of Americans investment decisions all of This comes after Fidelity faced a Backlash for allowing employers to offer Bitcoin as an option for their Workforce With a chance to allocate up to 20 of Their portfolio to this digital asset Senator tuberville said meddling in 401K Investments through over-regulation Restrains financial growth and restricts Personal Liberty the federal government Shouldn't choose winners and losers in The investment game the bureaucrats have No business telling hard-working Americans how to manage their savings Accounts don't I hate those bureaucrats And speaking of them I've just filled Out form 19a to propose a motion to Suggest that viewers like this video Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Click on that little bell icon to get Buzzed whenever a new crypto espresso Video goes live it's a lot easier it Used to be six different forms to do That that also taken about 15 minutes to Complete form 21b which suggests that You all Express your feelings about Today's episode by leaving a comment

Below I read them a day take them far Too seriously let's see form 13c and 15q Designate that if you have any questions About our headlines that you should ask Alex in that description below Alex is a Great resource for all things web 3 and The metaverse end oh finally my old Favorite form 22d officially designates That that about does it for today again I've been your host Andrew these have Been your headlines and we'll see all of Your beautiful shining faces tomorrow


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