What Pushed Bitcoin Past $25,000? [ Crypto Espresso 2.17.23 ]

Friday where have you been all my week No that's right I'm your host Andrew and It is Friday and you know I'm getting Down on Friday because it's crypto Espresso your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines let's just Get into it first up Bitcoin was Practically unrecognizable on Thursday Surging to 25 000 for the first time since June of 2022. at that point the world's biggest Cryptocurrency had rallied by 50 since The year began it accelerated by three Thousand dollars in a single day which Is something we'd probably barely notice During the bull market Quantum economics Founder mati Greenspan told us that Bitcoin is currently seeing its Strongest start of a year ever he added A number of factors maybe contributing To this including declining inflation And a more dovish fed increased Global Adoption rates and the upcoming having Event oddly the sec's current Crusade Against crypto does not appear to be Influencing prices all that much the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission is Suing Daquan in connection with the 60 Billion dollar collapse of us St and Luna specifically the SEC accused Quan And terraform Labs of orchestrating a Multi-billion dollar crypto asset Securities fraud involving an Algorithmic stablecoin and other

Altcoins the UST stablecoin once the Third largest by market cap collapsed in The space of one week after its Arbitrage-based method of maintaining Its dollar Peg using the free-floating Luna token failed both ran nearly to Zero the SEC is also seeking to hold Terraform labs and dokwan accountable For their roles in terror's collapse Which devastated both retail and Institutional investors and sent Shockwaves through the crypto Market Officials said Norwegian authorities Have made their largest ever seizure of Stolen cryptocurrency prosecutors have Retrieved 60 million kroner about 5.9 Million dollars from hackers who robbed The Ronin Bridge which helps power the XC Infinity game it was also one of the Largest ever cash value seizures by the Norwegian police the U.S justice Department has said that North Korea's State-sponsored Lazarus group hackers Were behind the attack which made off With 625 million dollars this Subsequently led to the sanctioning of The blender.io and tornado cache mixing Services officials in Norway are now Vowing to reach out to Sky Mavis which Developed the bridge so that they Aggrieved get their money back to the Greatest extent possible avraham Eisenberg does not intend to give back 47 million dollars despite the

Decentralized finance protocol mango Markets agreeing that he can keep it at Least though he's not willing to give it Back without a fight he's asked a judge Not to Grant an emergency injunction Freezing those funds arguing that the Agreement the mango Market's Dow members Approved allows him to keep the funds And that settles the matter the mango Markets doubt agreed in exchange for the Return of 67 million dollars of the 114 Million dollars that he made by making Huge trades on other platforms that Artificially drove the price of mango's Mango token up thirteen hundred percent Eisenberg is facing charges from the U.S Attorney for the southern district of New York as well as the SEC and cftc That led mango labs to claim it reached The deal under duress and finally a Staggering 1.1 million tokens were Launched last year according to chain Analysis but the devil's in the details If you weed out those that did not have More than 10 swaps and for consecutive Trading days in their first week that Number just plummets to 40 521 alright so that's still kind of a Lot but 9902 of those which is nearly one Quarter saw a 90 price drop in the first Week after launch which suggests that These might have just been developed for Pump and dump schemes investors spent as

Much as 4.6 billion dollars buying those Nearly 10 000 Tokens The Firm added but Scam promoters actually made a mere 30 Million dollars dumping their own Holdings chicken feed the ease of Creating a new token which can basically Be done by copying and pasting is one Reason they are so popular Jay analysis Said and speaking of copying and pasting Be sure to check out our new show crypto Expresso which is exactly the same show As crypto espresso I just talk a little Faster if you're content with the pace That I speak now though be sure to like This video subscribe to our YouTube Channel and click on that little bell Icon to get buzzed whenever a new crypto Espresso video goes live thoughts on Today's show did I read too fast did I Read too slow well just drop me a Comment because I read them and I take Them far too seriously don't you know Questions about our headlines or crypto In general ask Alex how many times do I Have to tell you that's right ask Alex In the description below if you have any Questions about our headlines or crypto In general Alex is also a great resource For all things web 3 and the metaverse And that about does it for today again I've been your host Andrew these have Been your headlines and ladies and Gentlemen The weekend see you Monday


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