Attendees ask Shaq Interview Questions at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Hey guys welcome to TechCrunch disrupt Where we're asking attendees what's one Question they would ask Shaq hey Shaq Here's my question to you you've Extended basketball you're an amazing DJ What magic are you bringing to Tech Not really bringing any managers to Tech It's just that In this world of where the smart people Are I love being around smart people Because I know from basketball if you Have somebody that knows something you Don't and you become their teammates you Help you win championships for example You see my good teammate Rick Fox I Could never hit the three but he could So if you have great teammates around You you win championships so yes I'm Shaq but I don't bring any magic I'm Looking for magic okay look Shaq I got One question for you how do you do it How do you run so many companies do it So well and be this brand ambassador for What feels like a thousand companies I Can't watch normal TV without seeing Your face on every ad and I'm not Complaining so yeah how do you do it and Just make it look so easy I take things That are difficult and break it down to The simplest form When it comes to investing one strategy And one strategy only you invest in Things that's going to change people's Lives period Point Blank That's my

Strategy it's worked for me all the Times where I invested for the quick Buck 85 percent of the time I lost and I lost Big so if I can invest in something That's going to change your person's Life I would do it hey big diesel I was just Wondering is Steph Curry really your Favorite player yes he's my favorite Player because he's done something I've Never seen before I battled against many Grace I've seen many greats I've never Seen a guy shoot the way he does at a Consistent basis and make so many threes From that far range that's why he's my Favorite player not because he's bigger Because he's stronger not because he's Faster because he's done something that I've never seen even when I dominated The game


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