SBF Trial is Here!! This You NEED To Know!!

If you thought the trial of Amber hood And Johnny Depp was full of drama you Haven't seen nothing yet Sam Batman Freed was once and I quote the father Teresa of philanthropy to use a Description that I did just make up now He is and I quote one of the most hated People in the world to use a description That he made up he's not wrong and in Just a matter of days SPF and no doubt The whole crypto industry will be thrown Back into the spotlight as his trial Begins in New York City the key question That the judge will have to determine is This did the FTX founder deliberately Commit fraud and conspire to defraud Investors or was it all one great big Screw-up but one with no Criminal Intent Or maybe a mix of the two SPF stands Accused of seven counts of fraud Conspiracy and money laundering charges That come with a maximum sentence of 100 15 years in the big house this video Will cover everything that you need to Know about the upcoming trial why it Matters what to expect and what the Verdict will likely be we'll look at the Facility that SPF is currently Incarcerated in examine his parents role At FTX and reveal some potential twists In the tail along the Way now back to SPF as I'm filming this SPF is held up in the Metropolitan Detention Center or the MDC in Brooklyn

If you watched our last video on S SPF You'll know that his outrageous Pre-charge Shenanigans like sharing Extracts from his ex-girlfriend and ex Alamer research CEO Caroline Allison's Diary with the Press are to blame for His current Incarceration he has been out on bail at His parents multi-million dollar home in Stanford California before now because Of his Antics he has been provided with A much less comfortable accommodation Conditions at MDC from all accounts are Pretty Grim the facility grabbed Headlines a few years ago after a power Cut in Winter left inmates suffering in The bitter cold the lawyers for game Maxwell a famous former inmate compared It to Hannibal lector's prison in the Silence of the Lambs Beyond power Outages inmates have also complained About sewage Leakes and maggots in their Food makes living back at your parents Seem pretty sweet now doesn't it Speaking of food s SPF a vegan has Reportedly been avoiding the meaty Dishes served in the canteen instead He's been subsiding on bread water and The occasional peanut butter sandwich Which he can purchase twice daily for $365 a pop using his allowance now that Does seem a lot for a peanut butter Sandwich but hey inflation is getting All of us and for this nugget of

Information and much more I have to Thank coindesk whose coverage of the Pre-trials going on both in the form of Articles and podcasts has been excellent Much of this report I might add is Informed in part by coindesk coverage I'll leave relevant links in the Description below now that you have a Sense of FBF living arrangements and Therefore the backdrop to the court case Let's move on to the trial itself the Trial begins on the 3rd of October the First step will be the selection of the Jury 12 men and or women good and true According to a legal EXP con contacted By coindesk each of the jurors will be Fought over by the defense and the Prosecution a process which could take Several days next the prosecutor which Is the Department of Justice or doj and The defense IE spf's lawyers will make Their opening statements remember a key Point both sides will be arguing about Is intent specifically did SPF intend to Commit the crimes he did and is on trial For then the the prosecution will Present its evidence and then question The witnesses before the defense will do The same the jury will then weigh up the Arguments that they heard and decide if Sam is guilty or not on each of the Seven counts which I'll outline in the Next section finally if found guilty Judge Captain will determine the

Appropriate Sentence one thing to keep in mind here Because that is a criminal trial is for Each count thatf needs to be found Guilty and I quote Beyond Reasonable Doubt by all 12 jurors think of Beyond Reasonable Doubt as being over 90% Certain this is why the jury selection Is so important for each of the seven Counts it takes just one juror to be Unconvinced that there is sufficient Evidence to convict SPF for him to be Let off now I should stress that if the Jury doesn't reach unanimous verdict the Judge will likely send them back to Confer again until they do but we're Getting ahead of ourselves let's first Turn to the prosecution's case and the Charges against s SPF they are Conspiracy to commit wire fraud of Customers of FTX wire fraud of customers Of FTX conspiracy to commit wired fraud Of lenders to alamer research wire fraud Of lenders to alamer research conspiracy To commit fraud of customers of FTX in Connection with the purchase and sale of Derivatives conspiracy to commit Security fraud of investors in FTX and Conspiracy to commit moneya Laundering only two of these charges why Fraud of FTX customers and alamer Research lenders are crimes s SPF is Alleged to have committed the others are Crimes the prosecutors allege he and at

Least one other person plan to commit For the conspiracy charges the Prosecutors will have to clearly show Spf's deliberate intent to commit the Alleged crime unless there is hard Evidence like clearly written material Showing this attent proving these Charges could prove tricky next let's Talk about Witnesses from numerous Filings in the prear period we have a Pretty good idea of who could take the Stand and broadly the topic they'll Cover however we have no idea what order These witnesses will be called and Obviously not the specifics of their Testimonies ftxs financials are Incredibly complex therefore the process Ution will have to bring Witnesses who Can help the jury to understand the Topic at hand as well as ones that will Help convince the jury of SPF skilled Peter Easton a professor from the University of notra dam and an Accounting gigabrain is expected to plug Some information gap for the jury Particularly when it comes to customer Deposits at FTX according to a court Filing he's going to talk about things Like and I quote animated researchers Borrowing from lenders and and the use Of customer funds to repay those lenders And I quote finding out about FTX as Customer funds were used he will not the Doj stressed in a response to the

Objection by the defense give his Opinion about whether it's improper to Do so also expected to take the stand is Andrea vaner marver according to her Biography Andrea is an expert in and I Quote complex litigation and Regulatory Investigations related ated to the Financial markets and has provided Testimony expertise in the past another Potential witness is an unnamed FBI Agent which kind of adds to the Intrigue We couldn't find any more information About them than this but it's the Testimonies from the next three Witnesses that are likely to be the most Explosive that's because they're all Members of fbfs in a circle at FTX his FTX co-founders Gary Wang nishad sing Along with Caroline Allison all pleaded Guilty to criminal charges and have been Cooperating with the prosecution for Months Gary was fx's Chief technology Officer and knew SPF from when they were Teenagers at math Camp nishad was a School friend of fbfs brother Gabe and Went on to become FTX as director of Engineering both men were involved in Writing FDX code and this according to The filing will be one area of focus in Their Testimonies but they will also be called On to throw SF under the bus and to try And convince the jury that SPF was not Only aware of but also the Mastermind

Behind the criminal charges that he's Standing For however it's going to be Caroline's Testimony that will likely draw the most Attention given her past romance with The accus there is also the fact that I Mentioned previously SPF revealed Details of her diary to the New York Times in an effort to and I quote Intimidate the witness according to Judge clapin will Caroline be out for Revenge only time will tell sorry to Interrupt you folks but I have to let You know about the coin Bureau deals Page now my team and I have been able to Pull together some of the best promos And discounts in the crypto space we're Talking trading fee discounts of over 50% thousands of dollars in bonus Airdrops amazing deals at top exchanges Reduced prices on Hardware wallets and Much much more besides so just go to Deals also linked to below and Find the promo suited to you enjoy the Rest of the Video after the prosecution presents This case it will be the defense's turn If you've been following the story You'll know that s spf's team wanted to Call Seven witnesses to rebuke the Testimonies presented by the prosecution And present evidence in spf's Favor however judge Kaplan agreed with The objections made by the prosecution

And rejected these witness applications In a nutshell he said that witness Testimonies which had to be outlined in Legal filings were unclear irrelevant And would disrupt the facts of the case I'm speculating now but maybe disrupting The case is a big part of SP spf's game Plan to be really clear the judge stated That spf's team will still be allowed to Call Four of his Witnesses with a big Caveat they would have to provide and I Quote proper disclosures at least 3 days Before the witnesses might Testify the Four Witnesses the s spf's team might be Able to call to the stand include two Consultants Thomas bishop and Joseph Pimbley as well as Brian Kim a data Analytics and forensics expert an Andrew D wo an assistant professor at the University of Michigan at least two of These bishop and Kim would be expected To present a counter to the testimony of The FBI agent or Peter Easton according To an order by the judge the big Question however is whether SPF himself Will take to the stand there is no legal Obligation for him to do so but this has Been the trend in numerous high-profile Cases and SPF is clearly not shy of the Limelight the media Tor AAS he embarked On after FDX collapse won him no favors But would his appearance on the stand be Any different we'll see as for the Defense argument this has already been

Revealed in a letter they published in August they're planning and I quote an Advice of council strategy in other Words they'll claim that s SPF acted on The advice of ftxs In-House attorneys And Law Firm Fenwick and West they'll Try to convince the jury that SPF isn't A criminal mastermind but a young man Who was in over his head or thought he Was behaving think properly or in legal Speak acting in good faith but simply Messed up here again it comes down to Intent but there are a few risks to this Strategy as another coindesk article Details for one the lawyers SPF is Blaming may be summoned as Witnesses and Who knows what they will say nothing Intentionally in spf's favor you can be Pretty sure about that then there is the Issue of attorney client privilege If the jury decides that the advice Falls under his privilege then it won't Be disclosed in court third sf's team Will have to show that he did indeed act On the legal advice that he was given Which is a risky strategy but possibly a Winning one what do you think Larry I don't think so and I'm never Wrong about this stuff never now let's Fast forward to the verdict of course no One will know what the jury will decide The headline lines show that technically SPF if found guilty on all accounts Could be sentenced to as many as 115

Years in jail in reality according to Several lawyers that coindesk has spoken To he is unlikely to get more than two Decades tops many of the alleged crimes Revolve around the similar theme of Fraud even if there are multiple Convictions the lawyers say SPF Sentences will be served at the same Time not one after another that said the Final verdict is up to judge Kaplan so Far I've outlined what to expect from The Trial now I do want to touch on a Few unknown elements that could really Shake things up one is the extent to Which s spf's political contributions Which are estimated to be in the tune of $100 million will be covered in the Trial you might remember that in July Prosecutors dropped a campaign finance Charge against SF because the haras Where FTX was based and where SP SPF was Arrested in December told the United States that they did not intend to Extradite him on the campaign finance Charge last week however judge Kaplan Said the prosecution could still discuss His political donations during the trial The judge said the topic was Inextricably linked to his fraud charges And are and I quote relevant to Establishing the defense's motive and Allegedly fraudulent intent you can be Sure media Outlets will be scrutinizing Details of those political contributions

They Rish in this kind of stuff less Headline grabbing but one thing that we Will be keeping an eye on is whether the Alamida co-ceo and Avid yachtsman Sam Truko will crop up in the trial Sam and SPF have known each other from a Five-week math Camp back in 2010 they Reconnected at MIT before Sam T joined Alamida he left alamida last summer a Few months before things really hit the Fan since FTX is downfall truko has Completely disappeared from the public Eye leaving many questions unanswered we Don't know where he is and what he's up To and whether he's been cooperating With authorities it's also rather Remarkable that he hasn't faced any Charges unlike the other FTX and Alam Top brass chuka's appearance at the Witness stand could be yet another twist In this dizzying drama Last but certainly not least is whether Or to what extent s spf's parents Joseph Bankman and Barbara freed or Joan Barb Will come up in the trial for contacts On the 18th of September FDX trading f a Lawsuit alleging that fb's parents used Their influence over their son to enrich Themselves and fund their interests the Law is part an effort by the company to Recover assets for FTX as customers Jo Defense is that while he was an FTX Employee for 11 months his Focus was Mainly on charitable projects and he was

Not involved in the day-to-day running Of the company unfortunately for him News reports and details of the lawsuit Suggests his involvement was much more Than he let on according to a New York Time report Joe assisted FTX in hiring Its legal team participated in meetings With FTX leaders on Capitol Hill Provided Council to his done in Preparation for his testimony before the House of financial service committee and Much more besides Bloomberg reported Earlier this month that Joe was a key Legal advisor to FTX which of course Isn't a great look when his son's Defense is essentially my lawyers told Me to do it in fact in an email to FTX As us head of administration Papa Bankman complained that his $200,000 a Year salary was insufficient And that he deserved $1 million a year Instead embarrassingly he said that he Would quote be putting Barbara on this And cced her in the email getting M on The case was enough to do the trick Within 2 weeks of that email SPS parents Received a $10 million cash gift and a Luxury property in the Bahamas worth Over $15 Million now FTX us is trying to get that Money back sadly for the bankman freed Family things won't be getting much Better anytime soon certainly not Forf regardless of the outcome of this

Trial he'll be back in court in March 2024 in a separate criminal trial where He'll face five more charges safe to say He's probably not got much in the diary For the foreseeable Future well there you have it everything You need to know about crypto's Trial of The century what do you think think the Verdict is going to be what are you Expecting from the witnesses will SF Himself take to the stand and if so will He shoot himself in the foot or manage To save some face before you go if you Like this video and learn something from It please like it share it and make sure You subscribe to both coin buau and coin Buau clips and also you can head on over To the coin Bureau deals page where you Can find the best discount deals and the Finest crypto merch that there is it Helps support our Channel and let us Continue to provide you with the best Crypto content out there thank you for Watching and see you next Time


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