Vitalik Buterin about to CRASH Ethereum price to $1,000? Why he sending ETH to Coinbase?

Ethereum co-founder vitalik buterin sent One million ethereum to coinbase vitalik Buterin transferred over 1 million worth Of ethereum to The cryptocurrency Exchange coinbase on Monday some crypto Experts are warning that ethereum is at Risk of crashing to one thousand dollars I know why vitalik sent one million Worth of ethereum to coinbase do you Know why smash the like button comment Your thoughts below let's get into it we Cover the cryptocurrency market on a Daily basis subscribe to the channel Daily crypto coverage keeping you Informed ethereum co-founder vitalik Buterin deposited 600 ethereum which is Around 1 million dollars worth of Cryptocurrency to crypto exchange Coinbase on Monday according to data From ethereum blockchain scanning Website etherscan this move comes as Ether the second largest cryptocurrency By market capitalization suffered a 10 Decline over the last seven days amid a Broad Market turn down which saw Traders Witness 1 billion in liquid let's see What the coindesk experts say about this Before I give my take metallic has moved Some theory about a one million dollars Worth of ethereum to coinbase what does This mean well might indicate that he's Willing to sell a little bit vitalik's Public addresses for his ethereum Holdings are out there most people know

Where they are they're visible on most Ether scans or like blockchain explorers Out there and for good reason right he's Probably the most Central figurehead in Old crypto because he's the front man or The image of ethereum ecosystem which is The largest smart contract ecosystem and The second largest coin by market cap Behind Bitcoin so when people see italic Or anyone else moving money uh with that Big of a name out there to start paying Attention yeah I think big picture like This is the funny thing about crypto Right you get to watch this stuff happen You just get to see it you're like oh we Know that this is a wallet associated With italic and you know these shows to Keep that in the public domain Essentially and now we can sort of see The flows of money across uh the world Into these exchange addresses right I Don't know if this is going to like Change people's price project like Projections for ethereum right or if it I don't think this indicates that like Vitality is any less bullish on his Creation the funny part about this is The ethereum foundation which of course Is a steward of a lot that happens in Ethereum Does sell the top almost every single Cycle they have like successfully sold The top on Youth and they put that money Back in the treasury to support grants

For ethereum ecosystem so it ends up I Think being a net positive but a lot of People look at when the ethereum Foundation sells and then sort of make a Note about that and this one people Obviously not at the top scored down About you know 50 plus percent from the Top in 2021 2022 but people might be Looking at this be like oh maybe we're Looking at like another lower point in The future if italic is selling Wendy so So far the consensus seems to be Something like this that vitalik's going To sell that this might not be great for Ethereum I like everybody on this panel They each bring their own unique Perspective I enjoy listening to them I Think Wendy though for this particular Question makes the best point the Correct point of course nobody knows the Future but listen to what she says Wendy It's a one it's one literally one Million dollars it's really not a lot of Money especially when you're looking at Crypto whale wall it's like there's so Many people that are moving around a lot More Capital that are loaning it out Doing things I also want to reference a Story from coindesk back in March or Excuse me May 17th of 2021. metallic Burns 6 billion in ship token says he Doesn't want the power so if a talk has Kind of been Infamous of doing different Things with his funds and wallets that

Have been tracked so I don't think it's Necessarily a big deal that he moved one Million of eth Worth to coinbase I think If it was going to be a very very large Amount it probably would be done OTC but Maybe he just wanted the maybe maybe he Wanted to bridge the funds over to base Or to friendtech who knows boom I think That's it I think vitalik is moving the Money to use coinbase's layer 2 base to Signal his support for this new layer 2 In the ecosystem why well not only have Dapps like friendtech become massive Ether money machines getting used like Crazy getting mainstream adoption from NBA players FaZe Clan not to mention the Crypto Community we were the first Crypto YouTube channel ever to give a Full tutorial how to bridge onto base How to get onto friendtech check out This video from a couple days ago if you Want to find out how to do this and when You get onto friendtech feel free to Follow us for a private chat with us Right now we have 39 holders so we're Chatting with up to 39 people right now That could go up to 50 people 60 people We'll see literally answering all of Your questions and of course you guys Are suggesting cool things to check out We're doing that and by the way I do Think friend Tech is fun I do think that You know who knows if it has a great Great future but I do think it has

Plenty of room to grow because you know Especially there's so much fun out there Right now people continually to put it Down we're definitely not in a euphoric State for friend Tech at the moment Leaked database of 100 000 friend Tech Users links their ethereum addresses This is fake news the block really did a Disservice putting out kind of a false Report friend Tech even commenting this Is just someone scraping our public API That shows the association between a Public wallet address and a public Twitter username it's like saying Somebody hacked you but looking at your Public Twitter feed it's irresponsible Reporting by the block but still the Bigger question is why is vitalik Supporting this this is not the first L2 We're seeing with ethereum I think he's Supporting base because coinbase is the Largest crypto Exchange in America super Centralized you're not really doing Anything on chain when you're on Coinbase but bass is helping people get On chain and be able to hold custody of Their keys I loved the Defiance podcast With Jesse Pollock one of the lead devs At base talking about this how does bass Fit in with the multi-l2 future for Scaling ethereum and I think this is What vitalik is into there are already a Few layer who's out there the the CK is Optimistic role of and everything else

So why build yet another one what's Special about this yeah absolutely the Key Insight that we had that led to us Building base was that there's going to Be many layer twos that scale ethereum Many of these things are going to work Together to provide more throughput more Capacity to ethereum and help bring a Billion people on chain over the next Decade we're really throwing our tips in Let's put coinbase resources energy and Coinbase users into this new Decentralized on-chain economy and let's Use base as bridge where we can take all The coinbase users and all the future Coinbase users move them from the off Chain World on chain with bass that Connective tissue that connects coinbase In the off chain world into base in the Broader Global crypto economy that's Really the why behind us doing that Since we want to bring the world on Chain and this feels like the kind of Obvious starting point hey join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th This is an epic Bitcoin conference use Code altcoin daily 10 off tickets get This ticket or get this ticket ticket Prices increase as we get closer to the Event so many awesome speakers are being Added every single day use code altcoin Daily for 10 off hope to see you there Guys actually ticket prices do increase This Friday I believe so definitely if

You're thinking about going to this get Your tickets in the next couple days use Our link below 10 off altcoin daily one Word and make sure you subscribe to us For daily crypto coverage we keep you Informed we help you make smarter Decisions by being more informed in Cryptocurrency we help you stay up to Date on the trends it's the people in The bear market right now who are you Know noticing what's going on so far you Know social Finance is a major Trend That's only going to heat up as this Next bull market comes guys watch this Video find out what friend Tech is so at The very least you know what's going on You don't have to like the idea I'm not Saying this has legs and it's going to Last forever I'm just saying this is Probably the most interesting thing Going on in cryptocurrency right now or If there's something else you let me Know in the comments see you tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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