Usercentrics | Disrupt Berlin 2019

User-centrics is a privacy consent Management platform meaning we help Companies to collect manage and document The consent of their users in a gdpr Compliant way but also in a way that the Opt-in rate is maximized Do identity management tools not do this Now not in the way that we do it so we Focus on being the single source of Truth for all user preferences across The data architecture so the main use Case right now is to implement us on the Website or in an app and there we can Deactivate and activate cookies plug-ins And all sorts of data collection Activities and the user interacts with Us on the spot without us knowing who The user actually is because on some Websites for example you have no login But if there's a login area we just Connect to the user ID that the company Gives us so we're neutral basically It was that sort of where did the idea For the business come from is that gdpr Related totally 100 gdpr related I Previously worked in a compliance Department at scalable capital and there We had to implement gdpr so that's how I Got into the Privacy space and my Co-founder previously founded intelliet Which is a tracking tool so he came Basically from the other side and we Could combine those Um

Expertise and yeah all right that's um That's super interesting when you think About which markets are are sort of the The target market that you want to Attack first Um what what seems to be the one where You have the most traction already so Right now we're the market leader in Germany we have large customers like is There a particular industry though That's using you or is this yeah it can Be anything we have Commerce Bank we Have Porsche we have T-Mobile so really Both advertisers and Publishers needed Both big companies and small companies The software starts at nine euro per Month goes up to 20K per month depending On the number of users you have Um and one other key Market is Definitely now the rest of Europe for us But we're also expanding uh in the US Because they're the California consumer Privacy Act is coming into effect in January and our solution is now ready Out of the box and there we have a Unique opportunity to leverage our Experience from gdpr and also be the Market leader or have a market leading Position in the U.S well I'll look Forward to assigning that pitch on your Eventual launch in the US to someone Else but I appreciate the time today and Thank you so much for stopping by to Chat about the company it's great


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