Untap Health Pitches at Startup Battlefield | TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Please welcome TechCrunch managing Editor Matt Burns You guys are back for day two I really Appreciate that thank you so much Yesterday we saw some amazing companies We saw a company turning excess heat Into batteries we saw a company that's Using AI to develop t-shirt lessons Plans we saw so many different things 10 Companies so not that many today you're Going to see 10 more companies and these Companies are going to compete for the Same hundred thousand dollar check from TechCrunch let's go over the judging Criteria one more time these companies Are going to or the judges are looking At the companies and evaluating them Based on the potential for social or Financial impact we don't care if the Company's not going to make a lot of Money as long as they're changing the World that's what we're looking for so Let's get going the companies are going To have six minutes to present followed By six minutes of a q a from the judges I'm going to bring out the judges right Now I'm going to read their bios and Then we're going to start the Competition come on now judges Okay these are some impressive people Uh first up we have we have Jacob Underworld from partner at Greylock Bankers Jacob is a product executive and Builder who backs Founders building the

Next generation of consumer software Prior to joining Greylock Jacob spent Eight years at snap where he helped Scale the company from his early days For most of his time at the company he Ran teams of several hundred people Across the product design growth data Science and analytics and user research Team most recently he launched my AI Snaps own AI chat about powered by check GPT Next we have gurukshahal partner at Lightspeed Ventures Guru is a Visionary Investor with a passion for Revolutionizing digital Landscapes since 2012 he has been an instrumental force And light speed spearheading early Investments in groundbreaking companies Guru's Dynamic Journey led him back to Lightspeed in 2019 where he continues to Make astute investments in Cutting Edge Adventures next we have Rob Rebecca Lynn Co-foundering General partner at canvas Ventures Rebecca leads the early stage Investments in fintech health Tech and AI Rebecca's very first entry into Venkshire was leading an early stage Investment in Lending Club which turned Into the largest US IPO of 2014 and the Fourth largest U.S internet IPO since 2001. Next we have surubi sarnak group partner At y combinator surubi the founder and Former CEO of Envision medical which

Developed a first in-kind Michael Catheter for the detection of ovarian Cancer after raising 17 million in Venture funding completing three Clinical trials and obtaining two First-in-class FDA approvals Envision Was acquired by Boston Scientific for More than 15x money in Sewer B stayed at Boston Scientific for Two years running the 150 person Commercial organization in preparation For launch she sits on both private and Public company boards Next we have Nikita shamgunov Nikita is A passionate about deep Tech data Infrastructure and system software at Coastal Adventures Nikita's incubating Neon a new database company building Serverless postgres that raised 50 Million in its seed and series a rounds Prior to Coastal Adventures Nikita Co-founded single store a data unicorn And analytics company valued over 1.3 Billion he served as a founding CTO and Then CEO successfully scaling the Company to over 40 million in ARR and Near profitability give these judges a Round of applause Now before we bring out the first Company I need a favor from all of you The energy is so important in here these Companies have worked very hard over the Last four months they've been trained by TechCrunch editorial given mentoring

From Venture capitalists as well they Know their pictures inside and out but They need your help bringing the energy So we're gonna bring out the first Company give them a very loud Round of Applause and let's get going so from a Whole other pause one second I'm gonna Read something then it's your turn from London England we have untapped Health Presenting from untapped health is Dr Claire Trent and Dr Jay Bolin Round of Applause Ontap health is a completely new way to Prevent infectious disease outbreaks to Building level We've take illnesses before symptoms Using our sewage Let me tell you a story it's a story of Humans fight against disease and death In the 1700s Next slide please In the 1700s we had yellow fever and Bubonic plague Next slide sorry then cholera plagues in The flu next click Spanish Flu typhus HIV AIDS polio SARS MERS Ebola swine flu covid-19 mpox Covid-19 was not a one-off since 2000 30 Million people have died from Communicable disease and every year the Chance of another pandemic is only Increasing due to globalization and Climate change There has to be a better way of

Detecting illnesses At the moment it takes weeks to detect Illnesses because many people don't even Show symptoms This means that illnesses are moving Silently amongst us disrupting our Businesses and our lives At the moment we aren't detecting Illnesses at all before symptoms we are Then doing it manually by doing PCR Tests there has to be a better way That's what we're doing at untap Health Providing a better way without testing Whole communities Slide Sewage surveillance has been used for 80 Years it's an incredible tool you Measure a whole Community with a single Test Even better you can detect illnesses Right from the beginning of infection if They're symptomatic asymptomatic or Pre-symptomatic best yet you can detect One sick person in 10 000 people next Slide But at the moment it's manual a person Has to take a sample from the sewer Drive it to the lab then analyze it and Send the data back This means the data could take up to a Week and cost up to a thousand dollars It's too expensive and it means when an Organization like the CDC gets their Data it's already too late and outbreaks

Already happened This means the technology has been Limited governments at times of only Desperate need There has to be a better way Untap health is providing Plug and Play Automated end-to-end hardware and Software solution that can be installed Into any and every building Our products can detect up to 12 Pathogens But how does the hardware actually work Unfortunately it's currently stuck in Customs so we can't show it here today But we have a video instead Our Hardware is a multi-stage technology Automating the gold standard lab Workflow for sewage surveillance it has Multiple patents pending It consists of three stages The first stage is sewage filtration What usually happens in sewage Filtration is you reject the dirty Sample and you keep the clean we're Doing the exact opposite we're keeping The dirtiest sample We filter hundreds of liters of water Each and every day minimum costing a Massive fishing net we're detecting more Illnesses than ever before from sewage And we've got higher detection limits The system then uses the clean water to Self-filter so it could be done for the Next sample again

The second stage is RNA extraction this Is a clever mechatronics approach which Provides a purification and washing step Of that sewage sample This is again cleaned for the next stage Which is PCR analysis this quantitative PCR analysis completely turns on its Head current PCR at the moment what we Do is we test lots of individuals in Batches We do a continuous time series Collective PCR testing system This data is sent directly to customers That day This means that data can go directly to Organizations that need it most Care Homes offices factories and so much More Move to data dashboard Move dashboard demo Yeah there we go this is the dashboard That customers see This is actually from a customer site You can see that here they've got low Norovirus influenza and RSV levels but Their covid-19 is an increased risk They can then click through onto their Covid-19 page and see personalized Insights which provide them with their Risk levels and ways to prevent outbreak Happening This means that workplaces can find out When there are increased risk for Covid-19 or flu pandemics like we've

Seen every year in workplaces this means They can reassure workers back into the Workplace when their risk is low Phenora virus you can detect symptoms Two days illnesses two days before Symptoms This causes death every year in nursing Homes across the world these can be Prevented Back to presentation As we speak we're detecting covid-19 in Workplaces and norovirus nursing homes This step change in technology means it Can be a preventative Healthcare Solution for so much more Talking about chickenpox on cruise ships Strep a in schools and either Antimicrobial resistance bacterial Infection and actually sewage has even Been proven to detect early some cancers And stress Next slide In 2019 gastrointestinal infections and Respiratory illnesses cost the UK and U.S economies 45 billion dollars That was before covert 19. our UK Market Size is 2 billion and as we scale to the US is 26 billion but the True Value here Is in the data Collect enough sites across a city a Country the world Those Data Insights can be used to guide Preventative Healthcare Solutions Insurance policy Public Health policy

And so so much more This is not a niche Healthcare play this Is a trillion dollar unrealized market Opportunity Next slide If you or your organization needs our Technology please come and find me after The presentation we are on tap health And together we're safer with crap data I love when we start the morning talking About poop that's great okay uh Rebecca Let's start with you yeah I mean I I Just I'm super skeptical that anyone Cares enough so during covid probably The smartest thing I saw everywhere was Just a simple temperature reading I Lived in Hawaii and they would just do a Temperature scan when you came on off The plane and they would do that in the Restaurants and they've taken all that Down so If that sort of super easy minimal like Scan isn't even being done on airlines Today why why do people want to buy this Yeah and do they actually care yeah Great question so the problem with the Temperature scanners is they didn't Actually work so we saw that people Coming in were hot from Vans and they Were just a bit too warm when outside For 10 minutes came back in the Temperature's going to worked the Technology didn't actually have any real Use sadly however why they actually care

About r-tech is norovirus does kill People in nursing homes every year That's a cost they're losing time in Beds which is money which obviously is Important but we've also found that Workplaces They don't want people to work from home Anymore and getting people to come back To the workplace they're doing anything They can you see the delivery on Fridays Or you see all these different Small Things reassuring people they're Actually going to be safe if they're Caring for someone that has got Immunocompromised or their family have Got cancer one in two of us will have Cancer in our lives so to be able to Reassure those people as well back in It's a real thing thank you Guru The equipment actually gets installed in A sewage treatment plan but the benefits Are accrued to someone else it could Either be a government who's looking for Analytical information or a care home Etc so how do you solve this problem of Who pays who do you sell to versus where The equipment is actually installed yeah Sure so um the equipment itself is Installed directly on a building so We're talking at the building site the Building site itself directly pays for a Monthly subscription to the data the Data then imagine you've got 10 20 30 a Million sites across the world you can

Aggregate and do smart big data on those Aggregated sites and that's where the Real value comes in the benefit is to The direct care home but the big data Can be used for so so many things Um so putting the skeptic in me as well So it's clear that you know at scale There's a ton of value because you have This like wonderful monitor of Everyone's diseases everywhere in the World but in the kind of like in the Early stage doing things that don't Scale You know how many units have you sold Already and like how long does it even Take To like sell one unit to someone should It be a care home or a building because Like somebody else needs to be buying And writing a hefty check for that and What does it cost right yeah how much Does it cost so the costs obviously if You don't want to disclose too publicly Because when most of our competitors are Here ballpark uh our margins are over 70 For the hardware already it's in the Thousands we've made it so it was cheap But well cost effective to build that Was one of our main drivers and also Modular so very easy to redesign for Future pathogens of Interest they were The core drivers of building the Technology we've already had interest From

A massive international hotel chains International workplace management Companies that are in the UK and us care Home groups at the moment we don't have Many devices because it is being it's a Young company so we can't install them All those places yet but next year we're Raising we'll be able to scale and put Them in all the places that are Interested Syrupy yeah thank you guys so much Um out of the 12 pathogens you're Detecting what are the two most Important and are you optimizing for Sensitivity or specificity Um yes so we're really interested in Providing a mix of biomarkers so say Claire mentioned norovirus is a really Critical one for Care Homes where your Incubation time's really short maybe Just um 24 hours and you can spread it So obviously you're interested in any Detection at all Um and then things like influenza covert Other respiratory illnesses where you're Looking a bit more at quantitative data And what we're finding with our Technology is we're achieving similar Um comparable sensitivities and Detection limits as a manual currently Available commercial manual on-site Testing methods because we use the same The same reagents the same assays and Our contribution our development is the

Mechanical process automation to achieve That without you know hands and gloves I'm sure we'll go to Jacob real quick And then Rebecca has one more can I just Yeah So I'm sure this is a solvable problem I'm a little bit concerned that the Actionable things that you mentioned you Could do with the data like having People return to work then you want to Optimize for specificity but if you want To make sure everyone says that Sensitivity so how do you do that with a Single diagnostic test Um if you want if you're saying we want People to come back as quickly as Possible then you don't want your test To be too sensitive right ah okay Um yeah so so uh analytical or Downstream analysis is qpcr analysis so Obviously we get um a CT number which Converts into Gene copies per milliliter And we categorize it in bins say you Know to say okay well we had to trace an Environmental Trace Um probably not an active carrier on Site and then moving up you know uh you Go through all orders of magnitude and Then you go to the next bin where you Say okay someone is actively Contributing this biomarker to my Catchment as a quick follow-on very Interestingly our customers don't really Care if it's covered RSV or flu the

Character of spiritual virus because the Actions are the same which is I've been Absolutely fascinating actually covered Detecting covert isn't necessarily a Good thing because of the fear if you See your increased risk of respiratory Virus it's more actionable yeah I mean I'm still super skeptical my school knew That stripe and mono was going on and I Mean they just tell kids to wash their Hands more right so I'm still super Skeptical sorry what's the just quickly What's the process for onboarding new Pathogens obviously you guys have 12 Today is it a physical process do you Have to go to each of these units or are You able to digitally what does that Quickly please yeah so so Um for devices require servicing to Replace chemicals so for instance uh PCR Must mix chemicals Um for Hardware stays the same and the Reagents The Selective Parts Primus Probes they get replaced in the Servicing model well thank you very much Give them a round of applause Thank you I love the tough questions thank you so Much appreciate it


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