Top Crypto Predictions of 2024 – This Might Surprise You

It's 2024 and confidence in crypto Markets is soaring after Bitcoin and Other cryptocurrencies staged in Outstanding recovery in 2023 investors Are anticipating what is shaping up to Be a huge year for Bitcoin and crypto Thanks to a plethora of positive Catalyst in early 2024 but what do Experts say about 2024 what are the Biggest predictions and narratives we've Gathered some insights from Heavy Hitters such as a16z bitwise vanc Coinbase and binance this video Summarizes some of the lengthy reports And if you want to check those out and Read in further detail make sure to Check out the article in the link in the Description below so first let's talk About bid wise's 10 crypto predictions For 2024 ETF applicant bitwise sees a huge Year for Bitcoin in 2024 here are the Top 10 predictions from the San Francisco based crypto asset manager Number one new all-time highs for Bitcoin bitwise believes that Bitcoin Could go above $80,000 spurred on by the Haling and the historic launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs which will finally make Bitcoin a mainstream investment option For everyone two Bitcoin ETFs will be The most successful launch of all time According to the firm's internal Research ETFs could capture 1% of the

7.2 trillion doll us ETF Market or $72 Billion within 5 years three coinbase Could shock the market with its earnings Bitwise believes that the us-based Exchange will beat Wall Street forecasts Of Revenue growth by at least a factor Of 10 four volume of transactions via Stable coins will surpass those by Visa The Firm predicts that stable coins one Of crypto killer apps will see an Increased role in Daily finances even Surpassing financial payment giant like Visa five JP Morgan will tokenize a fund And launch it on chain Wall Street will Move to tokenize real world assets with $5.5 billion already tokenized on chain And set to grow to $16 trillion by 2030 Six ethereum Revenue will will double to $5 billion bitwise predicts that revenue On ethereum will double to $2.3 billion This year making ethereum one of the Fastest growing Tech platforms seven Taylor Swift will launch nfts for fans Pop culture and crypto are set to once Again intertwine with Taylor Swift Possibly introducing nfts for fan Engagement eight AI assistants will use Cryptocurrencies the firm believes that Crypto will cement its place as the Native currency of the internet as AI Agents use it for online transactions Nine prediction markets are set to rise As a killer app in crypto the firm Predicts over $100 million will be

Staked highlighting their potential as a Breakthrough application for Cryptocurrencies 10 a major ethereum Update will significantly lower gas fees This will bring average transaction fees Down to under 1 cent making ethereum More competitive and appealing than ever For users now let's talk about van x 15 Predictions for 2024 Global investment fund and Bitcoin Spot ETF applicant vanc published 15 Detailed predictions for 2024 which We've arranged by theme to make it more Digestible hin andf fever keep Bitcoin Dominant and resilient during possible Us recession the anticipated us Recession in 2024 aligns with the launch Of spot Bitcoin ETFs Bitcoin is expected To remain resilient maintaining a value Likely above $30,000 in q1 admits the Economic downturn April 2024's fourth Bitcoin housing will go smoothly Reducing coin issuance and potentially Boosting bitcoin's price above $48,000 By Q4 of 2024 vanac expects Bitcoin to Reach new all-time highs driven by the US election the supply shock caused by The Hing and Regulatory shifts that Could make the crypto commodity as easy To own and account for as a regular Stock ethereum in the rise of layer 2 Networks ethereum's strong performance In 2023 and upcoming Milestones like EIP 4884 Proto dank sharding we'll see it

Have a great year year in 2024 but the Flippening won't happen just yet and It'll remain smaller in market cap than Bitcoin ethereum's layer to dominance Post EIP 4844 etherum layer to networks Like polygon and arbitr are expected to Lead in total value locked and Transaction volume nft market growth and Exchange Dynamics nft Market Resurgence The nft market is poised for a Significant rebound driven by ethereum Collections new crypto games and Bitcoin-based nfts centralized exchanges And dexes decentralized exchanges are Set to gain more market share propelled By high throughput chains and wallet Technology advancements new Opportunities in the crypto ecosystem Bitcoin yield opportunities Innovations In blockchainbased remittances Especially through the en lightning Network are expected to open up new Bitcoin yield opportunities blockchain Gaming breakthrough at least one Blockchain game is predicted to surpass 1 million daily active users indicating The sector's maturation following up on A lising Q4 of 2023 salana is Anticipated to become a top three Blockchain by market cap and also TPL With its new price Oracle pyth Potentially surpassing chain link Decentralized physical infrastructure Network or dpen protocols like Hive

Mapper and helium are expected to Experience significant growth indicating A shift towards decentralized physical Infrastructure corporate adoption and Defi integration corporate crypto Holdings go up new accounting treatments Such as fasb reporting are like to Encourage corporate crypto Holdings and Coinbase should benefit first by Reporting its significant layer to Blockchain revenues in early of 2024 Defi and kyc integration controversially Know your customer or kyc will come to Defi and its integration through Platforms like Unis swap is expected to Ultimately attract institutional Liquidity and increase protocol fees Binance's top crypto trends for 2024 binance's latest Outlook report Reflects a dynamic and evolving crypto Ecosystem with significant developments Across Bitcoin stable coins nfts Protocol fees lir ones and social F Bitcoin developments the binance report Emphasizes the growth and innovation in Bitcoin marked by the ordinals protocol Introducing Bitcoin nfts and meme coins Which is driving up network activity it Also points at us spot Bitcoin ETF Approvals indicating increasing Institutional interest and anticipation Of the next Bitcoin haling in April of 2024 expected to decrease block rewards And potentially increase bitcoin's value

Stable coin Supply increase for the First time since early 2022 the supply Of top stable coins showed a positive Quarterly net change showing an influx In new money and investors to crypto Markets nft Market Revival a notable Uptick in nft trading volumes especially With Bitcoin nfts surpassing ethereum in Trading volume is signaling a Resurgence In the nft market after a tough 2 years Rising protocol fees increased fees will Be generated by top crypto projects with Ethereum leading will prove that Sustainable business models within the Crypto sector are possible layer one Dynamics ethereum maintains dominance But other l1s like salana and ton coin Are showing huge potential creating a Much needed more competitive landscape For smart contract blockchains emergence Of social fi social fi which blends dii And social media elements together is Gaining traction with platforms like Friend. Tech which has pulled in over $25 million in fees since its launch Despite still being in beta indicating The untapped potential for web3 social Laps a16 Z's crypto Trends Venture Capital firm a16z covers what crypto Trends and developments they are excited About as part of their 2024 Big Ideas in Tech New Era of decentralization Traditional web 3 governance models Using Dows have limitations in

Addressing the social political Realities of decentralized governance However lessons from the living Laboratory of web 3 have led to emerging Best practices for decentralization as These models evolve a6z expects Unprecedented levels of decentralized Coordination functionality and Innovation the rise of the modular text Stack monolithic architectures offer Deep integration and optimization but Lack the advantages of a modular text Stack an open source modular text act Enables permissionless Innovation Specialization and competition this Modular approach is essential for Fostering a vibrant and Innovative Ecosystem Ai and blockchain become a Powerful combination decentralized Blockchains can counterbalance the Centralization of AI crypto enables Multi-sided Global permissionless Markets for AI compute and data reducing Costs and making AI more accessible web 3 is the laboratory for developing Decentralized governance models for AI Decentralized open-source crypto Networks will democratize AI Innovation Making it safer for consumers play to Earn returns this time as play and earn In play to earn games players can earn Real world money based on their time and Effort this trend is part of broader Shifts in gaming and Creator economy web

3 allows users to capture more of the Value that they produce in games Challenging the norm when all proceeds Go to gaming companies however games are Not designed to be workplaces for most Players the industry is moving towards Play and earn games that are both fun And allow players to earn p2e is Evolving Beyond its initial growing Pains and will eventually become an Integral part of gaming established Brands are increasingly using nfts to Engage consumers and build community Starbucks Nike and Reddit have launched Nft initiatives that appeal to a broad Audience nfts can be used to represent Customer identity Bridge physical and Digital goods and co-create new products And experiences in expensive nfts and Layer Two blockchains are making nfts More accessible for Mass adoption in 202 24 a16z believes nfts are poised to Become ubiquitous as digital brand Assets for a wide range of companies and Communities coinbase's outlook for 2024 in its 2024 crypto Market Outlook Listed us-based crypto exchange coinbase Put forth some predictions and trends For 2024 here are the key takeaways the Next cycle Bitcoin heamy traditional Investors and potential us spot Bitcoin ETFs Drive bitcoin's dominance a new Trading regime develop ERS focus on Building web3 infrastructure for real

World use cases the layer one Equilibrium ethereum maintains dominance In smart contract platforms while Alternative layer ones find in Niche Sectors the evolution of layer 2s Layer Two Solutions grow shifting activity From ethereum mainnet and ALT layer ones And adopting a modular approach Validator middleware developments like Reaking and distributed validator Technology offer enhanced customization And security resetting the macro Framework the long road to dollarization Alternative Payment Solutions and Cryptocurrencies are emerging as Discussions continue about reducing USD Reliance the economic outlook for 2024 The US might avoid a recession focusing On internal factors and the path of Disinflation reading the regulatory tea Leaves digital asset allocations Increase showing the need for clearer us Regulations connecting to the real world Tokenization financial sectors expand Tokenization to improve Capital Efficiency and automate workflows web 3 Gaming web 3 gaming revives interest Combining traditional gaming with Blockchain technology decentralized Real World Resources projects will focus on Decentralized physical infrastructure or Dend networks and decentralized Computing for real world applications Decentralized Identity or did

Advancements in privacy Technologies Like zero knowledge proofs enhance Decentralized identity Solutions future Of blockchain a better user experience User experience improvements including Account abstraction and gasless Transactions make crypto more accessible Validator middleware and customizability Validator middleware continues to evolve Further enhancing blockchain network Security and decentralization what do You guys think about the crypto Market In 2024 let me know your thoughts in the Comments down below anyways guys my name Is Trevor here for corn market cap I'll See you guys in the next one


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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