Top 8 Crypto Coins About To Go Crazy (Last One is UNEXPECTED!)

What is the next big cryptocurrency to Explode this year well while today's Video has nothing to do with price today I want to highlight eight different Crypto projects that are building that We're seeing the growth so crypto coin Number eight on our list today Avalanche Avalanche surges to six month high in Daily active addresses the spike Coincides with a bevy of financial Institutions joining avalanche's Evergreen subnet Spruce so the momentum For Avalanche as an L1 blockchain pretty Obvious and to get specific on this Uptick avalanche's daily active Addresses hit nearly 80 000 on April 12th its daily active user base grew 85 Percent in the last 90 days and to put This into comparison Avalanche today is Growing faster than competitor chains Like BNB chain Tron even ethereum Aptos And Bitcoin and again what caused the Spike in adoption well the highway Watermark coincided with avalanche's April 12th partnership with a bevy of Financial institutions that will Contribute to its Network infrastructure So again we saw all these institutions Join avalanche's Evergreen subnet Spruce Crypto project number seven on today's List is ZK sync ZK sync era crosses over 200 million dollars in total value Locked while polygons ZK evm Trails so Both of these are scaling solutions for

Ethereum both launched within four days Of each other yet both are seeing Different market results ZK sync era Which launched on March 24th has Attracted over 218 million dollars of User deposits in the first 19 days since Its deployment meanwhile polygons ZK evm Which launched just four days after has Just secured 3.6 million compared to 218 And why the difference well while both In networks use zero knowledge Roll-Ups That's an L2 solution to reduce Transaction costs analysts have a simple Explanation for why one has attracted Over 60 times more assets crypto users Are looking for an air drop of tokens so While both essentially solve the same Problem polygon Matic already had a Token ZK Sync Air dropped their token Recently to users we know air drops are Very popular in crypto arbitrum apecoin Optimism blur all did one while the Issue with polygons zika evm is that They already had a Matic token and do Not have an allocation available for a Potentially retroactive airdrop time Will tell where the farmers the users The people settle but for now ZK sync Era is thriving next crypto project on Our list we're seeing the growth cardano Developer iog releases a lace wallet Boosting Ada ecosystem so now now users Can stake Ada tokens directly from lace To contribute to the security of the

Cardano network and receive rewards for Their participation so cardano holders Can stake directly from the wallet and Lace is a browser-based wallet similar To a metamask and it allows users to Access the cardano network directly and Use cardano based dapps and one aspect Of why people are excited lace will Enable users to send multiple assets to Different addresses in one transaction With one transaction fee through a new Bundle transaction feature which groups Transactions into one bundle to save Costs many more developments for the Future but if you like cardano you like This crypto project number five on Today's list by economy account Abstraction has truly arrived Now Integrate AAA on mainnet on ethereum Polygon polygon zkevm BNB chain and many More blockchains to come so what is Bichonomy and what is account Abstraction account abstraction enables Smart contracts to initiate transactions Themselves so that any logic that a user Wishes to implement can be coded into The smart contract wallet itself and Executed on ethereum so huge value add For developers huge value add for the End user and with this by economy SDK Release dapps and wallets can now easily Deploy gas efficient Erc4337 compliant smart contract Accounts set up verifying pay masters on

Mainnet and much more all things Developers building dapps on these Chains want now keep in mind these are Just my opinions and also I am an Investor in dichotomy in polygon as well As LimeWire and next piece of news Limewire's new game simulates music Pirating Nostalgia and pays in crypto Soap to back up a little bit actually Last year LimeWire launched as an nft Marketplace they are now a web 3 Platform musicians like Travis Barker Dylan Francis Soldier Boy launching nfts Through LimeWire and all of this is sort Of ironic because the music sharing Platform shut down back in 2010 after a Hefty lawsuit the platform was used to Steal music steal music rights from Artists and today in a complete 180 now Limewire's back but this time with legal Intentions it will allow users to not Only buy and own original songs from Their favorite artists but also enjoy Unreleased demos and music videos so for Me they're actually more than just an Nft Marketplace they're sort of the First web 3 version of and only fans or A patreon where artists can cultivate Their community and of course the news Today is this they've just launched a Crypto game he here is their little hype Video and then the game is you're Downloading songs and you have to Download as many songs as you can and

Each simulated download that doesn't Contain a simulated virus will yield Points to the player so a big hit of Nostalgia and the scores are then Entered onto a leaderboard where the top Players are eligible to receive a Distribution of limewire's upcoming ERC Token as a prize coin number three on Today's list Gala Danny Trejo as well as Mina Suvari both actors join gala's web 3 TV series called Razer so when we talk About Mass adoption these are mainstream Actors joining Gala and actually there Are three veteran Hollywood actors are Set for special guest star roles in the Series which is a gritty futuristic La Drama if you hold Gala when can you Expect this well the eight episode Series will Premiere in July on the gala Film platform and then after that the Show's creators hope to sell it to a Major streaming service next coin on our List is Stellar if you like xrp you Probably like Stellar lumens they're Doing pretty similar things and Danielle Dixon Stellar foundation's CEO and Executive director went on Bloomberg and Was interviewed about how she sees Stellar lumens developing in the United States and of course abroad we're here In Washington I'm assuming you're having Conversations around this how optimistic Are you on the regulatory front here in The US so I feel like we need to get

Something done here in the U.S in order For us to really set the standard if we Want to set the standard which I think The US government is going to want to do That so I'm very optimistic that we're Going to get something on stable coins By the end of the year the reason why is Because we don't have a choice we Actually have some really great utility Use uses that were shown already the Value to Consumers and to businesses Alike globally we see some of those on Stellar we have the aid the humanitarian Aid use case that we did with the unhcr Where the unhcr is using stellar and and Tools built on the blockchain and usdc To be able to get Aid into the into Ukraine to users in two and a half Minutes that's an awesome use we also Have folks that are using this for Cross-border we see a lot of it Happening we're in Colombia they're Preferring the usdc the dollar in Colombia and they're leveraging that to To count against inflation there so These are things that we're seeing Happen and what we need to do is have Operators come to DC and be able to tell Their story of what they're developing Stop talking about the technology start Demonstrating the utility and final Crypto project on today's list and this One actually may shock you based on the Video but as of today over 198 million

Dollars in ethereum were staked to the Network in the last 24 hours so amid Concerns over massive withdrawals after Shanghai 94 800 ethereum have been Deposited into the network so since Shanghai happened we can see the Withdrawals in Orange and the deposits In green and it's actually pretty even Now who specifically is depositing top Depositor so far have come from a few Entities Lido exchange okay X kill and Finance frax however most notably from This wallet we have labeled P2P eth2 Depositor they deposited over 50 000 Ethereum all this is showing us that Just as many people now after Shanghai Are choosing to deposit their ethereum Stake more in this post-shanghai world And of course as seen in this video 40 Percent are local Japanese hackers this Is nearly a full house this is from eth Global but from a development side Ethereum has more excitement than ever Be sure to click subscribe for daily Videos keeping you informed about crypto And like all always see you tomorrow


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