Top 8 Charles Hoskinson RANTS!!!

This is good [ __ ] thank you sir Charles Hoskinson creator of cardano is a larger Than life figure in the cryptocurrency Space hi I'm Charles hoskinson Chief Executive Officer of input output Hong Kong uh we're a cryptocurrency company And a research firm if you like cardano We're fundamentally transforming Everything we touch if you're a fan of Charles hoskinson I'm here today to talk A little bit about cardano you'll like This video share it with a friend today On altcoin daily we're counting down Charles hoskinson's top eight most Passionate Rants and outbursts sometimes In the name of good information and Education even today the ethereum Ecosystem is lying sometimes in the name Of frustration we were scorned and spit Upon as an ecosystem keep watching the Clips near the end are my favorite this First clip is good apparently people on Reddit are attacking Charles hoskinson Apparently people on Reddit are saying That I lack emotional intelligence or I'm not a leader because I don't take The blame for when vossel ships are not Reddit calls Charles hoskinson a Criminal Reddit calls cardano a scam People get called criminal people are Told that they're a scammer Charles Hoskinson doesn't like that too much and All because a cardano upgrade was Delayed Charles hoskinson goes off in

This clip listen to who he attacks at The end they apparently on people on Reddit are saying that I lack emotional Intelligence or I'm not a leader because I don't take the blame for when vossel Ships are not yet at the same time we Say it's de centralized ecosystem and I Keep shouting to people that think Before you talk this space has terrible Terrible ramifications when people Misspeak or they say things that can be Taken out of Context it's a very adversarial space It's not a friendly kind happy space for Whatever reason we live in a space where It's not good enough to disagree with People people get villain Ified people get called criminal people Are told that they're a scammer on a Daily basis that everything that we've Accomplished means nothing people don't Get given credit even today the ethereum Ecosystem is lying they say come September 15 we're going to be the first People to really do proof of stake um That's news to polad do that's news to Tasos that's news to cardano Charles Hoskinson co-created ethereum but has Long since last and distance himself From the project I love when Charles Hoskinson gets heated about ethereum This is my favorite clip like that Charles is so irked listen it's easy to Do defi I laugh when people say how will

You catch up with ethereum's network Effect it doesn't exist what 880,000 Developers compared to 22.6 million Developers only 31% of the new daps Deployed in 2020 were on ethereum it Cost 50s bucks to do anything even send A transaction and I have to compete with That that's like a karate match where The other person is 96 years old and is In a wheelchair I'm not worried about it Not worried about it at all it's not a Competition at all let them go do their Thing great I am so glad that as the First mover they were able to accumulate A little bit of a monopoly as Mosaic did In the browser Wars as Myspace did in The social media Wars there that Network Effect means nothing what really means Things is who have you helped where have You gone what have you accomplished who Is using this application who will be Using it five years from now 10 years From now 15 years from now and how is That changing their lives Charles Hoskinson is tired of hearing about Ethereum's Network effect he is sick of It but ethereum already has the network Effect on cardano ethereum already has Market share Charles hoskinson drops the Mic with with his response here many of You may have noticed that I don't care So much about Network effect because we Live in an age where Network effect is Not sticky in many cases uh I have

Witnessed as have you platforms with Hundreds of millions of users die in a Matter of months to years every video Game uh is very popular if you know These triaa games Red Dead Redemption Cipher Punk and so forth and if you look At the gameplay usage tends to die off Unless there's something to have people Keep coming back and be sticky it wasn't Too long ago that World of Warcraft was Like the [ __ ] and it has definitely uh Not succeeded as much as it used to the Same for ever Quest the same for all of These other things and those are among The most addictive and sticky of Experiences so networks have to have a Reason to survive and they have to go Through a continual process of Reinforcement reinvention and proper use And utility even things like like Windows which sought to be Indomitable they may die because they Just simply no longer are the model the Same for mainframe computers and so Forth so that's one dimension of network Effect the other is that a lot of the Network effect is borrowed if you're Unis swap you don't wake up every day Saying boy how do I make falic butterin And ethereum Rich you're a platform for Liquidity you're thinking about primary And secondary offerings you're thinking About trading you're saying I don't care If the trading occurs on EOS or tasos or

Cardano what matters to me is Predictable cost what matters to me is Uh people who are using the system are Paying low fees are having a good Experience that this is a better product Than a traditional centralized exchange And ultimately my path to getting a Billion customers is clear that said It's easy to clone these protocols it's Easy to partner with these just in nfts We've already approached several of the Top 10 marketplaces and already begun Discussions of porting them over to Cardano because why not it's an easy Conversation it's just engineering Resources and we're scaling up capacity There specifically for these types of Relationships and we'll do the exact Same for other protocols above and Beyond just nft marketplaces eventually We'll probably see these things with uh Other dexes and oracles and so forth we Think the bets we've made on our Operating model long-term will be Superior to other platforms uh within a Fewe ban it wouldn't surprise me to see Most of them migrate over to us look Don't get me wrong Charles hoskinson is Smart Sharp respectable he's generally Just a Charming individual watch him Charm the hell out of this Congressional Regulator I smile big when I watch this Clip it's nice to have Charles as an Industry representative like this he

Kills it with his answer too Mr Mr H Hoskinson did I say that I'm trying Thank you very much and I know we just Have a few seconds left but there's a Lot of discussion about whether we Should regulate certain cryptocurrency As Commodities or Securities um you know What do you think might the benefits and Maybe you could talk just a little bit About that um you know what are the Drawbacks things like that well with 37 Seconds I'm sorry yeah I no the Gentleman can take as much time as he Requires oh thank you Mr I appreciate That thank you I mean don't push it But it's a fine line here you got to be Careful I'm Italian um so you know when You look at cryptocurrencies in general That I've always viewed them like Financial stem cells they're they're They're kind of more fundamental than a Particular category like a currency or a Commodity and really it depends on the Markets they're traded on and the use And utility that they have uh but at at The end of the day you have to ask Yourself what public policy Consideration are you attempting to Satisfy is it sanctions compliance is it Consumer protection is it Market Stability what we do as an industry is We're all about transparency so it's Kind of funny we're talking and debating About disclosure regimes there's no

Other financial asset in the world that Really is as transparent as a Cryptocurrency every transaction from The very beginning for Bitcoin for Example from January 3rd 2009 is known Every single one the Holdings of the Founder are known because all of these Things are publicly available to Everybody so it's more about in my view Understandability and the tooling Required to make this work on a global Basis uh so I don't think it would be Wise to say well is it a security or a Commodity or fall into this temptation Of who's the more permissive regulator What is the regulatory Arbitrage but Rather just take a step back and say What things do we want to guard against And we now have 13 years of history as An industry of I think six or seven Collapses uh a whole bunch of Interesting new things like nfts uh that Have always pushed the limit and a Global marketplace with more than 100 Million people floating around that we Can draw from and we can look on a Case Byc Case basis and build a framework That makes sense let's be honest it's Entertaining when Charles hoskinson goes Off especially when it's versus another Big personality in this space like the Great Michael sailor huge Bitcoin Proponent Bitcoin Only I I think Mike's head is all [ __ ]

Up and screwed now let me set this up For you we had Michael sailor on our Show we asked Michael sailor his Thoughts on cardano Purely from a tech Perspective Michael sailor said this I Don't have any opinion on cardano Technology won't save you though Ultimately if you if you're selling a Security to the general public without a Disclosure statement the fact that it's Technically Advanced won't save you from You know the securi liability so all of Those things could be done on a a lay or Two you can build those things on Lightning without a token or you can Build them in cash app without a token Or you can build them into a into a Simple exchange I mean coinbase and Binance are exchanges they can do High-speed trading Citadel does Highspeed trading you can do all those Without a token and if you study the History of cardano it's pretty obvious It's a security you know it it checks All the boxes so I don't know how you Actually get around intellectually to Convincing yourself that it's anything Other than a security Charles hoskinson Didn't really like Michael sailor saying All that watch Charles hoskinson go off On Michael sailor Bitcoin versus cardano Sailor versus hoskinson what are your Thoughts on Sailor claiming cardano as a Security well you know Mike sailor is

The tone vase of uh this cycle of you Know him and Jimmy song of this cycle of Cryptos so back in the day we had tone And tone was this podcast he's still Around and I like tone but he had this Thing like everything's a scam it's a Scam it's a scam oh it's a scam oh my God it's scam everybody's scamming he Even had this thing called the scams it Was his awards ceremony the scammy so Now we got Mike saor he's like Bitcoin Is the way again it doesn't do anything For realy I can't build a decentralized Power grid I can't build de centralized Telecommunications company I can't build Decentralized computer I have no Identity solution it's not programmable So I don't have daps and defi I can't Even issue an asset so I have no nfts Right it's all outside of that but don't Worry Layer Two protocols that are Highly centralized will somehow solve All of this Great so that's great it's the best Thing ever and it's so magical and who Cares about the mining and all this Everything else is scam and everything Else is Security nobody controls it it's Completely decentralized far more than Bitcoin has more use and utility people Buy the token not to speculate which is The only thing they can do with Bitcoin They buy the token to use it for stuff I

Don't know medical records and whatever The hell else they're doing because of His real life utility but that's a Security but the thing that you only Thing you can do is speculate on is Not I I think Mike's head is all [ __ ] up And screwed up you know it's just one of Those cases where he's he's dick deep Full dick in uh with Bitcoin and so you Know it's got to work if it doesn't work The way he hopes he goes bankrupt hey Charles stands up for the cardano Community this is one of the reasons I Really like him he puts himself right There with us face to face Charles Hoskinson understands the pain of adaah Holders and in this clip he is Passionate and pissed we've gone through Hell when shell was a mantra that we Listened to and endured for years we Were scorned and spit upon as an Ecosystem we were called just a wallet Even today they say just just a wallet The new one is Ghost chain even though We have billions of dollars of Transaction volume every day ghost chain Is what they say every day and then After that it'll be something else and Something else and something else Picture this cardano's price breaks All-time highs suddenly cardano is more Popular than ever before so many people Are congratulating Charles hoskinson Congratulating the cardano community on

Their success and Charles surprised with His response here love what he says at The end though people in my own Social Circles ignored me for a long time I Cannot tell you how many text messages And telegram messages and PMs I've Gotten Facebook messages other things I'm so proud of you Congratulations as if we've achieved a Great thing because the markets decided To go up a little bit and I say to Myself what about all the years all the Papers we're nearly at 100 papers You know we've written so much code we Keep growing we keep having these huge Community Milestones we're fundamentally Transforming everything we touch but There was never once a congratulations For that because people stay at the Shallow surface level and all the love We have right now that you're seeing and The Euphoria you're seeing it will Completely disappear in a bare Market Regardless if it's our fault or not if Bitcoin goes to $5,000 probably the entire Cryptocurrency Market will collapse does That in some way invalidate everything We've done all the things we've Accomplished and if Bitcoin goes to $100,000 because Apple decides to buy Some of it and US Regulators decide to Be a little nicer and we go to the Moon As a consequence does that somehow make

Us Geniuses does that somehow make Everything we've done valid no it works In both directions and the answer is Still the same in both directions we are Only validated if the things we build Work and they work for the people we Build them for Charles hoskinson price Prediction you ask because you don't Know Charles Charles always keeps it Real he has a deep long history Investing in the crypto markets as you Know not every investment has been a Winner for Charles subscribe to our Channel get an edge in cryptocurrency And you let me know what you think about This in the comments I did not for a moment for example think That ethereum was going to be the Success that it was as evidenced by the Fact that I gave away all my ether I was Entitled to 293,000 Ether I gave it all To my secretary I received no Compensation for my work in the founding Of ethereum had I held on to that at the All-time high I think it's worth more Than half a billion dollars I made Nothing on that transaction I have an Xbox that's worth millions of dollars Because I bought it on an exchange Called It was kind of like an open Bazaar for Bitcoin and I bought it for lots of Bitcoin because Bitcoin was only worth a Few bucks at the time I will never throw

Away that Xbox 360


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