Here's my list of the top 10 altcoins That you're forgetting about and why you Need to start paying attention let me Know what you think of my list number Seven will surprise you ethereum the Deadline for seven spot ethereum ETFs is In four months ethereum is the easiest Coin to put on this list ethereum spot ETFs are coming up in May this is the Final deadline from the SEC we know that They're coming up because ethereum Futures have already been approved this Is originally why Bitcoin spot ETFs Could get approved in addition this also Means that ethereum is classified as not A security ethereum has regulatory Clarity to go further ethereum has a big Upgrade coming up EIP 4844 this is one Of the last big upgrades this is going To lower layer 2 fees big time in Addition ethereum is going to be riding Bitcoin's cailes into the having for Sure and guys not just ethereum but also Xrp ETF xrp has regulatory clarity xrp r P is definitely 100% not a security you May have forgotten about xrp but let me Tell you somebody who didn't the Chief Investment officer at Valkyrie it Wouldn't surprise me if xrp has a spot ETF before ethereum check this out you Know I think we're going to see a lot of Filings come out for uh ethereum I even Think we might see something for ripple Given uh the recent progress uh you

Notice that gray scale just added Ripple To one of their trusts is publicly Traded so it wouldn't surprise me if we Saw Ripple ethereum spot ETFs out there Phantom just passed a big upgrade Phantom Cuts its staking requirements by 90% in a bid to get more stakers in a Bid to increase Security in a big way This was just voted on and just passed The staking threshold went from half a Million Phantom tokens to 50,000 Phantom Tokens currently worth about $20,000 the foundation said the change Will strengthen Phantom's security while Making it more accessible than ever to Run a validator by having more Validators a network makes it Increasingly challenging for malicious Actors to launch an attack so with this $20,000 is still a lot of money yet I Still think that more people will choose To run Fantom validators more people Will be staking their Phantom the Network will get stronger as a Consequence everybody has forgotten About Unis swap you know everybody's Doing airdrop launches nowadays but People forget Unis swap was the first Inovator of that well Unis swap has Another Innovation coming up on the Verizon it's V4 Unis swap budgets $300,000 for V4 development with 150 Million token launch kpi this grant is Valid for 2 years this is our time frame

A 2-year time frame the development of Unis swap V4 its purpose is to in part Capture the market of longtail assets And small capitalization tokens Currently managed on Unis swap V2 cuz Keep in mind version two of Unis swap is Still currently very popular with users Managing about 1.8 billion in tvl Despite the introduction of Unis swap V3 More than 2 years ago which is going Fine as well so we're looking towards V4 That's going to be the big Catalyst and Again I want to remind you that Unis Swap is currently one of the largest Decentralized exchanges with 4.43 Billion in tvl and an annualized Protocol revenue of 940 million in May Of 2021 shortly after being launched Unis swap version 3 surpassed Bitcoin in Terms of daily fee generation with daily Revenue surpassing 4.5 million at the Time with Unis swap version for Dex we Add new features such as onchain limit Orders and automatic deposits to lending Protocols and autoc compounded liquidity Provider LP fees the protocols that will Sustain are the protocols that will Continue to generate revenue and keep Its ecosystem healthy maker Dow makes Our list its revenue for Q4 was about 70 Million not too shabby herera makes our List as the network approves a 48 Million harar grant for ecosystem growth The hadera council has today announced

That it has voted to give the board Approval to allocate 4.86 billion harar Of additional funds towards further Development of the hadera network and Enabling its decentralized governance so The vast majority of that allocation 4.24 billion har bars will be allocated By the hadera board for ecosystem Development among existing initiatives So companies that are currently already Doing this already part of the system Harar Foundation the hashgraph Association DLT Science Foundation Herera makes our list polygon has some Great metrics and polygon 2.0 is right Around the corner polygon is a marketing And media machine Not only is polygon 2.0 fundamentally Better making this great for long-term Price appreciation polygon 2.0 with Polygon's medium machine in the short Term it's going to be really really big Now listen to founder sand deep describe Fundamentally how polygon 2.0 is so much Better than polygon in its current state Which is still quality this upgrade is Happening this year and this new pole Token is actually why it is relevant is That is is like fully built to be a Multi-chain token right so the token Economics and everything that has built There there is a 1% inflation added per Year which is used to incentivize the Validators to keep validating and

Provide security into the system and uh Then uh it also has the ecosystem Treasury 1% to which could be used to Grow the ecosystem uh heavily uh because All the like as you said like competitor Protocols they are all like freshly new Tokens and all that and they have large Ecosystem treasuries and all that so That polygon remains competitive uh over The over the years also and so that's Also one thing and then uh this poll is Basically with our reaking mechanism That is coming up uh this poll becomes Like as we say third generation Hyperproductive token right when we say Hyperproductive token like Bitcoin as a Bitcoin holder you cannot participate in Bitcoins validation and security system Right you have to be have you have to Run physical miners but uh uh in case of Let's say ethereum like now especially With proof of stake if you hold ethereum You can use that ethereum to stake in The ethereum security and provide uh you Know security uh provide security to Ethereum so you can uh technically uh You know participate in the network in Case of poll you will be able to Participate in the network but we why we Call it hyper productive token is you Don't only participate in running the Chain but you can participate in running Multiple chains actually because of the Multichain environment you you can also

Participate use the same token to Provide maybe data availability services To some chains or provide proving Services and different different kind of Things that you can do with that token So that's why we call it like a Hyperproductive token Bitcoin started With that with no utility no uh you know Utility into the network then ethereum With stake earn yield this one you not Only earn the base amount of yield but You can also earn from the transaction Fees across the Chain by providing Different kind of services cardano as an Eco system is way more advanced than it Used to be the fact is cardano has a lot Going for it nowadays cardano is so Different nowadays developers like Ivan On Tech are starting to get bullish and Excited by cardano listen to his reason Why cardano Cardano they have done something very Important and that's that they've gone From this research project to a real Blockchain with real tvl I've been Saying it already for months but the Reason why cardano is interesting now And why before the smart contracts Before real defi it wasn't is that they Have proven that there is demand for Their staff that someone is going to Build something based on their Tech Based uh based on their research based On everything that they've done during

The past years that is useful someone Likes it some someone spends time to Build on it it is seen by the tvl Numbers tvl is up and to the right and It's growing quite quickly I mean if you Look here just in November we we were at 200 tvl now we are at almost 500 million Tvl so this goes up very quickly and Then when you look at volume and other Stats I don't think it's as bullish Although you do see volume increasing as Well if you draw a long-term trend line It is in increasing as well and so this Is key where you have projects build and Do well so for for cardano I think it's One of the biggest Milestones that they Have been finally able to show that is Not only you know this reviewed Papers PE reviewed papers like we say in Crypto wait wait papers per Reviewed papers let's see if I can find The song as maybe you can you can link It I know we played it in the last in The last bull market H where cardano is Basically P reviewed papers I I don't I I don't want to search too much maybe Gozman or someone you can find it we can Play it but anyway that's the that's the Nar of cardano actual stuff happening Like they don't even have to ship any Updates they just need to keep growing The base metric whether it is tvl Whether it is transactions whether it is The amount of other state I see someone

Saying 70% State maybe it's the case but Those metrics are amazing and they need To keep pushing that smash the like Button if you're getting value follow For more videos just like this injective The number of ninjas staking injective Is increasing in exponentially there is Incentive to stake in the injective Ecosystem with airdrops and stuff and We're seeing that take effect arbitrum I Posted this less than two weeks ago says Size Chad and an additional 100,000 plus Ethereum has been bridged to arbitrum 1 1.4 million plus ethereum and Counting Arbitrum is one to watch Tron a lot of People think that Tron is a altcoin from Not even last cycle the Cycles before Last cycle I'm here to tell you that Tron is anything but dead and has some Changes coming up to it I think you Should know about Tron is currently Seeing a Renaissance a strong Performance in its defi ecosystem Notably the tvl across tron's ecosystem Has increased from 30 million Tron in April 2020 to 76 billion Tron worth About 8 billion as of December of 20 23 In addition Tron has engaged in token Burning activities this is what you want Right thus reducing its active Supply Against a rising tvl which should push The price up according to this author And here's the real key Tron is working With tether and tether is pretty big

Tron has also become the biggest Blockchain for the stablecoin tether Today more than 50% of all tether or Nearly 50 billion exists on the Tron Blockchain file coin what coins do you Think I need to add to today's list I'll Be reading your comments subscribe to Our Channel join the altcoin daily team My name is Aaron I'm so excited about Crypto subscribe to the channel and Learn along with us


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