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The odds of a spot ETF being approved Were one percent six months ago then They went to 50 and this morning they Were 65 percent major news in crypto Today involving World coin the Litecoin Having open C curve Finance but very Quickly Michael Saylor's microstrategy Just returned to profit and now owns 4.4 Billion dollars worth of bitcoin Microstrategy the largest publicly Traded holder of Bitcoin returning to Profitability the sets are taking an Impairment charge of nearly a billion Dollars last year EPS exceeded estimates But missed Revenue expectations adding More Bitcoin to its balance sheet and This is coming off the recent Announcement from Michael Saylor that in July microstrategy acquired an Additional 467 BTC and in a new CNBC Interview today Michael Saylor addresses Why Bitcoin is going up so in terms of This rally we have seen in Bitcoin what Do you attribute it to especially on a Day where we've seen other folks who are Invested in the asset class a soft Landing is really what the rally is Contingent upon Well really there's a growing consensus That Bitcoin is unique and valuable International act asset and that's being Endorsed by politicians it's being Endorsed by Regulators it's being Endorsed by investors you're hearing

Money managers Like Larry Fink say this And uh and that has created a change in Sentiment you know the the odds of of Spot ETF being approved were one percent Six months ago then they went to 50 and This morning they were 65 percent According to Bloomberg analysts so a Bitcoin spot ETF is more of a certainty Now than ever and I loved this follow-up Question from the news anchor would a Spot Bitcoin ETF be good news because It's a tide that lifts all boats in Terms of the price of Bitcoin and thus The price of microstrategy shares or is It something that could actually Dent Your investor base as you see some folks That are invested in microstrategy Specifically to have a liquid option in Bitcoin shift there well I think spot ETF is great news for the space uh Bitcoin you could think of as this Beautiful house in a scary neighborhood That you have to pay for in cash takes a Year to buy and you can never rent it The spot ETF is like that same beautiful House and a nice neighborhood and you Can buy it tomorrow no money down clear And you can rent it and refinance it From your bank it's not a threat to Microstrategy microstrategies like that Beautiful house with Ten Thousand Acres Of ranch land behind it that generates Cash flow that has a management team That can uh you know can borrow money at

One two percent interest in order to Develop the land so we offer yield and We offer leverage through active Management which is uh which is unique For a set of arms investors we obviously Don't have room in our capital structure For tens of billions of dollars of Sovereign wealth or major hedge funds so They need a spot ETF in order to take a Position in the space now probably the Biggest news and something many of you Have been asking me about is World coin But very quickly the Litecoin having has Been completed meaning the block reward Is again cut in half and because Bitcoin's having is happening next year Let's look historically and talk about What Litecoin is going to do next based On every other LTC having we can see Litecoin either drops down drastically Then consolidates go sideways or also Over time over the next one two three Four five six several months Litecoin Dips post having in part because often There was a rally into each having and Thus far history is rhyming a little bit We did see a rally of Litecoin into this Having as per post having tendencies Here's what to expect in the coming Months LTC may experience a deep Retracement and historically LTC has Retraced from negative 73 post having Now checking in on other coins again you Subscribe to altcoin daily for a daily

Breakdown keeping you informed the Number one nft Marketplace is making News as of today openc allows you to List items with zero royalties that Means projects can now earn nothing from The products they put out but don't Worry open C still gets to make some Money so this is something that has Changed Creator earnings you can output Zero now some people do say this has Been out for a while I believe but still A shame and for me this means we need Competition against openc because with Competition more competition in the Marketplace consumers benefit now an Update on sponsor of the channel xcad as You know we did a video a few months ago On how to earn cryptocurrency just by Watching YouTube but since the last time We spoke and just looking at the watch To earn hashtag on Twitter axcat did Release their legendary nft nerd we have Been earning off the rare nerd so today I want to Mint a legendary and start Earning with that As you can see we're waiting And boom activate and we can see right In the extension all the different Creators we can earn from and again the Catch is you do have to watch at least 80 percent of each video and boom after Five videos watched we have definitely Earned well we started with this we're Now up to 33.27

000 play tokens which at the time of Recording is around two point three Seven thousand dollars USD I will keep You updated on this and if you want to Start earning while watching YouTube Videos link down below check it out Major news for World coin World coin Suspended in Kenya as thousands queue up For free money so as a reminder World Coin was founded by US tech entrepreneur Sam Altman and in exchange for your data World coin gives people digital coins in Exchange for a scan of their eyeballs The news today is this while thousands Of Kenyans have been queuing up at Registration centers this week to get Around 4 49 dollars worth of world coin Kenya has warned citizens to be cautious Giving their data to private companies And in a statement from the Communications authority of Kenya they Said they had concerns about how the Biometric data was stored offering money In exchange for data and then having so Much data in the hands of private Companies so they've officially launched An investigation against worldcoin and The launch of world coin in general Sparks the debate over data privacy and The future of AI what I'd say about AI Is AI is devaluing assets that are Created with pure information or white Collar type straightforward labor and AI Is going to uh and accrete value to

Assets that are energy rich you know That that acre or beachfront property in Palm Beach that an AI can't create uh Bitcoin AI can't create and ultimately Um Bitcoin is the solution to a lot of Problems AI rates and if I was looking At the AI Revolution I would think how Do I buy scarce desirable assets that The computer can't spend out of thin air And if you own those then you're going To be good because the stuff that the AI Creates in a split second that's going To get devalued now many of you have Been asking me for an update on this Curve issue on July 30th curve finance a Decentralized Exchange in ethereum Suffered a hack due to a vulnerability In certain pools built using the Viper Programming language so after this hack Happened the next day the decline in the Token CRV continued to a seven month low Of around 48 cents amid fears of Liquidation of Hefty loans worth over a Hundred million dollars taken by the Curve Finance founder against the native Token as collateral so there was a lot Of fear in the air however as of today Positive developments such as partial Repayment of loans and significant Negative bets in the derivatives Market Suggest that CRV the token May rally in The short term so things are starting to Look better jury is still out on how This will unfold for curve Finance I'll

Keep you updated anybody in the Amsterdam area in October be sure to Join us at Bitcoin conference Amsterdam October 12th and 13th Aaron and I will Be there coming out with us and use code Altcoin daily link down below altcoin Daily for 10 off your ticket


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