Something ‘Very Big’ is Happening Today w/ Bitcoin & Cardano..

Big news today involving crypto Including Elon Musk presidential Candidates big update involving cardano And let's start with Elon breaking Tesla Has added Bitcoin back into their code For payments on their website and don't Just take my word for this like right Now anybody can go on the Tesla website Right now and check this for yourself Bitcoin's now in the code and now Looking back at Elon musk's last public Interview inflation is going to happen No matter what if you increase the money Supply you get inflation right so There's no there's not some magical cure For getting rid of inflation the federal Government unlike state governments or City governments or individuals can Simply issue more money I mean as old Saying goes there's no there's no free Lunch so if you could just issue massive Amounts of money without negative Consequences why don't we just take that To the Limit make everyone a Trillionaire well I mean they tried that In Venezuela how'd that work out and Again maybe this cardano news is even Bigger I'll play you this video in a Second but anybody can go to the Tesla Website right now go to the website's Payment section right click click Inspect click sources on the top click Search then type Bitcoin so searching For Bitcoin then click the code that

Comes up and then scroll down until you See Bitcoin in the code just like this And now cryptocurrency is on the National stage as presidential Candidates make it a talking point RFK Jr who's a Democratic presidential Hopeful vows to back the dollar with Bitcoin if elected as well as exempt BTC From taxes the Kennedy administration Will exempt the conversion of Bitcoin to The US dollar from capital gains taxes And and there are downsides to this Policy that we have considered carefully Including and I want to be exclusive About this that this kind of let's see Um will Do something that is inconsistent with With many of the other policy objections In my Administration which will give a Windfall to some of the investors or the Early investors In Bitcoin many of you who have a great Deal of money and don't need a windfall But the the benefits of this policy I Think are so great to our country Of that uh that they wore the Disadvantages of that outcome secondly Uh the Kennedy administration will begin To back the U.S dollar with real finite Assets such as gold silver platinum and Bitcoin Um which is the world's hardest liquid Asset to strengthen the US dollar and Guarantee its continued success as a

World Reserve currency Uh this will include U.S treasury bills Nodes and bonds Um my plan would be to start very very Small perhaps one percent of issued T-bills would be backed by hard currency By Gold Silver Platinum or Bitcoin Um and then uh uh depending on the Outcome we would increase that annually And what this will do is it will it will Ironically We will be able to use Bitcoin to help Save the US Dollars and it's not just Democrats it's also the U.S House Republican committee members introduce a Joint digital assets bill so this just Got announced yesterday and its purpose Its intent is to address regulatory gaps By creating a framework for the specific Risks of different digital asset related Activities and probably the biggest Thing this bill would give the cftc Jurisdiction over digital Commodities it Would clarify the jurisdiction of the SEC and create a process for digital Assets originally deemed Securities to Then be sold as Commodities so this Would be huge and of course the thing I Like the best about this the bill also Sets conditions for cryptocurrency to be Considered a commodity with a Decentralization being the main Requirement and speaking of that CEO of Cardano Charles Hoskins in has just

Given an update on CIP cardano Improvement proposal 1694 cardano's next Upgrade as well as a message on how Cardano wins the single most important Thread amongst all of this is realizing That we all have to upgrade the EQ not Just the IQ Cardano has the highest IQ 180 papers And moon math and all kinds of magic and It's not easy to write active Specifications it's not easy to write Haskell code people absolutely Understand the rigor discipline and Sheer Brilliance of the research side What's missing is the human element If we're going to win if we're truly Going to get to number one we don't have Leaders We have each other and that means we Have to work well together which means We have to understand each other we have To listen to each other we have to have A high degree of empathy for each Other's positions and truly try to Understand not talk at and Shout over But listen to each other in a way that Allows us to learn from each other and Understand each other's values then and Only then can we get to one backlog that We can all agree is a useful backlog for Moving forward The debate cannot be done on Twitter Certainly you can try to drag it there But remember that social media is built

From the ground up to divide us make us Angry and to reduce the depth of a Conversation to something shallow It's also fundamentally unfair to think People are one-dimensional the reality Is we're very complicated so Charles in Part besides the EQ IQ in part is also Explaining the upgrade of cip1694 an On-chain decentralized governance Mechanism for cardano and the two new Fields that will be added to normal Transaction bodies are governance action And votes meaning again the people are More in control the people have more Power so one of the biggest areas of Upgrades and emphasis is not to do with Protocols or software at all it has to Do with communication and it has to do With respect and empathy it's going to Be tough Because we all have to grow we all have To learn but if we do that we will have Created an ecosystem that is worthy of Having a billion users and transforming The entire world if we fail to do that The best case scenarios we will have Produced a lot of really interesting Technology and potentially some market Value for that technology but will be a Footnote in history as we get replaced By the people who did figure that out This ecosystem is built for everybody by Everybody For the purpose of making everything

Everywhere better for everyone That's just the fact And that's the intent So we'll get there it's just going to be A little while some people like to point Out that there's been delays some people Like to point out that we missed some Deadlines some people like to point out That version one wasn't as good as it Needed to be Those people tend to forget that the IPhone launched without the App Store Or 3G Do you remember that Because that's not what great products Are about great products at the end of The day about the vision the community And ultimately the Evolution how fast Can they get something new and Interesting and how do they take that New and interesting thing and really Give you some experience you've never Had before that is the video my name's Austin like always see you tomorrow


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