Just Lane Maxwell her father was an Extremely rich man he died and we don't Know why back in like the 90s and then Jeffrey Epstein popped up out of nowhere With all these billions and nobody Really understood how he made his money He just sort of popped up onto the scene He then mysteriously dies and who pops Up stand back from freed with all these Billions supposedly Made It by Arbitrage Trading Bitcoin between Japan and America in three years nine million Dollars which I think personally is just Impossible where is this money going Where is this money coming from I think SPF was definitely The Establishment I Think they threw him under the bus as FDX clapped he says things he's not Supposed to say or his parents know Things and say things that they're not Supposed to say then he'd get epsteined I don't know but what I'm saying is I Think they're all part of the Establishment and the money is just Moving from different places they want Us to believe there are aliens in the Sky that they shot down so I I believe This why not


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