SBF allegedly paid a $150 million bribe to Chinese government officials

Carolina listen the former romantic Partner of embattled FTX fer sound Bankman freed a former CEO of alamida Research claimed in her Quon testimony That s SPF bribed Chinese officials for Millions of dollars to unfreeze funds Locked in local exchanges in her October 11th testimony Ellison claimed $1 Billion in funds were locked up in China And then to access them alamida paid a $150 million bride to Chinese government Officials the funds which belong to Alamida reseearch were frozen on the Cryptocurrency exchanges hobi and okx Following a 2021 money laundering probe Opened by Chinese authorities Ellison Testified that Bangin freed ordered her And other FTX employees to delete all Related messages sent by the crypted Messaging app signal when questioned on How the accounts were ultimately Unfrozen Ellison said she thought they Were unfrozen after Alam paid the brine For all the latest crypto news and Updates subscribe to the official coin Telegraph YouTube channel


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