Police Seized Nearly $500,000 in BTC From Andrew and Tristan Tate [ Crypto Espresso 2.15.23 ]

It's Wednesday and you know what that Means it seems that we have a little Thing to discuss on the matter of crypto News sorry had a little frog in my Throat I'm your host Andrew and this is Crypto espresso your teeny tiny daily Shot of caffeinated crypto headlines First up less than two weeks after being Booted off messaging apps that encrypt Or permanently delete messages while he Awaits trial former FTX CEO simbachman Freed kicked a hornet's nest yet again By signing into a VPN this action raises Several potential concerns said Assistant U.S attorney Danielle sass Soon but you can blame this little snafu On sbf's Love of the Game apparently the VPN was just used to watch the AFC and NFC championship games and the Super Bowl on an NFL Game Pass that he bought While living in the Bahamas regardless District Judge Lewis Kaplan ordered Bankman freed to refrain from using a VPN until the new terms of his Bell Agreement can be worked out President Joe Biden has announced that Federal Reserve Vice chairwoman lail Brainerd Will be director of the National Economic Council as Vice chair of the FED Brainerd has been a consistently Stalwart advocate of a U.S Central Bank Digital currency or cbdc citing China And India's own moves in the space Brainerd believes that Congress could

Find itself telling the fed you need to Catch up in addition to being a cbdc Advocate Brainerd has also called for Strong regulatory guardrails for crypto Finance as soon as possible as someone That's going to have Joe Biden's ear in Regards to financial policies this role Could be notable in regards to crypto Regulation and the future of U.S Dollar-based cbdcs Andrew Tate and his Brother Tristan have had nearly 21 Bitcoin seized by Romanian authorities a Spokesperson for the two brothers both Of whom were arrested on rape and Trafficking charges said that Authorities have seized a pair of Digital wallets holding about 21 Bitcoin Which is worth roughly 465 thousand Dollars decrypt has reported a champion Kickboxer Tate became famous and then Infamous for his wildly misogynistic Comments while running Hustler's University in online crypto trading School earlier this month a Romanian Appeals court refused his appeal of an Extended detention as prosecutors built A case against him that includes forming An organized crime group saying that he Was too much of a Flight Risk despite Happening on Valentine's Day the Senate Banking committee's hearing on the 2022 Crypto crash showed very very little Love for the digital assets industry the Hearing called crypto crash Why

Financial systems safeguards are needed For digital assets saw proponents of Tough regulation taking something of a Victory lap while those who had been in Favor of a looser regulatory regime Looked at the ground and shyly kicked Dirt while a majority of the hearing Focused its unbridled rage at the crypto Industry Senator Tim Scott also set his Sights on SEC chairman Gary Gensler who Was accused of being asleep at the wheel Regardless the spirited discussion was a Give and take between industry Innovation and Regulation and finally After citing concerns that regulatory Cases could interfere with his criminal Prosecution the U.S attorney general's Off office convinced a federal judge to Order Sam Beckman Freed's two civil Cases to be put on hold Federal Prosecutors said that they were Concerned that allowing Discovery in the Civil cases to proceed without Restriction risks giving the defendant Sandbankman freed the tools to Improperly obtain impeachment material Regarding the government's Witnesses Circumvent the criminal Discovery rules And improperly tailor his defense in the Criminal case and all this means that The SEC and cftc cases against FTX will Need to be put in the cooler for now Which sure must sting for both Organizations given spf's previous

Comments Fudge Regulators they make everything Worse they don't protect customers at All and speaking of regretful things you Might have said and done or maybe in This case not done be sure to like this Video subscribe to our YouTube channel And click on that little bell icon to Get buzzed whatever new crypto special Video goes live and what'd you think of Today's episode let us know in those Comments below because I read them and I Take criticism way too seriously Hmm questions about our headlines or Crypto in general why not ask Alex in That description below Alex is a great Resource for all things web 3 in the Metaverse and that about does it for Today again I've been your host Andrew These have been your headlines and we'll See all of your beautiful shining faces Tomorrow


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