New Micro-Cap Celestia/ETH Bridge | Trestle Review

I like making crypto videos I like Making crypto videos on large cap coins That a lot of us hold like Bitcoin Ethereum xrp salana polygon injective Polka dot Unis swap I even like making Content around you know as we go lower Down the list quality midcaps like Multiverse X IMX render you probably Because it's a bull market so often keep Asking me give us the low caps give us The new altcoins give us something hot And fresh hey I aim to please here at Altcoin Daily this is what we do this is Why you subscribe Celestia is a new coin On the market only created at the end of Last year Celestia is like the new Hotness like a lot of people say what Salana was in 2021 Celestia is this Cycle I mean some people say that I'm Trying to simplify things here so Celestia different differentiates itself From other l1s by being a modular Blockchain because you're familiar with The blockchain trilemma right something Has to be sacrificed so often because You can't sacrifice security so often Either scalability or decentralization Are sacrificed like it's just tradeoffs Right Bitcoin prioritizes security and Decentralization we know that other Blockchains make other choices right Like Bitcoin ethereum salana these coins We're talking about are monolithic Blockchains where the execution the

Settlement and consensus which all uses Data availability all takes place on one Layer obviously ethereum is solving this With l2s so Celestia isn't monolithic Celestia is modular listen to this coin Gecko host she's going to Simply explain The difference between monolithic Blockchains and modular blockchains and Then pay attention to the end where she Talks about what makes Celestia special Modularity refers to designs which split A system into smaller exchangeable or Replaceable Parts allowing for more Flexible and customizable designs Whereby monolithic blockchains need to Do everything which reduces efficiency Modular ones can choose to specialize And optimize on only a few functions Instead an example we are all familiar With are ethereum rollups which are Modular blockchains which Focus only on Execution while offloading settlement Consensus and data availability to the Main net now what's different with Celestia however is that it focuses only On consensus and data availability that Is ordering blocks and ensuring that Block data is really published on chain So the point is Celestia has a lot going For it I think you're going to see or I Know that you're going to see and hear a Lot more about Celestia you're going to See a lot more people on board according To

Celestia but Celestia isn't even the new Coin that I want to talk about and share With you today Trestle Trestle is the Subject of today's video Trestle is the New new hotness the most seamless Celestia Bridge Trestle mission is to Allow seamless connection between Ethereum's chain to Celestia's chain Through Trestle users can expose Themselves to Celestia on ethereum's Chain using wrapped Tia wrapped Celestia And earning wrapped Tia by holding Trestle we've partnered with Trestle Today to make this video possible like People don't understand this yet people Are just starting to understand this There's just starting to be a buzz Around modular blockchains people are Realizing what these are partly because You know now there's more information Out there I don't know if you're part of Eth Denver this year is a very popular Conference they had a whole modular day So now people are starting to realize What they actually have see I I would Bet a lot of people think of trestle as Just a bridge but some would argue that Trestle is more than a bridge more than An interoperability protocol it's an L1 In itself and if that's the case we Understand why and that l1's are very Popular so if that's the case many of These interoperability protocols maybe Like Trestle will be rated as such many

Of them have their own blockchains and Operate with a similar consensus Mechanism like any other L1 that market Caps of some killer interoperability Projects are too low meet one of the Primo Bridges between ethereum and Celestia on Trestle protocol and what We're building we are the first Grassroots Tia project Celestia project That is building the gateway to Celestia For ethereum we're building an evm Rollup chain The Trestle chain that Leverages arbitrum orbit as its Consensus layer and Celestia as its da Its data availability layer we have a Bridge built to go back and forth Between ethereum and Celestia and are in The process of upgrading our bridge for A trustless component with somebody We're currently the only provider of Wrapped Tia on ethereum and are looking To Branch out cross chain we will be the Incubator incubating projects that will Go live on Trestle chain when mainnet Goes live understand what we have in Front of us here which feature of Trestle protocol are you most excited About because most people this is Correct but most people think of trestle As just a bridge and that's so true and Interoperability between ethereum and Celestia is so valuable imagine ethereum Users getting a golden ticket to the Celestia ecosystem wrapped Tia is that

Ticket blending ethereum's reach with Celestia's Innovation for a seamless Blockchain experience but many people Don't know Trestle has staking Trestle Has validator rewards and it seems that The community is most excited about the Rollup chain but I'm most excited about Staking so let's talk about staking so Staking pools now open stake your Trestle and earn wrapped Celestia we Have loaded up our 30-day pool with 250,000 wrapped Celestia in rewards for All stakers let's find out the details And by the way you're seeing that this Is a big part of Celestia that these Guys are kind of one of the leading Projects within this budding Celestia Ecosystem I actually think this is very Bullish for Celestia being you know Coming from eth opening up the Floodgates from ethereum to Celestia in A bull market when activity is up this Is going to be very good for Celestia But that's a tangent so about the Staking our staking pool will allow Trestle to have deflationary mechanics By introducing a lock up multiplier and A penalty for leaving the pool early Interesting the longer you stake the Higher your staking multiplier is so Staking with Trestle isn't just a Commitment it's a reward WS packed Journey let's dive into how staking your Trestle can yield lucrative in the world

Of wrapped Tia why stake your Trestle One word wrapped Celestia by staking Trestle unlock access to wrapped Tia Bridging the Gap between your Investments in Celestia's Innovations The longer you stake the greater your Rewards Trestle unique staking pool Offers apy based on lock length Rewarding your loyalty with more wrapped Celestia connect projects and users of Ethereum to the Celestia ecosystem one Trestle at a time definitely check out Their link tree for everything you'd Ever want to know definitely click Through to the website and that's where They have all their functionality of Their dap their Bridge their staking you Can check out your rewards you can view The stats incubator coming soon all Kinds of things now it is important to Note it is early for the project you can See that here although getting a score Of 99 out of 99 on Dex tools there were A few alerts although most of these are Okay the tax can be modifiable meaning If they put the tax up to 49% or over Basically the blockchain becomes Unusable also a few of these audit scans Gave a blacklist warning meaning certain Addresses could be blacklisted token Sniffer did not give that warning Intel Even saying the risk might be too high Also at the moment the team is not doxed So always do your own research never put

In more money than you can afford to Lose you know practice proper money Management and remember the videos on This channel not Financial advice anyway Just info and opinion see you guys Tomorrow my friends


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