The global asset bucket is so large and Bitcoin is still so small I think most People most people I talk to if I were To say I think it's likely that Bitcoin Captures one percent of global assets if One dollar out of every hundred dollars That people invest into stocks real Estate gold whatever it is they were to Invest in Bitcoin do you think that's Probable do you think that future could Happen most people would say yes if That's the case the price of Bitcoin is Exponentially higher if you think it can Capture two or three percent of global Assets the price of Bitcoin is Exponentially higher in the in the high Six figures in the seven figures welcome Back everybody to altcoin daily if You're interested in making money in Cryptocurrency Make sure you subscribe We put out one video every day keeping You informed this video is not Financial Advice just info just opinion make sure You pay attention to my reasoning behind Each token a giant giant Bull Run is Coming my friends I want you to be Prepared so let's Jump Right In like the Video comment below let's get started Avalanche is making huge progress Despite a bear Market this is an amazing Metric Avalanche Hits 1 million monthly Active users for the first time ever Avalanche a layer 1 blockchain network Has crossed 1 million monthly active

Users for the first time the reason Behind this growth the recent launch of Ava Cloud Ava cloud is a no code Platform for launching Custom Blockchains Custom tokens also known as Subnets on top of the Avalanche network With subnets developers can build Customizable blockchains and specialized Decentralized apps quote from the CEO of Avalabs before Ava Cloud building your Own blockchain could cost millions of Dollars and years of research with an Experienced team today you can launch Your own chain as a test now at in Minutes and deploy a fully mature Network in weeks all without hiring an Extensive engineering team he added that Launching a subnet via Ava Cloud should Be as easy as spinning up a new website And will help developers onboard the Next wave of users Solana similarly Despite being a bear Market seeing Upticks in metrics for instance Solana Has experienced a remarkable 2x surge in Unique users within the past month with A significant portion comprising new Users what makes me so bullish on Solana Going forward into the next Bull Run it Simply has to do with where the team and Founders want to take Solana Solana has The potential to be the apple of crypto According to sole co-founder Raj Gokul He says Solana has the potential to be The apple of crypto I think about Apple

Having worked for close to a decade on Latency for touch screens to allow for The iPhone to come out and it just felt Like magic there were a lot of things to Be built on top of that platform to get The iPhone in the App Store and the app Ecosystem to where it is today but it All started with one Relentless focus on A simple interaction that had to work Perfectly according to Gokul Solana's Engineering team and the ecosystem is Placing an apple-like focus on user Experience and performance to ensure That the network feels like the regular Internet when it's an entirely new Financial internet this is why I'm Interested and one of the best places to Buy and trade Solana or many cryptos on Our list today is through our partner Bitget exchange use our link below and You get a whole host of cash back Rewards up to five thousand in cash back Rewards must be one of the first 1000 People to click through additional Details apply this is why you should Choose bitget bitget is a top five Derivatives Exchange in the world a top 10 spot Exchange in the world the Largest and leading spot and Futures Copy trading platform in the world they Have 8 million plus users and more than 100 countries a 3 million protection Fund second only to binance if I'm not Mistaken Merkel proof of reserves bitget

One of the best places to buy and trade Crypto use our link below claim the Rewards Phantom FTM making huge moves in The crypto industry most people have no Idea what they're doing happy to inform You Phantom is about to start paying Developers if they can generate gas fees The program was inspired by the web 2 ad Revenue model implemented by sites like YouTube and Snapchat that pay content Creators for their contributions the Phantom team hopes it will provide Developers with an alternative source of Revenue leading to a sustainable economy For Phantom so this gas monetization on Fan is live right now if you're a Dev You can do this the program provides Dapps with a sustainable income by Offering them a 15 share of the gas fees They generate over 12 000 Phantom have Been distributed thus far cardano baby Slowly but surely and they're doing Things right cardano has now entered the Top 15 protocols in terms of tvl total Value locked after surpassing Bitcoin Which is now ranked 16th this is all Happening organically in a bear Market Take a look at cardano's ecosystem I Genuinely wish our enemies luck because This is where our team is coming from Amazing ethereum of course is the Blue Chip of Blue Chips generating the most Revenue out of anything in crypto Uniswap second Tron number three

Surprisingly pretty incredible that Ethereum has generated nearly 2 billion In fees over the last year in a bear Market I guess people must like this Decentralized blockchain stuff after all And there are still plenty of upgrades And developments for ethereum still yet To come that we can be excited about for Instance ERC 6551 is the next big thing In nfts ERC 6551 allows every nft on Ethereum to be its own wallet so instead Of connecting your wallet you can just Connect your nft so imagine you have a Mutant ape and you collect in-game items You also stake apecoin with ERC 6551 all The tokens can be tied to the mutant Rather than the wallet this has never Been possible before now one of the best Places to buy and trade ethereum or any Crypto is through our partner bitget Exchange if you use our link below you Get a whole host of cashback rewards up To five thousand dollars you must be one Of the first 1000 people plus there's a Trading in competition going on right Now join the trading competition in June With a prize pool of 50 000 usdt no kyc Users should sign up via our link below To join the competition 50 000 prize pool competition ends in nine Days use our link below to get access to Up to five thousand plus in rewards must Be one of the first one thousand people To get full access to the full rewards

Bitget one of the best places to buy and Trade pancake swap The decentralized Exchange in the B and B ecosystem Decentralized exchange pancake swap Moving into gaming the Dex has partnered With BNB game 5 protocol Mo box to Create a blockchain tower defense game I Love Tower Defense games personally Dubbed pancake protectors the game Allows players to utilize the dex's Native cake token very important to earn In-game Awards utilities for cake tokens Within pancake protectors include Accelerating the level of process Purchasing in-game currency claiming Cake Heroes staking cake to earn Resources and unlocking game levels There will also be an in-game Marketplace for trading cake Heroes Which can be further enhanced by Participating in lotteries yielding nft Upgrade rewards developers explained the Game as follows adapted from Mo boxes Mo Land defense game players assume the Role of a commander to assemble Hero Characters across various levels and Engage in tower defense game cake Hero Characters are the most coveted Character in game and can be purchased With cake tokens in addition players Integrate their nft with the in-game Heroes and display it on their pancake Swap profile I'm excited about this and Play to earn games generally means that

Players who work so hard to get these In-game skins items nfts can then sell Them on the open market for a profit Play to earn gotta love it this is a Great crypto conference Festival you Need to go to will be there we'll be Speaking use code altcoin daily 50 off Your ticket July 10th through 12th in Portugal get your plane ticket get your Festival ticket 50 off if you use our Code insane they're giving our audience Fifty percent off I love it I hope to See you there this coming week in Los Angeles La crypto and gaming enthusiasts Who else is going to 3xp use this code Decentral 20 20 off La conference this Coming week I hope to see you there make Sure you let me know if I'm going to see You at the LA conference or the Portugal Conference I'd love to see you there Make sure you use our links below use The discount code to get the discount And also let me know if you're going to Participate in this bit get trading Competition in June competition ends in 9 days is 50 000 prize pool no kyc to Participate in the competition use our Link below to sign up


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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