Is the Rabbit r1 really that bad? | TechCrunch

Is the rabbit R1 really as bad as some People are saying I'm kind of an AI Skeptic but I also like weird fun Gadgets which is why I'm kind of torn on This thing on the one hand the R1 barely Does anything it connects to four apps Right now and I don't use any of them Why would I want to generate images Using mid Journey on this on the other Hand just look at it it's fun and weird It only comes in one color high Visibility orange and even though it Shipped kind of half finished that's Pretty normal for new experimental Devices but here's the thing the R1 Costs $200 is that a lot or a little for Some people especially these days is an Unthinkable luxury to spend that money On something that your phone basically Already does for others it's worth it Just to have a dedicated device with Access to a premium large language model That actually does some of the stuff That Siri and Alexa have been pretending To do for 10 years but I'm more Interested in the promises they've made About being able to operate any app or Website using their supposed large Language model which we haven't seen yet But that changes it from doing what they L it to doing whatever you want it to do If it could use splex amp instead of Spotify if it could find me a bike Nearby instead of calling an Uber if it

Could order a used book off of instead of from Amazon I Might actually use it the problem is it Doesn't do those things so right now it Just sits at my desk looking pretty look If it's still worthless in 6 months or a Year I will join on with the haters but Rabbit isn't asking me to pay a Subscription or upgrade my tier in order To access more features definitely a Work in progress and if that's not how You like your gadgets then it's cool to Pass but for people who are curious About what might just might come next After the smartphone the R1 is a nice Break from doing this all the time plus Eventually you'll be able to Doom scroll On this thing anyway so that's really All that matters


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