How To Get FREE CRYPTO?! Don’t Miss Out on Airdrops!

Can you imagine getting sent thousands Sometimes tens or even hundreds of Thousands of dollars in crypto straight To your wallet well that's been Happening to many people in the crypto Space who have been on the receiving end Of some often very lucrative airdrops And with so many airdrops popping off Right now people are frantically Searching for the next opportunity to be Sent potentially lifechanging gains That's why today we'll be giving you a Complete beginner's guide to airdrop Farming we'll go over what airdrops are Where to find them how to maximize your Gains and we'll throw in some Pro tips Along the way as well this is a video You literally can't afford to Miss now before we go on folks I need to Let you know that I am not a financial Adviser and nothing in this video should Be considered Financial or investment Advice also note that airdrops may come With their own tax implications which Can vary depending on your location so Always speak to a Tax Advisor if you're Unsure and depending on your Jurisdiction you may not even be allowed To take part in airdrops at all so be Sure to double check before you commit Any resources to hunting them down now If you're unfamiliar with airdrops Here's everything you need to know so as The name suggests an airdrop is when

Crypto or an nft is sent to your wallet After you've claimed it I'll quickly Note right off the bat that drops should Always be completely free you should Never have to send any crypto or Fiat Currencies in order to claim one Generally speaking the word airdrop has Become an umbrella term to include both Normal airdrops as well as bounties Bounties are basically airdrops that are Given as rewards for completing basic Tasks such as following a Twitter Account joining a telegram group Referring to friends etc etc now if You're scratching your head wondering Why a project would give away free Crypto that's completely understandable I mean it seems kind of backwards right Well in a nutshell projects will do Airdrops in order to jumpstart adoption The most obvious benefit to Distributing Tokens is to quickly raise awareness and Many projects have opted for an airdrop Distribution in place of an initial coin Offering or Ico now one of the earliest Ever airdrops came in 2010 in the form Of the bit Bitcoin foret where early Bitcoin contributor Gavin Andre gave Away a whole five free BTC to anybody Who completed a simple capture Gavin Ended up giving away a mind melting 19,700 BTC during that time sure Captures can be a little irritating at Times but this one would have been well

Worth the admittedly minimal effort Required back then 5 BTC was worth Pennies but if you'd had hodd since then You'd be sitting on well over $300,000 at today's prices so if anyone Out there wants to pay me that for doing A capture then let's talk however the Pioneer of airdrops as we think of them Today was the decentralized exchange Unis swap back in September 2020 Unis Swap sent early users of its platform 400 uni tokens each at the time that was Worth around $25,000 a pretty decent reward for Dex Based degeneracy however any who held on To that uni until it hit its all-time High in May 2021 would have found Themselves sitting on almost $188,000 and by the way if you're Enjoying this video so far smash that Like button to give it a boost subscribe To the channel and ping that Notification Bell to catch our next one Anyways there are other reasons why Projects might choose to do an airdrop It could be that they want to create More utility within their eco system or As is more often the case in defi they May want to foster a more decentralized Community governance and if you're a Project looking to generate sub Publicity and get yourself noticed Announcing that your users are in line To receive free tokens is often a pretty

Good way of generating coverage now Airdrops have in the past been a great Way to boost Capital if you didn't have Much to start with and often with little Effort required on your part of course Nowadays things aren't quite so simple And accumulating these airdrops has Become much more timec consuming and to Be honest a whole load of projects will Give out free tokens that are absolutely Worthless to make matters worse the Popularity of airdrops has also given Rise to Bad actors using them to scam And fish people's funds don't worry Though we'll be helping you avoid these Risks throughout this video I was Trapped inside a cage a cage made out of The Daily Grind I was so fulfilled I Felt like a blank sheet of A4 paper Something was missing from my life but I Didn't know what but then I found what I' been missing the coin Bureau deals Page was the answer to my prayers it had Everything I needed to make me complete Exchange sign up bonuses of up to $60,000 the biggest discount on the best Hardware wallets trading fee discounts Of up to 60% on the best crypto Exchanges exclusive altcoin Alpha thank You coin Bureau for bringing me back to Life so with all that out of the way Let's take a look at how you can put Together your very own airdrop strategy Now broadly speaking there are five

Types of airdrops you can look at these Can be labeled as hardfork standard Holder reward and early user each of These will have their own pros and cons And you'll need to be aware of them in Order for you to build a strategy that Works for you so the first type of Airdrop comes from a hard Fork basically If a blockchain Forks to create a new Chain holders could receive the coins of Either the older or the newer chain for Example when Bitcoin was forked in November 2018 to create Bitcoin cash any Holders of BTC were also given the same Amount of the newer bch so if you held 100 BTC you received 100 bch completely Free let's be real though this sort of Thing doesn't happen very often so we Don't really recommend you spend your Precious time looking for the next chain Fork to take advantage of so with that One scratched off your list let's go Over some of the more realistic methods You can look at standard airdrops are The easiest way to get free crypto as They require little to no effort usually You just complete a simple task and Provide your wallet address the caveat Is that the tokens you receive from These are almost always worthless and Here is our first pro tip check out the Project's socials its X account telegram Channels and Discord if an airdrop Appears to exist only to create hype

Consider that a red flag instead it Should be encouraging you to use the Product or protocol in question now the Next way you can get airdrops is by Simply holding a coin or token for Example the the coin you're holding Could be a layer one like eth and you Get a token for a project within its Ecosystem so here's Pro tip number two You won't get these airdrops if you hold Your crypto on a centralized exchange And you're more likely to receive Airdrops if you stake your crypto just Be sure to avoid staking with Centralized validators like coinbase for Example because they will gain the Rewards not you coinbase is Rich enough I think we can all agree anyways Speaking of rewards the next way to farm Airdrops is by earning them as well a Reward this could be for promoting a Project on social media or it could be As part of a points based system for Certain onchain activities usually you Won't get told that an airdrop is coming But in a lot of cases these tasks reward You with points it can be worth doing These tasks because those points could Translate to the amount of crypto you'll Receive if an airdrop does in fact come Moving on the final way to farm airdrops Is to be an early user of a Dap or Protocol when it comes to early users There are two subcategories here test

Net users and early adopters of all the Farming methods you can use test Nets Are the cheapest option in fact they're Completely free the catch is that Because they're free they're also quite Popular this means they can be very Competitive and the aird dropped crypto Is spread thinly across a lot more Participants the top users are often Likely to gain more so if you're Planning on staying ahead you'll need to Spend a lot of time on these and do a Whole heap of transactions these Transactions could include things like Doing swaps using a native Bridge Providing liquidity and claiming forets Now occasionally a guide may be provided But it's more likely that you'll have to Figure out these steps yourself most Projects won't reveal the criteria until After a snapshot of the blockchain has Been taken by that point it's too late As for the early adopters meanwhile they Are the ones who use a live protocol Before its token is released and this is Where you stand to have the best chance Of success similar to test net farming You can use these protocols to provide Volume and liquidity with transactions By doing swaps bridging or even Participating in onchain governance Again these will usually allow you to Earn points unlike testnet however this Is the most expensive farming method

That's because along the way you'll be Paying gas fees and indeed any other Fees the protocol charges however doing This in conjunction with other methods We've mentioned is the best way to Position yourself ahead of the pack if a Project launches or releases a main net Without a native token there's a good Chance a token will come later at some Point and the earliest and most active Adopters could stand to make the most Gains And if you're using a DEX you could Potentially be farming two cryptos at Once one for the project in question and Another for the Dex itself so now that You understand the different types of Airdrops you're probably wondering how You can go about finding them well there Are a number of resources you can use in Order to find that next big opportunity The obvious starting point is on Twitter Or X as I suppose we should call it These days you can follow projects the Devs and even the ecosystem the projects Are built on Pro tip number three Interact with a few airdrop specific Influencers not only will more projects Pop onto your radar but the algorithm Will kick in and you'll have even more Suggestions later now if wading through The murky Waters of Crypt Twitter /x Doesn't sound like your thing then Another great place to look is defi

Llama on the leftand menu you can select Airdrops to reveal a of protocols that Don't yet have a token sorting these by Tvl can often reveal the ones most Likely to do an airdrops soon just Remember though this isn't guaranteed so Make sure you do some extra digging Before spending extensive amounts of Time on them or if you're looking for Some of the best curated airdrops by top Tier airdrop Farmers then you can check Out the link below to the coin Bureau Discord over there we have a channel Called airdrops Alpha which is run by Airdrop Glide app one of the best known Airdrop Prospectors there is we'll leave A link to his site below and we Definitely recommend checking it out if You're looking for other websites Meanwhile then you can also check out Airdrops do1 airdrop and Airdrops doio we'll leave links for Those as well and if you're interested In the best YouTube channels for airdrop Alpha I have to give a shout out here to Kryptoo Nick recently interviewed him For coin Bureau clipse where he Explained his strategy for optimizing Airdrops and I'll leave a link to the Interview as well as kryptoo channel in The description you are well advised to Follow him if you don't already so with A list of resources you can use how can You identify the ones that have the most

Potential well there are a few things You can look for before you begin your Farming Adventure if you want you can Note these down as a checklist to help When you D so the first thing to ask is Does project already have a token if the Answer is no that's a good start that's Not to say that a project that already Has one is a bad thing but it's much Better to find those without if the Answer is yes you'll have to be a Super Active user on the platform to stand any Chance of being gifted some now the Second thing to ask is does the project Have a large passionate Community Check The Project's follow account on X Telegram and Discord and also check the Levels of engagements its posts get on These platforms after all getting free Crypto is great and all but if nobody's Paying any attention it may as well not Exist no one wants an airdrop of mecoin Now do they so the third thing to look At is what competing projects are doing If the project you're looking at doesn't Have a token but its competitors do then There's a high chance that one will be Released soon in order to keep up the Fourth thing to look at is how much Money the project has raised including Any VC backing Pro tip number four if a Project has raised a lot of money Without a token you could be onto a Winner that's because at some point

Investor expectations will have to be Met the fifth thing to find out is Whether the project has alluded to Releasing an airdrop at all this could Be the developers hinting at a reward Alternatively there could be something Hidden within the tokenomics or even the White paper anyways the sixth thing you Need to ask yourself is does a token Even make sense obviously if the project Is a mem coin the answer will probably Be no but then when do meme coins ever Make sense anyway but if the use case is Something that nobody will care about Then ask yourself who will be there to Jump on board later Pro tip number five If you really want to find the most Lucrative airdrops look for those deps And protocols that add real value ones That you'd probably end up using even Without an airdrop incentive the same Logic applies if you're farming nfts Look for the ones you'd be happy to hold Even without an airdrop from a Collection that you think has real Potential speaking of which the seventh Thing to look at is the future potential You can get a sense of how successful a Project will be in the long term by Looking at its tokenomics and by the way If you want to learn more about Tokenomics you can check out our video On just that link is below now the Eighth and final thing to assess is how

Many people you're competing with this Can be easier said than done but try and Get a feel for how many other wallets Could be eligible for the airdrop you're Looking at if a rumored airdrop is being Talked about all over X you're probably Going to get just a Slither of the Overall allocation no matter how much Time and effort you put in the dream Combo for those life-changing gains is a Project that has real utility doesn't Yet have a token has raised lots of Money and doesn't have many people Talking about it at this early stage so With those pointers in mind you should Have everything you need to start your Airdrop Quest before you jump in though You need to be aware of the risks first There's the risk of wasting your time Just to receive worthless tokens what's More is that airdrops are very rarely Guaranteed so you could end up doing all Of this for nothing I'm not sure who Needs to hear it but there is nothing More valuable than time itself Thankfully you can avoid wasting your Precious hours by using the checklist we Just Covered there's also the risk you'll Come across scammers who will use Worthless tokens as a vector to try and Drain your funds so how can we avoid This well the answer is not to rush into Anything while the prospect of free

Crypto is undeniably exciting doing your Research is just as important as it Would be if you were buying that crypto On an exchange there are quite a few Tricks scammers use to try and catch you Out dodgy URLs poorly designed websites Strange wallet downloads or Bots Claiming to offer customer support these Are all fishing attempts with the sole Focus of getting your private keys and Once they have your keys they have Access to your entire crypto Kingdom That's why it's important to verify if An airdrop link is legit by checking a Project's official Twitter account or The official website if you're still Unsure then telegram can be a quick way To check if links are a scam or not Usually either answer will be in a Pinned message you should also always Check that links aren't hiding any fake Characters such as replacing the letter O with a zero So Pro tip number six if You're not sure whether a link is Suspicious or not copy and paste it into A Word document and change the font a Few times you'll quickly be able to Identify the characters they've hidden In plain sight if you're being Instructed to download a specific wallet In order to be able to claim your funds Then that is highly likely going to be a Scam and at the very least it's Incredibly suspicious definitely best to

Give those a Miss Safety First always Now when it comes to connecting your own Wallet the best way to avoid losing your Fortune is to set up a burner wallet That way if your funds are compromised You won't see your entire portfolio Ripped away from you and pro tip number Seven a wallet's age and transaction History can sometimes be factored in for Airdrop eligibility so when you set up a Burner wallet consider sending the vast Majority of your funds to the new wallet You've just set up and use the remaining Crypto in your old wallet for airdrops Remember though you should never put More crypto at risk than you're prepared To lose on that note you should never Under any circumstances give your Private Keys away and as we mentioned at The start of this video you should never Send any crypto or Fiat in order to Claim an airdrop think of it like this If you met a random dude on the street Who promised to give you a million Dollars if you gave him $100 first would You believe him if the answer to that Question is yes by the way crypto Probably isn't for you and finally Remember what we said in the Introduction there could be legal and Tax implications around airdrops Depending on your location so always Check that you're able to take part Before you do anything else now to be

Successful in your journey your best Course of action will be to master one Specific ecosystem rather than trying to Farm everything all at once as the old Saying goes the person who chases two Rabbits catches neither for the purposes Of this video we'll be looking at the Cosmos ecosystem if you've ever Interacted with Cosmos you've probably Already used Kepler not only is the Wallet super easy to use but the Kepler Dashboard offers a great ux that really Keeps things simple so on the dashboard Navigate to staking this is where you'll Want to stake your coins But be sure to Avoid centralized validators like we Mentioned earlier to refresh your memory No centralized exchanges nothing within The top 20 and no 0% or 100% commission Shout out to kryptoo for that tip take Your time in selecting the right Validator as it could be the difference Between receiving those airdrops or Missing out entirely once that's done You could even follow this up by liquid Staking your already staked assets which Could make you eligible for even more Airdrops you can also take part in Governance votes now the great thing About Cosmos projects is that most will Already have Community governance baked In not only will this increase your Airdrop potential you'll also get a say In the future of a project this is

Obviously important so make make sure You read the proposals first and don't Just go voting blindly and if you want To seriously up your game then a great Cosmos specific tool is Cosmos leap Wallet here you can create your own Wallet or just import one you have Already such as your Kepler if you then Navigate to the left of the page you'll See a dedicated airdrops tab not only Does it show you what you're eligible For but all links are vetted to ensure They're the real deal and if you look Over to to the right side of the page You'll then see a button that says Explore upcoming airdrops now this can Be a great place to start if you're Looking for projects to research so go Ahead and click that little dude the Dashboard you'll be presented with shows You an extensive list of airdrops within Cosmos such as those that are claimable Officially announced and speculated Pro Tip number eight it's this last one You'll want to keep a closer eye on Another good itic is to assess the Narrative you think will blow up in the Bull run and stake the best coins within That narrative what this allows you to Do is optimize yourself for future Airdrops rather than constantly Farm Which could save you a lot of time and Effort so with those few tips combined With everything else we've covered in

This video you should now have more than Enough to make a start okay so as you Can see there are a lot of ways you can Position yourself to get free crypto Delivered straight to your wallet those Gains could be just a few simple tasks Away but stay safe at there my friends Set up that burner wallet check those Links and most importantly take your Time and do your own research never send Keys crypto or Fiat money to claim an Airdrop and don't download any dodgy Wallets keep everything decentralized as You go not only to maximize your chances Of receiving airdrops but also to Support the network and be an early user Of daps Defi and protocols at the most You'll be more eligible for free money And at the very least you'll learn more About crypto that's a win-win in our Books and finally be sure to check out The links in the description for our Discord and for kryptoo as well as the Other resources we've mentioned so with All of these tools at your disposal you Should have more than enough to build Your own airdrop strategy and start Raking in that crypto happy Hunting and that's all for today's video Folks so if you learn something new show It by Smashing that like button if you Want to see more educational crypto Content subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell so you don't

Miss our next video If you're looking For the best discounts in all of crypto Then be sure to head on over to the coin Bureau deals page because it has trading Fee discounts of up to 60% and sign up Bonuses of up to $60,000 On the best exchanges be sure to take Advantage of these limited time offers Before they're gone the link is of Course in the description okay thank you All so much for watching and we'll see You in the next one this is Guy signing Off [Music]


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