How I Organize 20+ Credit Cards (FREE Template)

Credit cards are awesome but the problem Is they get messy chaotic disorganized Because there's a lot of rules there's a Lot of numbers there's a lot of Different reward rates and benefits that You got to keep track of and when it Comes to the late game stage of the Credit card collector and you end up Having 10 20 30 plus different credit Cards there came a time where I Personally wish there was a better way To organize all this and I got a Solution for you guys so going into my Computer I went ahead and created Something called the credit card Organizer now I'm not a huge fan of Excel sheets I was never educated in Using those and look I know there are Some people who love Excel and some of Y'all might be saying yo Brian it's so Simple but for me personally I've Loved Notion I think it's like the New Gen Z Thing whatever it is but I've been using Notion for the last five years it's Completely free and this is actually What my company uses for pretty much Anything there's a lot you can do and Even anytime you know someone's watching My dog I got my whole little Astros Guide in there on what he can eat his Walks you know his little quirks and Stuff his little commands first of all All you have to do is check out the link Down Below in the description this is

Going to cost you 30 in order to use Just kidding I'm captain it's completely Free it's still down below I just want To make sure you guys get all the Information on how to fill this out and I could have charged for this but we're Not gonna do that because personally for Me I don't think it's valuable to charge People money for a tool like this when It's just a little bit of a template so Here's what you guys need to know go Down below check it out here's what you Would open up when you get the notion Template you go into the top right Corner and you duplicate it and that way You're going to be able to see it within Your own notion system if you've never Created an ocean system I'd watch a Little bit of a tutorial on YouTube Figure it out but if you're generally Just using it for this you may not even Need all the additional features now I Made this really simple I have an Introduction here basically in order to Use this you have to get all the Information on your cards and how do you Do that well I personally like using Credit karma because I know they're not Going to be selling my data on the Silk Road or the dark web whatever it is I've Had a Credit Karma account for many Years and one of the the things I love About them is the fact that it shows you The application date of your credit card

And your credit limit now in compiling My own car database I wouldn't have Remembered the last time I applied for My Chase Freedom unlimited card or you Know my AmEx gold card because it was so Long ago but these dates are actually Really important because as you know When it comes to credit cards inquiries Matter and there are a lot of rules now I know most you guys are probably not Keeping track of the rules either Because as someone who does this on YouTube a lot I've talked about it many Many times even I myself forget Sometimes about the exact rules that Certain issuers have to make it really Easy I've created another index where These are the major rules for each bank So if you're applying for an American Express card we have all the rules here If you're applying for a Bank of America Card we have all the little rules here Where as an example Bank of America Follows the 234 rule for card approvals Where you can get approved for two new Cards in two months you can get approved For three new cards in 12 months or you Can get approved for four new cards in 24 months look unless you're like Actually really really smart and I'm Sure there's a lot of you guys out there That are I think my brain Ram capacity Is better used on something else now Regardless going back into it to use

This whole spreadsheet it's very simple We have the card name we have the bank Application date credit limit annual fee The welcome bonus offer the rewards Rates the secondary perks the secondary Bonuses and then we also have referral Links where if you have your own link For as an example this card issuer here You can go ahead and drop it into your Own spreadsheet so that way if your Buddy or your family member says hey Jimmy I need a link to this card you Don't need a login to your Chase account Pull up your Chase Card wait for it to Load because you're not on the connected Wi-Fi to your home you have it all Within your notion database and what's Cool about this too is you can go Offline you can actually allow this to Be accessible when you don't have access To the internet either man I love notion We're not going to get into it but I do Love notion this episode here is not Sponsored by the way even if they paid Me a hundred dollars to say that I would Say because I genuinely love notion how Do you use this well for any credit card That you have that I also have because This is a part of my own credit card List too just go ahead and keep it in There but if you have cards that you Don't see on this list I'm sure there Might be open this little section up so Open up the plus icon or press right

Here in the open side Peak and then you Can also turn this into a full page so Name this first of all whichever credit Card you might have we'll talk about the Uh Jung MasterCard this is actually one Of the premiere Elite cards that are not Available to the public um the starting Credit limit on the Jung MasterCard it's A hundred thousand dollars so if you're Trying to get a huge credit limit this Is definitely one of the best cards out On the market and it does have an annual Fee of ten thousand dollars per year so It's actually more exclusive than the Centurion card which is nice now I Applied for this card yesterday this Bank came from uh it came from the sax Now what's cool about our whole little Software here is when you put in the Apple application date we have an Equation set up so it tells you when That inquiry will fall off your report And this is based on the chase 524 rule So the chase 524 rule states that you Cannot get a credit card if you've Signed up for five of them with any Issuer that are personal credit cards Within two years and this will tell you That this inquiry will fall off on 2025th of August 14th started a little There now from here you can go into the Details if the reward rates are like you Get Forex junk points on travel and Whatever it is write that out in here so

You can keep track of it and then if you Go back into your car database and we Scroll back down you'll be able to see Your card right here now I'm going to Delete this because it is a template That other people have access to but we Also set up some different sum formulas So you can see this number here 112 000 That is a total credit limit that I have Amongst my credit cards you'll see the Annual fees that I pay every single year It's about three thousand one hundred Twenty dollars and then if you ever are Questioning what benefits why what cards Give you you can go ahead scroll through The secondary perks and another little Feature that I love is that you can sort Things by a certain type so if you ever Use an Excel sheet this is pretty much Very similar to that or another easy Example if you've ever bought a new Shirt from Hollister or just any Clothing website you can set it to added To the oldest to the newest or the best Selling here we can do similar things so If I wanted to see the highest annual Fee I could just add that so annual fee Ascending or descending and then I'll Move this up here you can see the lowest Annual fees are ascending going to the Highest now this database is pretty cool Too because if you go into the gallery Section here we've saved a bunch of Credit card images so all you have to do

Is right click on it you can download it And then add it to the credit card so You can actually see a visual of what's On your own virtual wallet scrolling Down something that I like to keep track Of is Chase 524 rule just because Chase Has a lot of cards and this seems to be The main rule that a lot of people focus Focus on and with this I can actually See which credit cards fall off on a Certain day and I can see whether or not I am over the 524 rule based on some Equations that we've set on the right Side I also have some links on some of The future credit cards that I would Apply for so an example is right now I Definitely want a lot more of the Hilton Credit cards later down the road after I Get my welcome bonus offer on my current New card that I made a video about guys Chase Sapphire Reserve check that out if You haven't done so already but if I Knew I was getting a Hilton card I would Put in some of the upcoming credit cards Put in like a date of when I'd want to Get it and I could refer to this to make Sure that I'm maximizing all the time Length I have and getting credit cards As soon as I can so I pretty much just Use this credit card organization system To make sure that I'm on top of things This is completely free that will share To you guys linked Down Below in the Description now if you guys have any

Questions or suggestions about this Drop It Down Below in the comment section of This YouTube video or you can fill out This Google form because I'm always Trying to update this stuff too but for The most part it's pretty Straightforward I think it's just free Simple little tool that you guys can use And if it does help you out now look There are a lot of different apps right Now too where you can like connect your Credit card using played and it'll tell You a lot of information too I Personally don't use any of those right Now just because I don't want to be Connecting my own accounts to some of These newer companies because there are Instances where there are data breaches And I'd rather limit my exposure as much As I can if you do like convenience you Can check out some of the apps that Exist but for the most part I think this Is one of the best ways to customize it Yourself now if you guys did enjoy Today's video be sure to drop a like Down below and on top of that I'm also Going to be speaking at the travel Summit link Down Below in the Description in Canada in just I think It's maybe like four or five months from Now so if you guys want to link up in Person say what's up be sure to check Out the link Down Below in the Description and you can also get some

Money back on your ticket with my Discount code Down Below on top of that If at any point you guys find Value in Any of the content that we post here on The channel be sure to check out the Links Down Below in the description Where if you plan on signing up for a Credit card use our link it'll support Us at no cost to you just make sure Whichever link you're using is the best Possible offer and with that being said That's the video thank you again for Watching and until next time peace out


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