How I Am Making $300 PER DAY In Crypto | XCAD Update

I just started earning up to three Hundred dollars per day just by watching YouTube the top creators I'm watching And earning cryptocurrency and today let Me do an update on sponsor of the Channel xcad and the watch to earn Revolution and share with you exactly How I'm doing this so xcat allows you to Watch the biggest YouTube channels in The space including altcoin daily and Earn cryptocurrency just by watching YouTube and this is watch to earn so Just like we saw play to earn absolutely Explode in 2021 and then move to earn Explode in 2022 in 2023 and looking Forward xcad network is pioneering the Watch to earn Revolution for 2.1 billion Active YouTube users enabling fans to Earn Creator token rewards crypto for Watching their favorite Creator directly On YouTube so xcad started off as a Social token platform popular YouTubers KSI and Mr Beast invested in the The Social Network xcad there's also many More we'll actually take a look at the Social token side of xcad but let's Actually start with an update on the Play area and how much money I'm making Just by watching YouTube daily also huge Update season one has begun this offers So many more benefits in the ecosystem But for those of you who want a Beginner's guide I do encourage you to Watch my original video easiest way to

Earn between 30 and 200 dollars per day In cryptocurrency xcad play guide link Down below awesome tutorial but let's Just start by minting a new nerd a Legendary nerd which is the best one so Number one we gotta install the app Download xcad and start earning either In the Google Play store or Chrome web Store which we'll be using today or also IOS coming soon once we have it we go up Into our extension As you can see I already have two nerds In total I viewed over 496 Total videos Again I just do it daily like drinking a Cup of coffee nft earnings over 83 000 Play tokens right now equates to over Five thousand six hundred dollars plus USD but again season one just started so This does change a few things I'll Update you but first let's mint a nerd And also watch a video just so you can Quickly see how it works so we'll go to Open a nerd nft box As you can see there's many different Options so starting with the basic it Offers basic earning ability for YouTube Around 168 dollars then we have the Common box offers you better earning for Your nerd around 500 then the mystery Box this offers you a 50 50 chance to Either mint a common or a rare nft nerd Then of course we have the rare nerd Which offers better stats and then very New the legendary nerd which offers you

The best earning potential but then of Course has the highest value alright Generating our nerd legendary and now we Should have it boom number three so Let's first activate it so we can start Earning looking at his stats reputation Nine that's huge I'm actually that's Actually really good I'm excited about That that's a really good reputation That means hiring then six stamina then Seven speed and six luck and again if You want a basic tutorial on how this Stuff works I encourage you to watch my Original video linked down below and Keep in mind because this is lifestyle If we watch lifestyle Ask videos right down here all Specialties we have additional earning Potential again you watch whatever YouTuber on the platform that you like I Recommend watching altcoin daily all you Do is type it in altcoin Daily And boom you would click the logo that Would bring you to my channel You would click on a video And you'd get this confirmation play Video being watched now the catch is you Do have to watch 80 of the video each Video in order for the view to count for Your nerd but for this example I Actually want to Let's watch one with The nerd and just because we're Lifestyle let's watch a lifestyle vid And see the results maybe SSS sniperwolf

That's interesting we will watch a video As you can see it did just register and Again keep in mind we're starting with This many nft views so after this the View should tick up to one more and the Earnings should increase All right we have watched eighty percent Of the video and as you can see we get That notification and now checking back In And while we were originally back when We had 497 nft views or earnings were 5580 after one more view after that one More video or up to 5640 an increase of sixty dollars just For watching the video and of course as Each nerd can watch up to five videos Per day if we watch all five that's Three hundred dollars now keep in mind There are repair costs so that'll eat Into this a little bit but then also Keep in mind you can have multiple nerds Watch each of them can watch five videos Per day and again if you want a referral Code there's a link down in the video Description check it out now the biggest Game changer and one of the main reasons I wanted to make this video is because Season one has begun stake xcad and get Your season pass today so how does this Work and what are the benefits to you First off you can get the season pass by Staking xcat in the app for 12 months Rest assured you will get get these

Tokens back after the 12-month period Has ended it is not that many tokens Relatively speaking only 75 xcad that's A big reason we're starting to see the Supply become deflationary and the Season pass will impact all of your Nerds in your account and does not need To be purchased per nerd which is good And also the benefits of the season pass To you while if you do not have the Season pass your nerd will take up to 18 Hours to be repaired if you have the Season pass it'll be instant again we Covered more of these technical aspects In the original video number two another Benefit is with the pass you can now Activate up to seven nerds per count I Believe before it was five now seven and Each nerd can watch up to five videos Per day so now it's five times seven up To 35 videos per day it's more earning Potential you also get two times the XP Increase when watching videos with the Season pass so the XP system is now live We'll dig into this more you also get a Seven percent referral bonus instead of Five percent when you refer a friend and Then they mint an nft so just like uber Had a very successful referral system Shopify has a very successful referral System anybody with the app can generate A referral code and if you share it and If your friend uses it you can earn up To five percent seven percent with the

Season one pass of the play amount on Every nerd purchased by your referral so If they meant a basic you earn about Seven bucks if they meant a rare you Earn over a hundred and if they meant a Legendary you earn over 300. so some People are making over a thousand bucks Just on referrals alone you also get an Exclusive Discord channel for the season Pass and also if you do not have the Season pass rewards may take up to 24 Hours to be released if you do have the Season pass rewards will be released Within 12 hours after midnight how to Get the season in one pass it's right in The extension I'll actually link this Article down below for you to check out Let's talk about XP and XP boosts very Important very big update XP is about to Become extremely important as we look to Introduce more strategy to the play game So in season one the maximum level for Each attribute is 10. for example we Have 9 out of 10 reputation in our Latest nerd that's awesome however in Season 2 the maximum level of each Attribute will increase and new levels Will be introduced so with XP You Can Level up higher levels have more earning Potential and the higher stats you have The more you will benefit so for example In season two a nerd with a reputation Level of 20 will earn the maximum Rewards instead of a nerd with a

Reputation of 10. now please note it is Not possible to jump up a rarity if You're mint a basic you can max out the Basic obvious easily rare is better Legendary is best but within your Rarity This does have positive impacts on Earnings XP boosts are now live in the Store on the xcat application there's a 5x multiplier XP boost a 10x multiplier XP boost so this pretty straightforward Each boost takes effect for five videos Thus they are designed to be used daily And to be aware that the same XP Calculations apply here so even with the Boost the longer videos you watch the More XP you will earn so there have been Some changes to the XP that actually Benefit users I think previously 15 Minutes was the amount required to earn Max XP however now you will earn the Same amount of XB for just a 12 minute Video as you would have previously for The 15. so this is better however you Can now get additional XP for continuing To watch 15 minute videos the multiplier Goes up to 1.25 x for 15 minutes now Let's review some of this growth we're Seeing but if there's one more thing I Can say on utility is that nerd battles Are coming soon and the higher your Stats the higher the chance you have of Winning which boosts your nerd earnings Even further so this will be huge Utility to the ecosystem and something I

Really like about the xcad token and Also the play token is you need both of These tokens to use the network whether It's to repair your nerd mint your nerd Nerd battles come soon these are needed For the network the utility of the Network another update I thought was Cool daily login bonus each user Regardless of owning nerds or eggs you Don't have to own any of it will be Entitled to a daily login bonus now to Claim this users will need a little bit Of BNB for gas in their wallet and how Much could this bonus be the daily login Bonus is randomly generated between one Play and 750 play which is currently Anywhere between 7 cents and 52 dollars So cool some of these gamification Features xcat is adding and that's also Why we're seeing the ax CAD Supply Rapidly deflating because of the usage Over 3 million xcad has been locked off The market forever thanks to nerd mints This represents around seven percent of The current circulating Supply and over 1 million xcad has been locked up in the Last 25 days alone and this is directly Due to nerd sales we're also seeing more And more users onboarded onto the Network the number of daily active xcad Users as judged by the unique daily Active wallets has significantly Increased over 250 percent in the last Two weeks and also xcad being a top 10

DAP in the last 30 days by user growth And we continue to see the trend season One has started off strong with over 3 000 plus season and pass holder so far Now I'll keep you updated on my progress Earning and watching YouTube also just Understand that the main product of Influencers content creators launching Social tokens with their Community That's still going strong looking at Influencer market cap which you can see At we see over 720 million total subscribers of content Creators with Creator tokens again this Is the utility of the xcat ecosystem and I would suspect as more and more Creators launch social tokens come on Bigger creators the utility of the Network grows to match that's the video My name's Austin link down below if you Want to download the app start earning Check it out like always see you Tomorrow


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