This cute little guy is Pang Pang is one Of the hottest Salona meme coins right Now it is a penguin it is on the salana Blockchain it is a meme coin meaning It's not Bitcoin it's not Theta it's not Chain link it's pay so if you're looking For that massive utility play or Institutional integration play or paying To be talked about at the next Presidential debate this is not that It's Pang it is a penguin it is on the Salana blockchain it is a meme coin this Is like whiff or Bon or Peppe Dogecoin Walked so Pepe could run so Pang could Fly smash the like button guys if you're Done with dog meme coins we've partnered With Pang today to make this video Possible let's take a look at the Current landscape of the meme coin space Because you got to ask yourself what Makes a meme coin great what makes a Meme coin Rise Above the Rest it's hard To say right usually it just seems like A celebrity tweets something associated With the meme and then suddenly the coin Goes crazy sometimes it's just a beloved Funny meme sometimes I don't know but Like is Pang funny like to me Pang is Cute but is it funny I don't know to me Whiff isn't that funny like doge is Funny to me whiff is cute but is it Funny what do you think it is that makes Some meme coins shine brighter than the Rest and do you think p P has it you

Know what let me just share with you a Little bit more about what makes Pang Unique and special why people are into This coin why the community is there I'm Seriously curious to hear what you think About all this so make sure you comment Below I'll be reading your comments Let's Jump Right In let's dive deeper Into the Pang ecosystem and I want to Arm you with an arsenal of knowledge so You can make the best decisions because Truth be told I do think Pang is cute I Do think Pang is highly memeable and I Actually do think hang is kind of funny Especially when you dive deeper into Kind of their community and their Ecosystem and they actually do have a Plethora of of memes that they post Themselves and then the people post who Are in their Community she's lip syncing A popular Drake and 21 Savage song so I Can't play the audio but this is just an Example of their young Vibrant Community The community of Pang so right off the Bat when you're on the main landing page After you read hi I'm Pang people tell Me I look like pppe I tell them I'm a Penguin after you get here you basically Notice four big buttons right at the top Their telegram their Twitter their Instagram and their Pang laboratory and Certainly their community members are Active here over 8,000 subscribers on Their telegram 33,000 followers on their

Twitter almost a thousand followers on Their Instagram and as I showed you They're very active posting on all Social media so I think these are going To grow and then of course their Pang Laboratory we'll get more into this Later let's go through it one by one We'll find out what Pang is about we'll Find out what's under the hood we'll Find out where they're listed at and We'll answer the questions everybody's Wondering first their Partners now I'm Not sure about the extent of each Partnership but to me this means you can Find out correct quality information on Any of these sites about Pang coin Market cap Dex screener got bit Dex Tools how does Pang Define themselves Welcome to Pang the icy Edition to the Salana blockchain our small yet Mighty Penguin with a hint of Pepe the Frog Brings a fresh Breeze of creativity to The dgen world of salana as the newest And freshest meme token Pang is here to Spice things up join us in bringing Warmth and Gathering liquidity to the Frosty salana chain I like this this is A nice little intro wow they're actually Listed quite a few places my favorite Exchanges out of all these probably Bitat is is my favorite one but Obviously Jupiter Bing radium Mexi poniax bitmart even Al Bank these Are known exchanges and then this is

Interesting to me they're partnered with Travala so I assume this means you can Book your trips and pay for trip type Things with Pang also Zea hey wallet and Hello moon you tell me what there is to Know about Zea hey wallet and hello moon I'd love to know more tokenomics so Here's their contract address so you can Check any of this stuff zero buy tax Zero sell tax their mint and freeze is Revoked this is ultimately a good thing Their liquidity is burnt this is a good Thing total Supply 100 million and then We can find out even more information on Dex tools 30,000 holders different Information about their liquidity pool Then something else I noticed which I Thought was pretty good particularly Versus all the other meme coins out There their decks tools score and deex Tools audits pretty good contract Verified yes Honeypot no and taking a Look at the audits now these audits are Kind of automatic things you need to do More research and get more information Than just this but running the audit it Found no alerts let's talk about one of Their unique features that I have seen People in the community using the Pang Avatar generator do you like Pang show It to everyone now you can generate your Own random Avatar enter into the Pang Lab laboratory so that's this Interactive dap right here and what you

Could do look at this generate your own Panging avatar and obviously this helps Them out because all of a sudden you're Advertising your paying Avatar to your Community making people interested to Join the Pang Community you can download Your Pang Avatar and then if you have Some Pang tokens and you connect your Wallet you can actually create your own Custom Ping customize everything you Don't have to do just do it randomly so This is a pretty cool thing I see people Using if you're thinking about joining The Pang community and really want to be A Pang holder in the Pang Community this Is how you do it this is exactly how you Do it first download the Phantom wallet I just say like the Phantom wallet is One of the best wallets in the salana Ecosystem I think you should download That in general if you want to onboard Into the salana ecosystem playing in the Salana ecosystem it's so much so Userfriendly and so cheap compared to Mainnet ethereum just saying so you Download and install Phantom on the app Store or alternative L if you're on Desktop download and install the browser Extension then you get some soul you're Going to use soul to pay for gas and Such things now all you've got to do is Buy your soul in the Phantom app or Alternatively you can use an exchange And deposit using your wallet address

Then get yourself some Pang go to radium And paste the Pang contract address and Swap your soul so then you're going to Import the token contract address into Your wallet now you're all set welcome Aboard the next rocket to the moon just Important the contract address to view Your Holdings and you can track your Earnings I like how one of their Frequently asked questions is what is The prediction of pang's price in the Future we plan to go to the billions However meme tokens have huge risks so Always do your own research of course so This is panging It's a penguin it's in The salana ecosystem it's a meme coin What do you think like it's pretty Obvious to me that salon Other social media below see you Tomorrow


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