Cardano Founder RAGES Against Corrupt Crypto Media – “You Are Unfair!”

They're just never going to be fair to Cardano and they're just never going to Give this ecosystem it's due founder of Cardano Charles hoskinson just went on An absolute tear against the traditional Cryptocurrency media raging how Completely unfair they constantly are to Cardano Holders now this all stems from A recent cointelegraph article titled Cardano delays due to betting on wrong Tech let me share with you this clip and React and be sure to click subscribe for Daily updates keeping you informed about Crypto so cointelegraph reached out to Us they wanted to do a long form Interview I took the time to give the Interviewer a more an hour Um we only got halfway through and then His connection died uh and it was kind Of a bizarre interview and one that I I Wanted to elaborate a little bit more on We talked about a range of topics but The headline of the interview is we bet On the wrong technology Uh which is absolutely just It's a very unfair thing and it just Again shows the quality of media in the Cryptocurrency space and by the way Charles will later State as you'll hear That he likes direct to audience Platforms like YouTube the information Coming out of platforms like YouTube is More direct to audience he likes that we Didn't bet on the wrong technology with

Cardano and the context behind the Statement with a historical discussion Of the of how the project evolved Absolutely true that the original code Base with Byron had to be Rewritten Called it the Byron reboot the original Team that did that uh they're no longer Here and that code is no longer here but The consequences of that rewrite Set the project behind by about 15 Months Uh but extended utxo or a Boris Hydra Mithril the side chains model we've Chosen to pursue the governance model We're working on the use of formal Methods all these different things uh Were not wrong decisions in fact the Industry time and again is validating That these are the right decisions Especially with the movement two layer Twos and off chain which extended utxo Is much better for than the accounts Based model and the fact that ethereum Is struggling to move its way to liquid Non-custodial staking when we natively Bet on that now Charles does make a Little bit of a concession for cardano's Programming language Haskell and by the Way Haskell is mentioned zero times in This coin Telegraph article but still I Like Charles's transparency now there Were some additional comments on Haskell And at the time that we chose to use it As a language it was a bit too

Rough Around the Edges to be a Commercial language we as an ecosystem Had to work really hard to vastly Improve the quality of Haskell to get it To a point where we could use it in Production in a production Cross-platform application especially Using it windows that said uh recent Conversations with members of the Executive branch of the United States uh Who are dealing with cyber security uh All the way ranging to uh other industry Professionals the desire for Verification of spark contracts Certification of smart contracts and High quality smart contracts has become One of the biggest hot button topics and Effectively surtic I believe raised Money at a billion dollar plus valuation To pursue the verification of smart Contracts which means the bets that we Made about how to write smart contracts It seems like we've leapfrogged the Industry and we're ahead of the game in Terms of uh technology bets and in this Final clip it all comes down to this Charles lists his grievances against the Traditional cryptocurrency Publications Claiming that they're backed by VCS Explaining why he himself is choosing Not to go through with the purchase of Coindesk and it just brings you back to Where the media is at here Um they're just never going to be fair

To cardano and they're just never going To give this ecosystem it's due You know every step of the way we've Been on the right side of History This ecosystem stayed away from the Lunas in the Celsius uh and the ftxs uh While the founders of those Organizations were having lovely Interviews with certain journalists Who Shall Not Be Named who love writing Books uh and getting glowing praise and No one seemed to really go after them It's actually quite the opposite they Would write articles about how these People are going to be the future people Get tattoos of their logos on their body Meanwhile cardano was demonized as the Best case A scientific project with no commercial Value that will never get anywhere the Worst case one of the longest running Scams in crypto Lo and behold those Ventures aren't here Anymore now are they Did we ever get an apology from the Crypto media people that praised them And said how wonderful they are no not Once For some reason the crypto media Continues to just mislead people and Write articles that are not fair or to Use Sensational headlines that have no Purpose or place so we've actually had To create our own media we've had to

Create our own sources of information Direct to the consumer through YouTube Through Twitter spaces uh through Infographics all kinds of things just to Break the Matrix and get outside of this Filter which seems to be heart set Repeatedly time and again Focused on diminishing our project Don't know why don't know what the Incentive is maybe it's because Venture Capitalists don't own anything in it uh And as a result they don't really profit Too much if cardano grows it's an Ecosystem whereas if other ecosystems That shall remain nameless which they Did invest heavily and succeed uh they Will make windfalls and have already Made them in some cases Charles if You're watching Charles hoskinson I want To invite you on our Channel totally Open interview where we just make it About education on cardano today for That matter more than 1200 cardano daps Are under construction more than 100 Have launched and Charles finishes by Really setting the record straight and Talking about the growth the dapps What's happening with cardano today more Than 1200 cardano daps are under Construction more than 100 have launched There are eight million assets issued a Cardano millions of transactions tons of Great development foundation just Announced the certification program an

Education program uh i o continues to do Great work the community continues to do Great work Wonderful projects like Aiken And TX pipe and block Frost and others Are out and they continue to grow And there's a lot of great news with SIP 1694 which will harness the power of the Community as a whole Uh now as many of you know I thought About buying coindesk uh we had a look At the financials and can't say much About it because I'm under Non-disclosure but we made a strategic Decision to pass That said I'm still quite interested in Improving the overall quality of media The reality is that over the next five Or ten years 15 years cardano is going To fade its backdrop and it's going to Be much more defined by the things built On it by you the ecosystem and community And there's already some amazing Projects that you can see every day that Are growing rapidly in doing some Incredible things furthermore some of The technology of cardano really is Starting to reach maturity to a point Where it's innovating Beyond any of the Wildest dreams of its authors uh Recently good news about Hydra and it's Preliminarily applications reaching Mainnet that means over the horizon as We look to the next 12 24 months that Tech stack is going to get increasingly

More integrated into every single Application people build on cardano Where they need that scale mithril Continues to evolve at a blinding rate And my hope is to see mithril enabled Wallets on cardano on mainnet before the End of the year good video good Explanation my name is Austin like Always see you tomorrow


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