Bitcoin Price ready to EXPLODE to $150k!? (3 Expert Predictions)

Hopefully we can get through the harving Tonight get some slightly more positive News out of the Middle East which would Be fantastic and I suspect that can then See Bitcoin start to ret Trend higher um I'm still looking for $150,000 by the End of this year Standard Charter Bank Analyst has doubled down under $150,000 Bitcoin prediction reiterating That Bitcoin is still on track to reach $150,000 by the end of this year these Are his reasons why I'm going to Reiterate what you just said with Bitcoin trading below 65,000 your year End forecast 15,000 per coin for Bitcoin And 200,000 by the end of 2025 what are The specific reasons for your your Expectations that we'll we'll see a Notable lift from Here so part of it is those ETF inflows As I mentioned they've stalled for now But I anticipate going from the start of This year to when the ETF Market in the US is mature we'll get between 50 and 10000 billion of info so so far we've Had 12 billion as I mentioned earlier Now I suspect that can now happen over About an 18 month to 24 month period When that happened for gold when we went In the US from no spot ETF Market in 2004 to that market gradually maturing The price of gold multiplied by 4.3 Times so that could get us to that 150 To 200,000 range of sort of input number

One input number two is over time when You have enough investors I investors Are fully sat in terms of their Bitcoin Exposure which hasn't been the case Before the ETFs but over time if we get Those ETF flows um in that should be Where we end up in terms of a portfolio Between Bitcoin and gold you should get To about 80% gold 20% Bitcoin and for That even if gold prices were to go Sideways again that gets you to that 150 To2 200,000 dollar Mark in in terms of Bitcoin so there's a few factors that Are all driving to roughly the same Level I think medium-term if we get to 200,000 because of the institutional Flows as well it's much more likely that Bitcoin won't have a large retracement Which it did have in previous Cycles so Do you think that a 150,000 bitcoin price by end of year is This realistic some people would argue That since everybody is thinking this it Won't happen but if nobody thinks this Is going to happen maybe it is more Likely or maybe everybody thinks this is Going to happen so this is too Conservative Anthony scaramucci gives His updated investment thesis on bitcoin He thinks that a $150,000 bitcoin price is likely but his Number his price prediction is actually A bit higher interesting perspective Listen Bitcoin is on an adoption curve

Uh if you go back to web one Bitcoin is Sort of in the 1999 point in the Spectrum and so just imagine where we Went from web one to where we are today And so my my point is you won't see this Be a inflation hedge or a store of value As other pundants are saying until you Get over a billion users and so right Now it's going to be way more volatile Than people like and people look at it As a risk on a riskof trade until we get To that adoption curve that's my point And given the adoption curve what do you See right now as the upside and number And what do you see as the downside Number call it 12 Months well I mean look you could get Shocks like Wars and you could get you Know God forbid a terrorist Calamity or Something like that that could take Bitcoin down 10 or 15% but I think you Have a heavy bid on bitcoin because of The demand from the ETFs and from the Eventual drivers of things like the Wirehouses that will enter the space as Well as the 401K market so so I don't Think you have 50 % downside but you Could have 10 or 15% downside just Because it's still a risk on riskof Asset but longterm I think this thing Trades to 170 possibly to $200,000 and And that's consistent with where it's Been over the 15 years of Bitcoin look It's normal to be skeptical if investing

Was easy everybody would make money Unfortunately most people are going to Buy the top here is a message from Anthony scaramucci to all Bitcoin Skeptics I actually sent this video to My best friend who's also wondering About this watch you guys have a lot of Skepticism on the de I think the Skepticism is well founded I started out As a skeptic I think what got me past Being a skeptic is the notion that this Is immutable it's a it's decentralized In a way that makes it very powerful the Network itself is scaling and if you Think about the way we treat money in Our society over the last 5,000 years Bitcoin checks all of the boxes the only Box it doesn't check is Central Bank of Manipulation which I think it makes it Way more powerful and so at a trillion 4 Could this trade to half the market Capitalization of gold where gold is $16 Trillion doll today we believe it can we Actually think it's going to go through The market capitalization of gold and if You're making the point that uh the American owners in an ETF are not going To be enough to get it there uh I Disagree because over time the Acceptance regulatorily is going to Allow people to put it in the portfolio A 1% position in these Global portfolios Takes it there so everybody is talking About post Bitcoin having predictions

Now and I think cnbc's longtime Bitcoin Expert Brian Kelly here perfectly lays Out the Bitcoin investment thesis for The rest of this year this is exactly What will send Bitcoin to $150,000 joining us now to talk about The effects of the having on all things Crypto is our resident Bitcoin Officially not O'Brian Kelly's it's Great to have you here so what do you What do you expect we to see another 450% rise after this having or does the Sort of dissipate each time so I think It's certainly that the having effect is Going to dissipate if you talk about how Many dollars into the market this is You're talking about uh last week was About $60 million a day of qu of sell Pressure that's now cut in half to $30 Million a day but you're talking about a Trillion dollar market so it's very very Small so I think if anything it's going To be the psychological impact of it and The fact that we're all saying Hey look At this fouryear cycle that we have out There probably what's more important Though is when you get to see some of These bigger brokerage firms come online So Morgan Stanley UBS once they are Online and they can have their customers Start come into Bitcoin that's a lot of Pent up demand what about what the ETFs How does that change the game now Because last having we didn't have ETFs

That's right and I think actually it Changes tremendously that's why Morgan Stainley and UBS are so important Because up to this point they have not Been able to buy those ETFs their Clients have been able to buy it so if You think about it you now have has Asset with the most demand it's ever Going to have right you've got all these People just able to come on and supply Has been cut coins on Exchange you're Down so you're having a whole bunch of Pent up and potential demand hitting Lower Supply to me that's the bullish Setup for Bitcoin Bitcoin is an easy 2 To 3x from here yes but now attention is Starting to turn into the altcoin market Brian Kelly gives his picks where are Some other ways that you're thinking About playing this if you do take that 10 to 20 year view that it's going to be This ecosystem that's created other than The ETF other than buying Bitcoin Straight out what are some other things That um you know viewers should look at Yeah so I would look at some of the Other coins so that would be ethereum um One ethereum and salana probably the two That you could buy this cycle um because Those are going to be the ones that the New Financial systems built on top of so Decentralized Finance heard about defi Those are the two that are really in the Lead for building that ethereum and

Salana are solid picks for sure guys Make sure you subscribe I'm going to be Releasing a new top altcoin video for May very soon we are fully back my Friends this is after being gone for About a week to attend token 2049 in Dubai and catch the karate combat fights Hope you enjoyed our content while we've Been gone but we are back fully with the Regular content so make sure you Subscribe top altcoin video coming out Soon


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