BEST 5 Star All- Inclusive Resort In Cancun Mexico Review | Impression Isla Mujeres

[Music] All right guys good morning so this is Right now is the second day of our stay Here at Isla Mujeres here at Impressions And I just wanted to do a quick review Of this room because this hotel first of All got really lucky the way I found it Originally we booked a stay at a Completely different place not in Cancun And then I decided to cancel it to go Here and this place opened in May or June so about just a few months ago the Newest Resort off an island here in Cancun and I'm gonna show you guys the Island too because they actually gave us A full map of it and it's not a big Island and it's beautiful and I think It's perfect so let's talk about this Room because there are a lot of features In here that I've never had within Another hotel first of all just right Off the bat at the style the aesthetic The design of this room is insane you'll Notice that they even have just lights Ambient lights running up the wall where I noticed like a lot of quality it Actually goes into the TV so when you Stay at a hotel and it's a newer TV That's when you know newer TVs they're Quick they have Netflix they have YouTube so it feels like you're right at Home this here is an all-inclusive Resort all right this means everything Is included everything is free so some

Of those amenities like you see these Little slip slips I got on yeah these Are free my girlfriend got a free uh one Too I don't know if you guys also know If you ever go to Mexico like you're not Supposed to be drinking the water here Because if you're from like America Apparently it will destroy your stomach So they have like purified hydration and These are all just insane glass bottles It's all for free on top of that you get Free room service we get a free Butler So we use WhatsApp they have really good Wi-Fi I even have Wi-Fi outside of the Actual hotel room where we're on the Beach and I could still message our Butler and the VIP Services which they Had and VIP service is kind of cool by The way guys this is like a real stay so We just I mean I just woke up so that's Why our room is so messy but if you come In here they gave us a VIP Services map Shout out to Molina basically you'll Notice that Secrets is right here on This map we're right here there's a Little turtle area dolphin area they Give us golf carts that we can rent for About 140 bucks for 24 hours and here's Like a really cool Cliff area and then Apparently there's a few churches in This area and then all the way on this Side there are some private beaches so We're actually looking to explore this Part of the island this part of the

Island and what I love about it is Because you might hear like oh Mexico's So dangerous but when you're alongside Like Cancun or some of these Hotel areas It's not as bad at all like everyone is So friendly here and I also forgot how Strong the US dollar is where we compare That to the Mexican peso and I looked it Up and the conversion is nuts because I Always tip 20 bills so I realize that 20 Dollar bill it's 340 pesos and you could Actually buy a lot with that so it feels Good knowing that my money is able to go Even farther and change the lives of People that are able to work here now a Few other details about this place Basically the way it's structured we Will start up here from the hot tub then We have a living room then we have the Bedroom and then we have the bathroom we Came in they have like truffle Chocolates we haven't had time to eat This but that's because they also have a Bunch of the free stuff in their Cafe This stuff is all free I mean we they Have a 24-hour cafe free ice cream free Sorbet they have free drinks here Silver Patron so if you like your alcohol all The drinks are free and we'll talk about The price of this hotel in a bit Everything in this mini fridge is free So all this juice all that pull uh even More Waters cooled Waters beers that's All free if you need any utensils any

Plates all that set is in here the wine Here is all free which is cool too so Oh yeah it's from California apparently I don't even know what this is Baja California I guess like if we don't Drink it like we can bring it back for Our family and uh my girlfriend and I we Aren't big drinkers so we don't want to Put it to waste but our family is Especially my dad all right guys as soon As we open up the floor-to-ceiling glass Windows or the glass doors this turns on So this is a little hot tub in here a Little private one temperature is great Not too hot at all it's not gonna burn Your skin and then here we are on part Of the balcony now this overlooks that Part where you actually come down from The boat and all the way on the other Side is Cancun down here is actually Where you can hang out uh we were Hanging out there yesterday it was nice This year on the bottom is the infinity Pool and then you'll notice the Sharks Logo and yeah it's getting a little Foggy out here a little humidity and That's because we have also got the hot Tub and all that but yeah so this Overlooks the view and it is crazy like I've never had a view like this where I Can look out the waters are in insane Color it's light blue it's freaking Beautiful so something that I also love About this is that they have a bunch of

Different amenities where they have yoga Going on right now you can make your own Spa scent salsa dancing last night they Have morning meditation there's even Like a smoothie activity it's just Fantastic because for me I think it's Because I'm a workaholic at some points If I'm just sitting around doing nothing I at least need a book otherwise I'll Just get so bored but with a place like This they just have all of these really Relaxing activities let's go back inside Now when we came into the hotel like Little things they also have like giant Harman Kardon speakers they gave us a Little snorkeling thing so there's a lot Of fish yesterday an insane amount of Fish like even under the bed there's Motion sensor lights that come up Everything is controlled with this iPad This is like the iPad that we pretty Much had at the win and the wind was a You know another brand new hotel they Have Spa appointments guys Spa Appointments here are so expensive like This body scrub is 269 and then the Massage is like 400 bucks but they Actually had a 50 off dealer and get a Massage like 175 bucks so if we wanted To order like some additional free stuff Like in-room dining and drinks they have All of that so breakfast light breakfast And they'll deliver it and then like Anything we need specifically we just

What's up our Butler and he just will Take care of it thermostat is new it's Digital you can control all the lights You can block everything out with the Buttons right next to the bed little hat Guys try to get these pillows off of Your beds they're not clean they dirty They have like a reading light up here Which I actually just noticed and then Yeah you have a fan that you can control From your bed and then you also have Additional lights here so you can just Control the lights right by your bedside Which I think is so awesome the shower For all of their amenities here if you Guys are familiar with Le labo in New York these are are not cheap but all of Their shampoo conditioner body wash and Body lotion is this and even their bar Soaps you have your standard amenities You have your robe you have your towel But what I really love here is you Actually have technically three shower Heads you have all three and this is Like a blackout curtain and it actually Comes up I also found a little tiny like Micro gecko yesterday it was cute but it I took it outside and it jumped off well I kind of blew it off I think it's alive Yep In the shower all right we're pretty Much here just at the bathroom hung up All my clothes what I really want to Show this right here is connected to the

Outside hallway and pretty much anything That we need the hotel service to take Away or like I guess if we're done with Our room service and we don't want it to Be in here we put it in this box and They collect it from the other side I Think that's really cool just make sure You lock it so you know you don't get Someone like in a horror movie like it's Like coming through the box you get a Lot of extra amenities here you get a Dental kit shaving kit hair comb like Yeah you actually don't find a lot of These things even in uh some of the Other hotels within the state so if you Guys didn't know Um this is actually one of Hyatt's Higher end Resorts like way higher end In terms of all-inclusive just amenities And everything it's up there that's Pretty much it um in terms of the Restaurants wow it is absolutely Phenomenal okay they have a Japanese Restaurant we had last night they also Have the Choo choo train shh fire fire you know Like you know the fun stuff so they have That you make reservations through that Through the Butler and then they also Have an Italian place they have a Steakhouse they also have a just Traditional like Mexican restaurant here Which we that's the first thing we ate We ate that for lunch we had amazing

Tacos out of fish taco so juicy so good And I just love the fish around here I've been at a lot of Michelin star Restaurants for sushi I eat sushi all The time and I had sushi here yesterday It was good I really can't say any like Better things about this hotel I had to Pay this out of my pocket don't worry I Even tried asking them to see if they do A little influencer thing because I know They'd be doing stuff with the tick Talkers I know they'd be doing stuff With them but I think those are all like Travel agencies and stuff so far the Review Um a few things that I love about this Place is this place is like what I'd Consider to be my definition of travel Where you're not running into people all The time like this hotel and resort Actually feels like a ghost town there's More in employees than there feels like There are Hotel guests because it's more Expensive so I paid about a thousand Dollars a night to be here but when you Break down the cost of it being on an Island the transportation of the boat to Get you here all the amenities all the Free alcohol all the free dinners all The free desserts all the free amazing Sorbet and just anything else like all The activities the yoga I really think It balances out but the the place where This hotel actually makes their money is

Like all their upselling services so to Use the golf cart 140 bucks the massage 400 bucks but I think that's normal for Resorts if we wanted to go get like a Romantic dinner on the beach privately 700 bucks if we wanted to get photos by Their company 1500 bucks so that's where The upsells happen folks but if you're Someone who likes to drink if you're Someone who loves eating food I believe Even if it's a thousand dollars a night Which we got a really good deal from Because on average I think it's about Fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars A night during peak season you're Getting a pretty good deal I would say Each meal just round it up 30 50 bucks To a 100 bucks max if you're getting Drinks and you'll find that just staying In this hotel room at night is maybe Like five six hundred dollars and I Think that's completely worth it for Everything you get now a few things to Keep in mind okay this place is very Picturesque meaning the infinity pool is Beautiful as soon as you walk in you're Just like you're greeted by people Waving at you what's the show White Lotus yeah have you guys ever watched White Lotus this is exactly what it Feels like yeah and they're all wearing The same outfits they all looking fresh And they they all say welcome home I'm Like I've never been here before but you

Know and you know what's you know what's Really cute yesterday night after we ate Dinner we're just walking around Exploring there's no Hotel guests here I Mean it's empty which I love I hope After this video it stays this way Because it's just nice when you don't Have to fight over getting like a seat By the beach or you're running into People all the time or having to wait For restaurants here you don't need to Make a reservation you just walk in There are ready to go they're here to Serve you so after dinner we were Exploring and like it was it was really Cute because we saw like one of the Employees who had like their little Notebook and it said like all the five Different prompts yeah it was like how Are you doing like you know like the Typical things yeah what's your room Number so yeah my girlfriend and I were Saying how it reminds us of like her Grandma because her Grandma's studying English and just so cute so cute In terms of booking I actually had a Subscriber who DM me and he's like You're at Impressions Isla Mujeres uh by Secrets I got that for he said 20 000 Points a night which is crazy that's 200 So that's basically getting 80 off Um granted this person said they got it During off season so that right there is A fantastic deal I'd say even a thousand

Dollars if you're able to afford it's Worth it because when I checked the Points conversion it was basically 1.5 To 1 to 1.5 cents at one point it's just Not worth me using my points Um a lot of you guys are asking me why I Have two million points with Amex a Million points with Chase I have that Because I'm waiting for the right Redemption because I know you can still Get 5 10 15 redemptions with all these Flights but anytime you can get a Redemption like that like if you get if You see the 20 000 Point Redemption on a Hotel like this you're in the green you Are good that is a fantastic deal it's Gonna be very hard to match that at any Point and plus points are not meant for Hoarding it's actually meant for you to Use and to have fun and enjoy with and I Think this is probably one of the best Places that you could do it for if you Guys are looking to get a credit card Because this is how you can do all this You can travel the world for free you Can actually stay at this place Completely for free there's a car like The world of high card Hyatt owns this Property with that card the welcome Bonus when I picked it up was 60 000 Points so that's about 600 to get back But if you get cards like the Chase Bank Business preferred hundred thousand Points Chase Sapphire preferred 80 000

Points right now offer goes up and down Chase Sapphire Reserve that's the card That I'm using on my trip for this one I Got 60 000 points already locked in hit That welcome bonus hit it quick I got it Within like two weeks that right there All adds up so if you get those points You could actually stay at an All-inclusive resort don't worry about Paying for food don't worry about like Anything else just bring some tips Because you should always be tipping the Hard work and staff here guys always Just do that I don't care how you know If you're really that broke just don't Even come on the trip but just tip People when you can only staying here Four nights I think that's like the part Perfect amount for most trips anytime I Do like more than five to seven nights I Get a little antsy because I'm like ah Like we've done everything and with the Amount of restaurants they have here I Feel like you can eat at all these Places within a four night period like It's more than perfect if you're eating Two three times a day so that is gonna Be everything you need to know with Regards to this hotel room tour if you Guys want to travel for free a lot of my Content is based on helping you guys fix Your credit leveraging credit cards Because they're good tools eventually Using those to get really good

Redemptions and point stays travel the World in luxury and for free get all the Benefits you know the hotel upgrades the Airport lounge access and then after That start businesses I changed my own Life doing this exact formula that's the Pathway I recommend you guys to take if You guys enjoyed this video if you guys Want to see more hotel room reviews or Things like this travel videos let me Know down below shout out to my team Shout out to God bye


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