“BEN COIN will be a TOP 20 Project!” Bitboy Crypto Prediction

But our goal is to become a top 20 Project And when you say top 20 project do you Understand when some people like look at That and be like get a load of this guy Top 20 project right now it's a few Pages down like I can understand like Second page coin market cap or whatever But top 20 project we got to the top 300 In three days So I don't I don't think it's that like If we were to pull up right now if we Were to pull up the the top uh you know Projects on uh coin market cap and you Were to say like okay Sheba in you Sitting at number 16. okay I think That's all I have to say right there is Sheba in you is sitting at 16 and what Positive you know kind of kind of what Positive thing is Sheba and you doing in The ecosystem it was a nothing right so I think that's the marker if we could Get up there and of course you and you Is a meme coin right and we don't want To associate ourselves with meme coins But if you were to say that's the Barometer of can you do better than Sheba like I think it becomes a lot more Achievable to people and then if you Want to back that up further and you Want to go into the top 50 and you say Ethereum classic is sitting at number 24 Right uh you say that ton coin that like Nobody even really knows what it is uh

Is sitting at number 30 I mean I'm sure You do I do as well but most people Don't even know what that is Um you know and you start going down and You start looking at these coins and you Start saying the board a yacht club coin Bitcoin like it's sitting at 40. Um sandbox that hasn't even opened yet It's sitting at 44. you really just Start seeing like L Ron is it 48 nothing Nothing against L Ron Um but bit Dow I guess that's the buy Bit token I think maybe or something Associated with it like it's sitting at 48. like you start seeing it's not as Unachievable as people think it is and We go back to the bull run and start Thinking about coins that were peaking Up in that top 50 Um you know I would say more of the Cream is risen to the top here in the in The bear Market if you go back we look At the history of coin market cap and You look let's say you know uh I don't Know did you pick a pick a date here Like July or you know August of 2021 if You look at those top 50 projects I Think you'll see a lot of coins that are Totally irrelevant right now and say oh It would have been easy to pass those Talk about how exactly the Ben token Ben Coin is tied to everything you want to Do because I don't fully understand it I Don't think people understand exactly

You want to pass legislation you want to Get crypto education they're different Media things different perks like the Delta like how does that have to do with Ben coin and like maybe specifically if You know like will whether you know Buying holding staking these different Things that will ultimately be positive For supply and demand yeah well number One Um this is a very rare situation like We're taking we have the liquidity pool That's what we have so the profits for The more volume that it's traded the More profits we have coming in to be Able to do the things we want and we Have a budget sent out that's like uh You know 20 goes to public awareness 20 Goes to crypto education 20 goes to Policy and Regulation and then 20 goes To uh you know building a we don't call It an unbiased crypto news platform but Uh the fairest crypto news platform that Exists that that's what we're going to Probably call it no paid promotions at All no pay press releases it will not be Funded by projects it'll be funded Internally Um and so you know we talk about that Later down the road uh once a little Further on that that's not until like Quarter three Um but what happens is there's Equity Pool profits We Roll those into those

Four areas And so as far as the voting we've got to Roll the voting will be rolling out next Quarter Um and so we're still trying to get our Hands exactly around on whether we want To do snapshot voting where you get a Snapshot to your address and you get a Certain amount of voting power based on How much you hold and how long you've Held it Um or if we want to do it kind of like Staking we think we want to do we don't Think we want to go the staking route There can be third party there are third Party Um platforms that we've considered using That will allow our users to stake Bitcoin but it wouldn't be through Bencoin so there would be a risk there For people uh we're not going to do that For the voting I don't think I don't Think we want to create our own staging Platform for that that was originally The plan but also we want to encourage People to trade it whether they're Buying or selling it that goes into the Trading volume which goes in liquidity Pool that allows us to to do what we do So obviously you know when the price Starts going up Um which you know I can't guarantee the Price will go up but assuming at some Point like Bull Run comes overall crypto

Market cap goes up then you know less Trading will be fine because the tokens Will be valued more and they'll be you Know we can still use that um you know In the value gained to be able to roll Into those four initiatives Um but the way the utility of the coin Is really the governance of like let's Say with our policy and regulation so People let's say market cap goes back up To you know 50 60 million dollars the Trading volume is good we would be Making approximately anywhere from you Know 10 to 30 to 40 000 a day on the Liquidity pool let's say it's forty Thousand dollars ten thousand dollars Each now that's a good day okay so That's not what we're experiencing right Now by interesting imagination but ten Thousand dollars a day Uh would be rolled into uh will be split Between let's say it was forty thousand Dollars ten thousand dollars each would Go into those four these are just rough Numbers there's a little bit more There's a five percent community of 15 For contractual work but let's just say Hypothetically Ten thousand dollars each would go into Those four initiatives so after that Happens now we start actually making Those funds Work for us so the a great example is For backing Pro crypto candidates so

What we would do is we would build that Pool Probably between now and the next Election right we would probably say now Between now and at least next year when Candidates really start running on a Presidential level on a state level on a Senate level on a congress level other Areas when there are candidates that are Pro-crypto we're going to select out of Like maybe nominations from from the Community maybe 10 to 20 different Nominees we say these are the most Pro Crypto candidates that we want to back That have a chance to win we're not Throwing the money away and then what We're going to do is I think we're gonna do snapshots so the Community will get a snapshot taken at a Certain date and certain time however Much you held and however long you've Held it will equal voting power and then That voting power will be able to go and Vote for one of those 20 candidates Where you want to see the funds go to Now let's say let's just say for example Um you know Ron DeSantis let's say Ron DeSantis is super pro crypto 30 of our Audience wants the money to go to Rhonda Santis okay what that would mean is that When they go vote 30 percent of the pool goes to him it's Not a winner take all scenario so if There's one candidate that's a smaller

Candidate that a lot of people like and Seven percent of our community votes for That candidate seven percent of those Funds are going to go to that candidate So we're also gonna be doing other Things like you know backing uh you know Pro crypto organizations like Satoshi Action fund and stuff like that but Um you know most of what we do is going To be brought up to community vote our Logo is chosen by the community Um you know the community chose not to Do they didn't want us to do a version Two of the staking contract so there's a Lot of things involved that um you know The community has already chosen even Though it hasn't been it's been on Telegram hasn't been official by the Governance because that doesn't roll out Until next month or next quarter does That make sense yeah yeah so I Understand so the way all these things You want to do with the token the way It's actually tied to the Token is Through the revenue generated through The liquidity pool the community gets to Vote and how that money is used right Right and then I'm not saying this is Different from many projects I have to Deal with this but like say that you Ron DeSantis does get a big chunk of Ben Token is like it's not paid in Bitcoin Oh okay what's it it's going to be Converted over to Ethan converted over

Probably to stable coins or whatever we Have to move it actually Into Cash to Donate it then that's what we'll do okay So there's is there a risk of like these Donations this money going to a certain Thing being like sold on the open market And I'm not saying that's different from Any projects but I mean that's what Would happen Well if 50 of the liquid people profits Come back in Bitcoin and 50 come in Ethereum Um so these are things we still have not Worked out 100 yet that's why we haven't Rolled any any of this out officially Um these are things like At first I was Thinking like okay well this code here Let's go here it's real easy but then You're like okay now we're sitting on a Bunch of Bitcoin like do we want to Really start selling off the Ben coin uh From the liquidity pool profits we Already said we won't sell our own Supply until we hit at least a 500 Million market cap but the liquidity Pool profits they go into a different Fund Um so those are things will honestly Will probably let the community vote on That too uh we would also have the Option maybe to sell some of that OTC Maybe Um where it won't hurt the price and we Could we could trade that out

Um that is another option we could look At like you know we use uh Caleb and Brown for OTC stuff so it's a Conversation we can have with them as Well Um so the eth is no big deal like it Doesn't matter if you sell eth right Like we're not gonna be able to affect The market selling Eve Um so that's that is definitely a Challenge we are we're trying to look at And figure out so we're still we're Still the baby baby steps of this Project right now okay How important like I want to ask you how Important it is that the band token Increases in market cap Um because if you ask the Bitcoin people They'll say well if Bitcoin doesn't Increase in price then this security Model's broke and you ask to eat people If heat doesn't increase in price that Means nobody's using it like how Important is that Ben Ben appreciates Going forward for this well I said we Can't sell any until it's a 500 million Dollar market cap so from an internal Perspective and once again it's not About money but I'm just saying that's That's well from our investor there's an Investor side of this too we have a Backer who is the investor Um for for most of the funds that funded This project

So obviously they're in it for money on Some level right but we also have an Agreement that even at that nobody can Sell any of the tokens that's involved In Bitcoin Collective Um uh more than half of one percent of The volume on any given day even after We reach a 500 million dollar market cap So internally you have to understand There is motivation to get this project Going in the right direction Um and to see the market cap go up However if the market cap let's say if We were able to get to around 100 Million and then it stayed sideways Forever and it never went up we were Never able to profit from the project Which is not the main focus at all Then about 100 million dollar market cap That's enough money coming in in the Liquidity pool for us to really do Damage on a lot of these fronts Um so that's kind of our first Target is Getting back up to that we were there For a day or two and then you know unit Swap censored us you know they took us Down Um then of course there was some some Issues with me working with ben.eath and That you know we separated again and so We think some of that's going to be able To to smooth over you know good luck Depend on everything that he's doing but Um the fact is

Is that we have a long ways to go with This project and we're very motivated to Get the market cap up I want this to be A top 20 project like that's my aim we Think top 50 is probably not going to be A problem top 20 I think we can do uh Pretty easily as well top 10 it's a Little bit harder especially when you Start talking about stable coins in There as well Um I mean now you're talking about like You know well you gotta be better in Solano okay well that's not that hard You'll be better than cardano okay That's gonna be a hard route Um so Um you know people also have to take Into consideration right now we're in a Bear Market uh I mean technically I Think we bought them technically I think Is a bull market but you know what I'm Saying like we're in a sideways Accumulation market right now at best Um and so once things get bullish again And we get crypto adoption going in the Right direction people are going to want More of that right now nobody cares About crypto adoption because Everybody's searching meme coins on Google Um so we think just by just by sheer Awareness that we're gonna be able to Really take this project uh pretty far On that alone

Um as The Bull Run comes back but yeah It's very important to us that the the Bitcoin holders are able to have power On the political and the education we Didn't even really talk about the Educational pillar earlier so much more To that than what I said it you know We're going to create a an accredited uh Blockchain group that is able to Accredit crypto education materials and Then that's going to open the door for Them to get into schools and colleges And universities like that's another Route that we're going to be going People are going to care about that in The bull market they don't care about it In the bear Market uh only the only Thing everybody cares about is how much My portfolio dropped so in order to Create the environment where we're going To be able to achieve all the goals we Want to achieve yeah the project has to Move forward like what crypto project is Moving forward and less people are Wanting to take part in it and you know We want more people taking part in the Ben ego system and you know we hope you Know that people are going to understand Them the mission of crypto adoption want To be involved and you know like I can't Guarantee people prices are going to go Up I can't ever guarantee that but our Goal is to become a top 20 project


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