Become a Memecoin Millionaire!! Our Guide To The NEXT 100x!!

Just recently a salana user made $2 Million after investing just $62 in a meme coin it's just one of many Similar stories we've heard over the Last few months now at first glance this Looks like nothing more than dumb luck a Gamble that paid off it really is Gambling upon closer inspection however It's possible that there's a method to This mcoin madness So today we're going to do what many Believe to be impossible simply Impossible and that's to propose a meme Coin strategy based on fundamentals that Could turn a few dollars into millions So if that's what you want to do then This is a video you have to watch till The very End now I'll start by saying that Nothing in this video is financial Advice and given the subject matter I Think I'll just say that again nothing In this video is financial advice it's Purely educational content that's meant To assist you on your crypto journey I Also want to explain why we decided to Make this video basically it seems that Mem coins are becoming an actual Bonafide crypto niche in their own right From our perspective this was made Official when the Avalanche Foundation Announced it would begin investing in Memecoins late last year as crazy as it May sound we think this marked a

Watershed moment that gave legitimacy to A crypto Niche which has never been Taken seriously within the industry Itself now some would argue that Elon Musk's support of Dogecoin was the real Catalyst but well let's not go there Okay so with that said this begs the Question of whether it's at all possible To perform any kind of fundamental Analysis on mem coins in other words is It actually Poss possible that a meme Coin's specific characteristics increase Or decrease the chances that it will see A massive Return we think that the answer is yes And by the end of this video you'll know Exactly how you can find mem coins that Could turn you into a Millionaire and by the way if you're Enjoying the video so far be sure to Smash that like button to give it a Boost now before we look at Characteristics that are specific to Memecoins we must zoom out and Understand where they exist relative to Other cryptos obviously meme coins are Extremely high risk they either go up by Thousands of x's or they go to zero it's Very rare that there's anything in Between with the exception of Dogecoin Practically every single mcoin is a Token on a smart contract cryptocurrency Blockchain like for instance ethereum or Salana in Practical terms this means

That these memecoins are very much a Part of the ecosystem of these cryptos And their names often reflect that Membership this is extremely important To note because it makes it possible to Assess roughly when a mem coin could Pump and possibly even by how much let's Use salana as an example here as it's Been front and center in the recent Mcoin craze I'll quickly not that most Of us here at the coin Bureau hold soul And eth by the way anyways as most of You will know Soul started rallying like Mad last Autumn presumably because of s Spf's trial whatever the reason though Soul's surprise pump caused investors to Fomo in with millions of dollars these Millions became tens of millions and It's possible that these flows are in The billions now what followed was what We see in the crypto Market all the time Capital rotation after Soul had Experienced a sizable pump some of those Soul investors started rotating their Soul gains into other altcoins in sana's Ecosystem helium's h&t being a notable Example then once all the Blue Chip Salana ecosystem tokens had rallied we Started to see some more speculative Plays take off and what was the most Speculative play of all that's right the Bonk mcoin in the first two weeks of December alone Bon rallied something Like 50x don't ask about its total 2023

Returns now of course the flows aren't As straightforward as I just explained Them to be in truth Bonk rallied Alongside most of sana's Blue Chip Tokens even so the basic principle of Capital rotating out of large caps and Into ever smaller and ever more Speculative assets is how funds tend to Flow in in every Market how much these Speculative assets pump depends on their Market cap and not their price tag Smaller market cap cryptos come with an Inherently high risk but also a higher Reward large cap cryptos on the other Hand are lower risk but well the returns Aren't always that big midcaps are of Course somewhere in between it goes Without saying that Meme coins lie at The extreme end of the small market cap Spectrum their micro market caps create An extremely high risk but extremely High potential reward this is why it's Wise to have a balanced crypto portfolio Consisting of large caps midcaps small Caps and micro caps more about how to Construct a crypto portfolio in the Description by the way so with the big Picture out of the way we can now drill Down into the specifics of the meme Coins themselves as you may have noticed Meme coins seem to follow different Themes for example many name themselves After various forms of dogs or other Animals almost certainly because of

Dogecoin as time has gone on we've seen Other memec coin themes emerge however Most of these are directly related to Actual memes Pepe being an easy example Others have related specifically to real World events which if you think about it Could arguably be classified as more Temporary memes now I know this all Sounds insane in all seriousness though This reveals another extremely important Thing most meme coins are copycats of Sorts look at the biggest meme coins on Any given smart contract cryptocurrency Blockchain chances are that they're Related to a dog of some kind like Shiva Enus or related to internet memes like Pepe for the time being these seem to be The two biggest mem mem coin themes but It's possible that we will see new ones Emerge it's possible that these new mem Coin themes are likely to be more Specific to the crypto ecosystem itself And could involve references to popular Crypto slang like fomo or fud it goes Without saying that Meme coins that are Tied to Temporary events are unlikely to Make you lots of money unless you get in Very early meme coins that are tied to More long-lasting popular ideas are much More likely to endure but I'll remind You that we're dealing with a totally Speculative asset class here put simply Anything is possible and this ties in to The thing about meme coins that makes or

Breaks investors price action if you Look at the chart of almost every mem Coin in existence it follows almost Exactly the same pattern it starts with A massive speculative pump followed by a Crash a couple of recovery pumps and Then a total Flatline as you might have Guessed this is because there are lots Of Deens and Bots investing blindly into Meme coins they find on Dex aggregators Like Dex tools to try and make a quick Millie spoiler alert that almost never Works these DG often get pumped and Dumped on and the result is what you see Once a mem coin has flatlined there are Two possibilities either it goes to zero Or it recovers as I mentioned earlier There's almost never an in between and In almost every case it requires some Big Catalyst to wake a meme coin from Its Slumber for most meme coins this Catalyst never comes news flash it's the Flat lines you need to look for not the Parabolic pumps that come before or After in theory it's impossible to know If this revival Catalyst will ever come In practice however there are many Things things that you can look for Which could keyword could increase the Chances that it will more on that in a Moment first though we need to Understand where mem coins come from now You can think of mem coins as falling Into two categories those that are

Coordinated and those that are Community-driven coordinated meme coins Are those that are created by famous People in the crypto industry often Influencers conversely community driven Mem coins are well community-driven Now naturally the primary purpose of Coordinated meme coins is to enrich the People who created them these people Will often set an explicit price Target Or market cap they want their mcoin to Reach and make that publicly known this Is a double-edged sword that you can Wield depending on your risk tolerance For instance imagine there's a Coordinated mem coin with a market cap Of one million and the people who Created it have announced that they want To grow it to a $100 million market cap It's almost guaranteed that this won't Happen because everyone will sell before That Target including them depending on Your risk tolerance you could still eek Out a gain of 10 or 20x by riding the Initial pump and being one of the first To exit the thing is that you could make The same kind of gains on larger and More established cryptos with a fraction Of the risk in short coordinated meme Coins aren't worth it by contrast Community-driven meme coins are Typically created just for fun this is Very much Up For Debate as people who Created meme coins often do so for the

Same reasons as influencers to make Money fast then again there have been Cases where the motivation was Apparently genuine fun it seems there Have been cases where memecoins were Created purely to attract users and Investors to a particular blockchain but We'll come back to that later anyhow the Key thing to look for in a Community-driven meme coin is genuine Community involvement and development if You see that there are dozens of people Putting in hundreds of hours of work Into promoting a mem coin and building Whatever it's promising to be that's Certainly a good sign an even better Sign is when the original founder or Development team steps away from the mem Coin entirely without destroying it this Is a good sign because it essentially Opens the door to listing on centralized Exchanges in the United States something Which some meme coins have managed to do Pro tip always check to see how the mem Coin is distributed using a blockchain Explorer if you can see that most of the Supply is held by just a few regular Wallets then it's probably a pump and Dump if you can see that the supply is Fairly spread out then it increases the Chances that it's not a total rug Poole And this relates to the catalysts that Can wake a meme coin from its Slumber And the catalysts that can cause a mcoin

To hit new all-time highs and generate The kind of life-changing returns we Read about in the crypto news now the Slumber Awakening catalysts are Straightforward basically something Related to the meme coin and the classic Example here is of course Elon Musk Referring to anything dog related on Twitter AKA X this almost always causes Dog related meme coins to Rally even if They've completely flatlined similarly a Sudden rally among similarly themed mem Coins could be enough to cause other Smaller ones to pump come to think of it This seems to have been the Catalyst for Most of the recent meme coin rallies We've seen lately it's the answer to the Question of where the capital rotates After it's exhausted the most Speculative asset in an ecosystem there Is only one answer New Meme coins often In other places anywh who when it comes To the catalysts that could cause a mem Coin to hit new all-time highs these are Often sequential in nature first Something happens that's related to the Mcoins theme or the mcoin niche in General next something happens that's Related to the coin Specifically this something is often a Listing on coin market cap or coin gecko Or both now believe it or not but Listing on crypto pric tracking websites Is a massive milestone for memecoins

That's just because it signals that They're legit enough to be searchable on These platforms which actually have Listing standards more about all that in The description moving on now once a Mcoin has been listed on a crypto pric Tracking website the next catalyst is Typically a more meaningful development From the memec coin itself this can be The introduction of some nft collection A change to the crypto tokenomics or Even a partnership with a bigger crypto Project assuming a mcoin gets enough Traction from these more meaningful Catalysts then it opens the door to the Biggest Catalyst of all listing on Centralized exchanges this catalyst is Likewise broken down into stages lesser Known exchanges will often be the first To list mem coins with little scrutiny In order to be the first to grab those Trading fees of course then larger and Better known exchanges will list the mem Coin and finally the largest and best Known exchanges of all will follow suit From what we've seen listing on a US Crypto exchange seems to Mark the local Top for most meme coins this local top Will probably be the all-time high for Most of them if you bought a meme coin When it flatlined and held all the way Until this last Catalyst you've probably Made a few hundredx or more unless there Are fundamental reasons to hold the

Memec coin Beyond this Catalyst it's Prudent to take some profits and accept That your Millions won't become billions If you want to make sure you don't get Wrecked by fees when this happens by the Way check out the coin Bureau deals page It's got trading fee discounts of up to 60% and sign up bonuses of up to $40,000 On the best crypto exchanges this deal Is available for a limited time only Folks so take advantage of it now before It's too late the link will of course be In the description okay now let's pull All of this together here is how you Find a meme coin that could make you Millions step one find a smart contract Crypto ecosystem that started to pump One where capital is already starting to Rotate into Blue Chip cryptos note that This doesn't just include layer ones but Also layer twos step two find the mem Coins that fall into whatever the Biggest memec coin themes are you'll Recall that the two biggest mem coin Themes these days are dog themed and Meme themed specifically Pepe by way of Example try and find meme coins that are Analogous to those you'll recall that You can use Dex tools for this step Three check to see if the price of the Meme coin has flatlined if it's pumping Then you're probably already too late at The very least you won't have any idea When to sell and that means you'll ride

The rocket ship down just as fast as it Went up in this case it would be wise to Wait until things calm down step four do Some due diligence to see whether the Mem coin is coordinated or Comm Community Driven this should be fairly Easy to deduce by looking at the mem Coin's various social media channels and GitHub if applicable I'll remind Everyone that it's possible to buy Followers so don't be fooled by large Numbers and pro tip see what the Engagement is like instead step five ask Yourself which catalysts if any could Realistically wake Your Meme coin from Its Slumber you'll recall that any ions Of the meme coins themselves or even Just the theme could be sufficient to Cause a pump with a bit of luck there Will be a clear upcoming Catalyst that You can identify step six assess what Caliber of crypto exchanges the mem coin Could list on given its characteristics I'll remind you that lesser known Exchanges have a habit of listing Memecoins Regularly what you need to assess is Whether this meme coin could ever be Listed on a much larger larger exchange Preferably a us one and finally when This meme coin does list on some better Known exchange ask yourself whether it Would be prudent to take some profits if You invested a few hundred and are

Sitting on six figures or more well it's Safe to assume that you've made most of The potential gains on this meme coin in Percentage terms as you'll come to find The hardest part about making these Gains will be keeping them if you sell And that Meme coin happens to keep Rallying you'll likely be tempted to Fomo back in alternatively of course you Could end up spending most of the money You make aping into other meme coins Well don't be greedy accept Victory and Better yet put that money to use by Investing it in things that will earn You a passive income these could be Dividends from stocks yield from bonds Or even staking rewards and with enough Capital your money will work for you you If you let it I have a friend who Managed to semi-retire this way he knows Who he is now to wrap things up I want To put things into perspective some Believe that the hype around mem coins Ultimately has its roots in the fact That people are just so fed up with the Financial system that they're happy to Throw money into the void and see if a Bigger pile gets thrown back at them if This is indeed true then it's Unfortunate because it means this trend Will only accelerate as the futility of The existing Financial system becomes More apparent to the average person the Fortunate thing if indeed you can call

It that is that it will establish Memecoins as a serious asset class Within the crypto Market this will Hopefully result in some positives such As a more vibrant crypto community and a Few more millionaires being made along The way but what if the hype around mem Coins isn't the middle finger to the Financial system that many make it out To be what if it's just the consequence Of the rampant speculation that's being Caused by all the money printing or even Just being orchestrated as a means of Increasing engagement for crypto Projects if it's the former then that Means an environment of higher interest Rates if it comes could effectively Erase meme coins as a crypto Niche the Same could happen if defi is targeted by Regulators something you will know is Ongoing if you watched our recent video About ios's global defi Recommendations if it's the latter However then we've got even bigger Problems because it's only a matter of Time before someone figures out who's Been manufacturing these meme coins and Coordinating their growth while giving The illusion of a community effort this Could likewise come with a whole slew of Regulatory issues these and other facts And possibilities are why it's best to Focus on highquality crypto projects With small market caps crypto projects

That could turn hundreds into millions With a fraction of the risk and what if I told you that there's a place that you Can go to get this kind of alpha well That's exactly what the coin Bureau Club Is for members get weekly small and Midcap altcoin reviews and even get to Vote on which altcoins we cover they Also get access to an exclusive research Feed where the team shares insights About promising crypto projects and Narratives and best of all members get Access to an exclusive Discord where They can discuss these promising crypto Projects and narratives with the team Including yours truly and with each Other as a cherry on top members are Given access to exclusive deals monthly Giveaways and occasional amas and did I Mention you get to see all the cryptos We hold in our portfolios too so if this Sounds interesting then become a member Of the coin Bureau club by using the Link in the description be sure to sign Up soon because prices will rise on the 15th of January Chop Chop as they Say and that folks is all for today's Video so if you learn something new let Us know by Smashing that like button if You want to keep learning subscribe to The channel and ping that notification Bell if you want to help others learn Then take a second to share this video With them thank you all so much for

Watching and I'll see you in the next One this is gu over and [Music] Out


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