Apple Rejects Another Bitcoin App [ Crypto Espresso 6.15.23 ]

It's Thursday already oh God where did The week go anyway in addition to being Thursday it's also National Smile power Day and to celebrate I'll be delivering All of today's news with a smile because I'm your host Andrew and this is crypto Espresso your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines This is hurting my face I can't do this First up Apple has rejected the latest Version of Zeus an uncustodial lightning Enabled Bitcoin wallet citing the Transmission of virtual currency without The necessary licenses and permissions As the primary reason for rejection this Decision came just a day after Apple's Dispute with dumbass a decentralized Social media platform that operates on The Noster protocol demos's zap feature Which allows users to send small amounts Of Bitcoin over the lightning Network to Content creators as a token of Appreciation was the cause of Apple's Ire Apple has now turned its eye of Sauron to Zeus demanding proof of the Required licenses and permissions for The app to facilitate virtual currency Transmission or it will face rejection From the App Store Zeus which does not Take custody of funds or private Keys is Believed to be in violation of Apple's Guidelines that require apps to provide Proof of appropriate licenses for Cryptocurrency transmission however

Legal experts argue that non-custodial Wallets like Zeus should not be Classified as money transmitters a Designation typically reserved for Custodial wallets some hope for a Compromise as other non-custodial Wallets currently exist in the App Store The prior version of Zeus remains Available and it's unclear what changes Were made to the new version Bitcoin Development non-profit Brink has Received a significant financial pledge Of 5 million dollars from Jack dorsey's Start small organization the commitment Of one million dollars per year over the Next five years will provide a strong Foundation for Brink's mission of Supporting Bitcoin developers and Ensuring the long-term sustainability of The Bitcoin core database the support From start small will enable Brink to Attract more Talent expand educational Initiatives and provide ongoing Assistance to bitcoin developers in Their crucial work the pledge from start Small not only emphasizes the growing Significance of Bitcoin and its Underlying technology but also showcases The commitment of start small to open Source initiatives as a whole Sam Bankman freed SPF the founder of FTX has Been granted the ability to contest Additional charges in the United States After a judgment from the Bahamas

Supreme Court following his extradition From the Bahamas U.S prosecutors sought To add more charges including bank fraud And bribery to spf's rap sheet however SPF argues that he should have the right To challenge the additional charges Before they're added to the charge sheet The Bahamas Supreme Court granted him Leave to commence proceedings for Judicial review stating that his claims Have a real Prospect of success the Judgment has caused a delay in adding The extra offenses until the legal Process in the Bahamas is concluded the Review process will be expedited Although the court did not want to Preempt the findings however the legal Proceedings in the Bahamas could Potentially extend beyond the planned October trial date in the U.S a clever Arbitrage bot made Headlines by Executing a flash loan worth 200 million Dollars in the die stable coin from Maker Dao generating a massive profit of 3.24 cents after transaction fees the Bot capitalized on maker Dow's DSS flash Contract which allows users to borrow Die without incurring fees through the Loan the bot obtained 200 million die Tokens and used them to borrow 2300 Worth of wrapped eth on the the Ave dye Market subsequently it traded the Wrapped ether threshold Network on curve And then it sold it on balancer in a

Series of Rapid transactions within a Single block although the total profit Amounted to 33 dollars nearly 30 was Consumed by transaction and protocol Fees so yeah you're getting three Dollars and 24 cents flash loans have Gained some sort of notoriety for their Potential misuse in the defy space Previous instances of flash loan Exploits on platforms like platypus and Ovix have caused losses exceeding 10 Million dollars but in this case you Know profit is profit right and finally Miami mayor Francis Suarez known for his Embracing of Bitcoin and efforts to Position Miami as a crypto-friendly city Has entered the race for the Republican Nomination for President Suarez who has Been accepting his salary in Bitcoin Submitted the necessary paperwork to the Federal Election Commission to Officially launch his campaign despite Facing tough competition from prominent Candidates like Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Suarez hopes to Leverage his experience in leading Miami Through the pandemic induced to Tech Worker Exodus from Valley and New York Which resulted in several crypto firms Relocating to his City Suarez has been a Vocal advocate for Bitcoin emphasizing Its potential to democratize wealth in America he's explored the acceptance of Taxes and payment of Municipal Employees

In Bitcoin and even introduced Miami Coin at cryptocurrency built on the Bitcoin adjacent blockchain called Stacks however the token faced Significant challenges losing about 95 Of its value from its all-time high Despite this setback though Suarez Remains a steadfast supporter of Cryptocurrencies and believes in the Underlying technology stating that the Price fluctuations do not alter his Perspective but here's something that Can alter your perspective alright sure You've liked this video subscribe to our YouTube channel and clicked on that Little bell icon to get buzzed whenever New crypto espresso video goes live but Have you ever done all of these things While tilting your head 45 degrees to The left let me tell you it's a brand New experience thoughts on today's Episode why not drop me a line in that Comment section below because I read Those comments and they definitely keep Me up at night questions about our Headlines or crypto General take that Plungeness Alex in the description below Alex is always a great resource for all Things web 3 and the metaverse and that About does it for today as always I've Been your host Andrew these have been Your headlines and we'll see all of your Beautiful shining faces tomorrow


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