AI predicts crypto in 2024, Saylor sells stock to buy BTC, Bitcoin ETF warnings

The spot Bitcoin ETFs have people Hoovering up Bitcoin but there's still a Risk they might not be Approved good morning you're listening To the ryzen crypto podcast by coin Telegraph with me Robert bags steering You through the crypto Cosmos with daily Dispatches from the digital Frontier if You want to stay on The Cutting Edge of The crypto industry make sure you click That follow button okay grab yourself a Coffee and let's get into It it's that time again for your daily Debrief on the most important stories in Crypto so here is the rundown Grayscale's latest spot Bitcoin ETF Amendment omits the name of the Authorized participants we let various AIS predict crypto in 2024 Disney's Copyright on the Mickey Mouse precursor Expires and becomes a viral nft Collection Michael salor sells $216 Million of micro strategy stock to buy More personal Bitcoin and an analyst Warns there is still a risk of the spot Bitcoin ETFs not being approved in Yesterday's episode we discussed the Flurry of amendments to the spot Bitcoin ETF application S1 forms one of the Alterations of note from Black Rock was The addition of the names of their Authorized participants APS which Included JP Morgan despite the CEO Jamie Dion wanting crypto shut down as a quick

Reminder an AP is an organization that Can create and redeem shares of an ETF Now Grace girl has made some amendments To their S1 filing but as the Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric balcon has pointed out Grayscale has omitted the names of their APS balcon has tweeted new grayscale Amendment just dropped clear language on Cash only but still no AP named just Blanks where the name should go not sure Why since SEC wants to see it and they Have been pretty sure about having One also nothing on fee that I could see That's a big open question too so no one Is clear on why exactly grayscale hasn't Included the names of their APS back in June of 2022 gry Scout indicated that Jane Street Capital and virtue Financial Would be its APS if they converted the Grayscale Bitcoin trust gbtc to an ETF This could still be the case but Jan Street is listed as APS for Wisdom Tree Fidelity and black rock and virtue was Listed as an AP for Invesco Galaxy as Balcon ass later tweeted Black Rock Fidelity at Al did it so why not be done With it it seems pretty unlikely that We're going to have a curveball here but It's one to watch and we'll have our Answers soon Enough Daniel Ramirez escad wrote a Brilliant piece yesterday where he went Around the various large language model AIS and asked them to predict things in

Crypto for 2024 with for all intents and Purposes Limitless information at its Disposal AI has what it needs for great Predictions the question is whether any Of these large language models can Interpret the data in a useful way so The first question Daniel posited was Whether Bitcoin will hit a new all-time High in 2024 we've seen lots of experts Predict around $100,000 price tag on Bitcoin in 2024 as well as a handful of Outlandish $1 million calls and then Everything in between most of the AI has Wanted it on the record that it's hard To predict such a volatile asset and you Can't really blame them for that but Daniel coaxed predictions anyway Google B said several analysts have predicted That Bitcoin could reach a price of $12,000 in 2024 these predictions are Based on various factors including the Bitcoin harving growing adoption Regulatory Clarity and the potential for A spot Bitcoin ETF approval though bar Did go on to set parameters of between 50 And1 $220,000 in 2024 which is an Absurd amount of wiggle room the next Question was whether the spot Bitcoin ETFs will be approved and Bard and chat GPT predicted early 2024 and January Respectively so no guru esque wisdom There next Daniel asked a far tougher Question what are the upcoming crypto Trends for 2024 this is much more

Difficult to find a pre-written answer For Bard went the rather safe route and Focused on institutional investment Though it added that the growth in Institutional adoption will be as a Result of them using digital assets to Hedge against inflation chat GPT however Went deeper and techier predicting the Following which I'm going to just quote Directly number one decentralized Private identifiers D pins advancements In privacy focused Solutions are Expected from cryptographic identifiers That allow users to control their Personal data securely number two Reaking protocols staking is already Widespread but reaking protocols will Emerge number three data availability Layers as blockchain networks grow Ensuring data availability becomes Crucial new layers will enhance data Storage and retrieval mechanisms number Four real world asset tokenization Beyond cryptocurrencies 2024 will have More assets like real estate art or Stocks tokenized on blockchains making Them more accessible and number five AI Cryptocurrencies artificial intelligence Integrated with blockchain technology Will lead to Innovative applications Such as AI driven trading algorithms and Predict Ive analytics that was such a Comprehensive answer that I started Googling that question and similar

Questions to see if I could find any of The answers chat GPT gave I didn't spend Too long on it but chat GPT definitely Didn't just swipe those answers from an Article or two so Daniel and I are Definitely going to have to revisit this At the end of 2024 so a rather unusual story played Out yesterday and it split across two Articles which are both Linked In the Show notes below at midnight on the 1st Of January many were drunkenly texting EX's making unke keepable resolutions or Bellowing Old Lang Zion mere inches from The faces of loved ones not Alexander TB Though Alexander TB who goes by at agat On X was busy minting a new nft Collection of Steamboat Willie Steamboat Willie was a Disney character that acted As a sort of precursor to Mickey Mouse And was very similar in appearance at Midnight on the 1st of January Tabb was Busy minting because that was the exact Moment that the character became public Domain meaning it can be used by anyone For any purpose United States law only Allows copyright to be held for 95 years And the time's up immediately three Different collections based around Steamboat Willie shot up the trending Charts on openc in fact in that 24-hour Period the three different collections Occupied first second and third in first Was the collection Steamboat Willie

Public domain 2024 with around $1.2 Million in trading volume which is about 521 eth second went to the collection Steamboat Willie with 160 9 eth and then In third there was a sharp drop to Steamboat willly Riverboat at 15 eth Although the creation of these nfts Doesn't appear to breach any US law the Chief legal officer of Atlas and a core Contributor to engine Oscar Franklin tan He had some warnings although tan called The character's Revival heartwarming he Added that only the specific 1928 Depiction of Mickey Mouse the scarier Black and white character with a longer Nose and no gloves is public domain Under us law Mickey Mouse the trademark And brand set from the character is Still private you cannot suddenly make Your own Mickey products Town also had An important warning to people outside Of the US the 1928 depiction of Mickey Steamboat Willie may not be public Domain in every country as some Countries have different copyright time Limitations he also added that using Steamboat Willie to imply that you're Affiliated with Disney is not a good Idea I imagine that's a rather quick way To find yourself on the business end of A Lawsuit okay it's been a few weeks since We last discussed Michael sailor and the Company he's the co-founder of micro

Strategy but there's two developments Worth knowing micro strategy is a Business intelligence firm and one of The companies with the most Bitcoin on Its books second only to grayscale on The ryen crypto episode on the 1st of December last month I covered the news That micro strategy had bought another $1,130 Bitcoin this cost $ 5933 million at an average price of $ 36,7 185 per Bitcoin by the way that Isn't already absurdly lucrative Investment at the time of recording That's worth north of $730 million which Means micro strategy has made over $130 Million on just that wedge of Bitcoin in A little over a month well they're not Stopping over the Christmas period Helen Parts reported that micro strategy had Bought another $4,620 Bitcoin this time at $42,715 Last month that spot Bitcoin ETFs are The biggest development on Wall Street In 30 years but sailor isn't just Playing an aggressive game with micro Strategy however yesterday Tom Mitchell Hill reported that sailor has begun a 4-month process of selling $216 Million Worth of stock in his own firm micro Strategy in a second of January filing With the SEC sailor disclosed that the Process of selling his shares has Started with a trunch of 5,000 shares Yesterday and he aims to continue

Selling 5,000 per day for the next next 4 months why well half of the two Reasons given is vague it's for Addressing personal obligations the Other reason however is to and I quote Acquire additional Bitcoin to my Personal account despite this sell-off Sailor stake in micro strategy is still Said to be Significant everyone is speaking about The spot Bitcoin ETFs as a done deal but There is still a chance that they don't Go through on the 10th of January so Let's have a look at what the risk is The aformentioned Eric balanas and James Safar two ETF analysts at Bloomberg have Been front and center of the spot Bitcoin ETF applications reporting on Every update and alteration with their Expertise back in November the pair Estimated that the likelihood of Acceptance for the ETF applications in January is 90% and they've stayed Steadfast at that probability but that Still leaves a 10% chance that many are Pretending isn't there and speaking to Coin Telegraph balanas addressed that The fear isn't really that there will be An outright rejection by the SEC at the Buzzer balcon said this would be the rug Pull of the decade and that everybody Put a lot of work into this especially Over the holidays sadistic might not Even be a strong enough word for it okay

So what is the risk time balcon as Highlighted that the most likely issue To occur that means we don't see the ETFs accepted on the 10th of January is That the SEC hasn't got all of their Ducks in a row he said I would say if we Don't see it in the next 2 weeks it's Because they the SEC need more time this Wouldn't be a complete disaster but it Would certainly be impactful and an Outright denial though would be Nightmarish balcon has suggested that if The worst case scenario were to happen There'd be lawsuits against the SEC Similar of grayscales this time next Week we will likely know if the etf's Got the green light or not and then it's Time to begin analyzing whatever happens Next that is it for today consider Yourself informed thank you for Listening to the ryzen crypto podcast by Coin Telegraph if you're enjoying these Daily updates please make sure you let Us know by following subscribing or Leaving review I see some of you have Already done this and we really Appreciate it it helps more than you Might realize have a great day let's do This again [Music] Tomorrow


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