$1 Million Bitcoin Price Target WAY SOONER than 2030!

So if you had that bill case for more Than 1 million USD Bitcoin has your Forecast timeline to reach that price Now shortened bitcoin's price is on a Tear today it touched $70,000 the price Is flying higher and higher every day as Demand vastly outstrips Supply a lot of People are saying that bitcoin's price Can hit 100K before the having it's Incredible the digital Gold Rush we're Seeing happening in crypto right now Make sure you subscribe to our channel To get an edge in the market I don't Think most people realize if this keeps Going the way it's going bitcoin's price Can hit $1 million way sooner than 2030 This is insane Kathy Wood is moving up Her $1 million bitcoin price prediction Way sooner than 2030 listen tell me what You think your price target for Bitcoin Is Bill case north of $1 million us so If you had that bill case for more than 1 million us Bitcoin has your forecast timeline to Reach that price now shortened yes that Target what we uh evolved in uh it was Before the SEC uh gave us gave us the Green light and I think that was a major Milestone and it has pulled forward the Timeline um one thing I will say right Now no wirehouse so whether we're Talking about Morgan Stanley uh or maril Lynch BFA or UBS or Wells Fargo no no platform has approved uh

Bitcoin yet so all of this price action Has happened before they Approv um and so you know we haven't Even begun so what's your timeline for 1 Million USD Bitcoin now and is there Perhaps a price Target beyond that now Yes our Target is above that uh we've Got a 2030 Target so it's well above That and and with our new expectations For institutional Involvement uh the incremental price That that we assume for Institutions um actually has more than Doubled so uh you know I don't want to Give out any particular uh uh prices but Because we don't know um how quickly we Don't know how quick Um some the the more independent Registered investment advisers here in The United States those platforms are Saying give us three months to do our Due diligence the others are saying we Need at least six months so you know uh I I would put those in the institutional Bucket as well but in your view Kathy All of the factors are moving the price Of this in an upwards trajectory yes Indeed here's the thing guys there will Be volatility there is no opportunity Without volatility the last Bitcoin bull Market had 13 Corrections of 10% or more As Bitcoin rallied from 3,800 to 69,000 What do you think we're going to get to 1 million without a few dips intelligent

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Use this make sure that you use our Affiliate link below so that you're able To set up a free account with them and Try this out for free you use this Service it takes 5 minutes you will have Such peace of mind when you're done Crypto taxes are easy with coin Ledger I'm excited about Bitcoin I'm even more Excited about altcoins think about this In the last 30 days 73,000 ethereum eum Got burnt bitcoin's Supply flow Decreases with time ethereum's Supply Decreases with time and the ethereum Chart looking great flirting with 4,000 Price range and above just checking in With the ethereum network ethereum Generated 190 million plus in weekly Fees Revenue putting it at an annualized Rate of over 10 billion for the first Time since early 2022 think about it Like this due to ethereum's fee burning Mechanism this also has an impact on the Supply decreasing it by 33,000 eth about 125 million this week we are entering a Golden age for ethereum I'm serious About this ethereum and altcoins are About to enter a golden age or are we I Ask this to you are we about 2 months Away from the start of a very long Golden age for ethereum and eth I think So this analyst thinks so this is the Thesis in my opinion new changes to Three big factors for ethereum the big Upgrade coming up suggests yes an eth

Golden age is about to begin recent Price increases have been great but Regrettably ethereum has still been Underperforming for years that's all About to change eth's underperformance These past three years comes down to Three factors in short the three factors Are this these things are changing Factor number one ethereum has been seen As illegitimate for years the e ETF in May fixes this number two l2s have been Viewed as clunky the big upgrade adds Blobs next week and general growth are Fixing this and then number three l2s Has been seen as kind of parasitic to Ethereum now the latest data on l2s to L1 symbiosis fixes this so all of these Items are getting solved the reason for Eth's underperformance these past few Years are ending ethereum is about to Become a consensus bet ethereum golden Age is finally arriving in about 2 Months and I see a lot of fud people Saying that the ethereum ETFs can never Be a successful as the Bitcoin ETFs guys That's so shortsighted and simple-minded Saying eth ETF flows would be Insignificant is pure cope absolute Minimum I expect is onethird of Bitcoin Flows indexed to relative market cap Although in a bull market I expect far More trafi has had so many ways to get Exposure to bitcoin ethereum has had Relatively fewer ETFs change this do you

Think the ethereum ETFs get approved in May I'd say yes but it seems only one Man stands in their way hey Gary Gensler Just gave an ethereum update on the ETF May 23rd deadline listen you are facing A deadline coming up in May around a Spot ethereum ETF having a it is Kaye You had to get I do have to ask this Question of course we are now about two Months into a world in which spot Bitcoin products exist they have had Incredible uh demand more than $8 Billion in inflows now the optimism is Ether spot ETFs are next do you not First have to settle the question as to Whether ether is a security or a Commodity can you answer that first well Kaye again uh on any one of these crypto Tokens it's about the facts and Circumstances as to whether the Investing public is anticipating a Profit based on the efforts of others um But we do have fil in front of us I'm Not going to comment I will say this This is a highly speculative asset class One could just look at the volatility of Bitcoin in the last few days and look I Grew up loving roller coasters maybe in My adult years I don't Rite them as much But you you really should be conscious As the investing public that this is a Bit of a roller coaster ride on these Volatile uh assets and then the question Is is how how How firm is the foundation

Of the you know you get to the top of That Hill how's the foundation Underneath it and know there cash flows Or what's the use case for thousands of These tokens there's about 15 or 20,000 Of them they also may be Securities Because the investing public is relying On the efforts of some group of Entrepreneurs in the middle of these Projects and would you consider ether as Part of that group that may be Securities I understand your asking the Question but again I'm going to defer on That question finally guys just five More days to take part in this Competition Commonwealth airdropping 2.4 Million in VC allocation to hot Unlaunched web free projects for free We're partnered with them but I can't Even do this because it's not for us Only certain countries so if you're Outside the US in a good jurisdiction Maybe you can seize this opportunity so You just download their app you use our Code you complete 45 simple missions Some just take 1 minute it and you can Possibly get a decent slice in this fund For free now as a special promotion to Our audience anybody who has signed up Using our code in the past or in the Future anybody who's used our code They're going to give five random people 100 XP for free so a boost just comment Your email that you used to register in

The comments section I'm going to see it Even if YouTube hides it five people Will be given 100 XP for free for a Boost in this competition and just Generally you have 5 days to do this my Name is Aaron at altcoin Daily see you Tomorrow my friends


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