ZoidPay: The ULTIMATE Crypto Super App in 2023 | BEGINNER’S GUIDE

Yes welcome back everybody to altcoin Daily my name's Austin on this channel I Always try to introduce you to cool new Things happening in cryptocurrency as Best I can well today I want to Introduce you to the upcoming Zoid pay Super app the one app you need to take Care of all your web 3 needs now this is Launching in late May early June so I Want you to be ready Zoid pay is Actually sponsoring this video so I can Bring you the most accurate information Possible and the visuals we're already Getting are actually pretty cool we'll Talk about this but first what do we Mean when we say a super app firstly the Launch of the web3 super app will be a Significant milestone in Zoid pay's Journey built with you in mind it aims To extend a powerful and seamless Platform for all your financial needs Meaning the super app brings together a Host of features including banking Crypto support access to financial Services and more all in one place so One app to rule them all and that's not Just crypto app this is for crypto and Traditional Finance all in one app and Before we get to the main features of This zoipay super app perhaps it might Be best if we go over the overall vision And history of the company Zoid pay is a Crypto liquidity platform enabling Instant card issuance for purchases at

Any Merchant at the lowest fees and some Of you will remember zoidpay was Established in Cyprus back in May 2018 As a blockchain company focused on Making crypto payments easy for everyone As well as driving adoption to web 3.0 Financial services and what zoidpay Enables is this for the users Zoid pay Enables shop anything from anywhere with Crypto what zoidpay enables for the Developers build a web 3 Financial Services on top of instant interoperable Cross chain liquidity with our apis and Sdks as well as enabled blockchains Exchanges and wallets to integrate Crypto liquidity with one line of code That's zoidpay in a nutshell but with This new super app they are building so Much more so first let's talk about the Business to Consumer side as opposed to Their business to business side or their Developer side will get into all but the Main features of their zoipay super app Which I found interesting number one Multiple platforms obviously both in IOS And Android so you can access your Finances from anywhere at any time on Any device and desoidepay does allow you To issue multiple both physical and Virtual cards complete a one-time kyc With our partner Philip and you get Access to a virtual debit card with a Monthly purchase limit of one hundred Thousand Euros this card can be used for

Purchases across 100 million retailers Around the world through our Chrome Extension and again this is kyc'd for Security with access to instant Liquidity through Visa Mastercard JCB And Union PayPal cards at 100 million Plus Merchants now there are many Zoid Pay users that have used that Chrome Extension in the past another feature I Like of this new super app is seamless Onboarding to those of you who've Interacted with our Chrome extension we Agree the onboarding was far from Seamless this changes with the super app With a new partner on board one of the Biggest players in the space the Onboarding and kyc experience being put Together for the super app will be Simple and straightforward with a focus On security of data and again this is a Super app so I'm not going to list you Every single feature in today's video There's a link down below if you want to Check out the website yourself but the Two more aspects which I found Significant number one being Multi-crypto support and two Multi-currency ibands support the crypto Pretty self-explanatory while there will Obviously be a focus on support for esdt Tokens zoipay is one of the biggest Players in the elrond ecosystem while They started on ethereum back in 2018 Expanded the Tomo chain about a year

Later looking to reduce fees and now one Of the biggest players in the Multiverse X formerly elrond ecosystem while there Will be an obvious focus on support for Esdt tokens the plan here is to onboard Users from across the space hence the App will support multiple Cryptocurrencies in line with our Objective to continue cross-chain but What's also significant another feature Is multi-currency ibands iband standing For international bank account number so Our super app will offer multi-currency Ibands making it easy for you to receive And send funds in any currency so this Is not just for crypto this is not just For finance it's for all and you will be Able to send and receive funds in both Crypto and Fiat currencies as well as Connect the app to multiple Banks here's Where the app adheres to open banking in Its truest sense you will be able to Access your traditional Financial Services through the app examples of Those traditional Financial Services Will include savings accounts access to Insurance things you would find in the Traditional system as well as now things You find in the web 3 system such as Crypto back loans access to staking and Farming access to a Marketplace meaning A collection of different web 3 Financial Service apps or dapps with Everything being bespoke and

Customizable which I like now always More features we could get into again Link down below another utility feature Of the Zoid pay super app is taking earn Passive income by staking zeppe and Obviously investing in cryptocurrency in General is very risky this is not Financial advice never put in any money That you're not willing to lose into Crypto but if you want a stake I do like How they provided the staking calculator So you can actually see the potential Apy how much they pay you can earn by Staking and then obviously you would Have to select the staking period you Choose what's best for you another Interesting feature of the app is Shopping pools sign up and join one of The 100 recently claimed shopping pools The list of shopping pools is available Once you log in and here is that Visual And what a shopping pool is shopping Pools are a set of limited pools some People call web3 digital Banks and these Pools are limited to 1 000 participants Each requiring no less than one hundred Thousand zeppe and while the pools offer Sort of gamification features to boost Apy for users while on the other side The pool provides the ability to give Loans and Loan type services in this Zoid pay ecosystem everything is very Customizable so check this out yourself And speaking of gamification Meet the

Zoidsters level up in the Zoid pay Ecosystem with surprise benefits through Our nfts they are fun useful crazy and Knockouts so the nfts add functionality Slash benefits across the ecosystem Staking boosts zero fees additional cash Back and more and while all these Zoidsters are tradable viable in the Marketplace sort of a fun way gamified Way to interact in the super app and Their ecosystem and what's cool is Zoipay recently partnered with one of The world's leading Supercar events One Life rally meaning the super app is the Official wallet of the race and this Partnership aims to bring one life rally Enthusiasts an enhanced event experience Through exclusive access and blockchain Powered payments made possible by our Tech and what this event race experience Is launched in 2017 One Life rally is All about bringing together car Enthusiasts from all around the world to Experience some of the most jaw-dropping Supercars in the industry with exclusive Access to Unforgettable driving Experiences and social events and again Zoid pay is now the official partner and In a direct quote from the co-founder And CEO of One Life on why they like Zoipay having the opportunity to connect With the right Partners makes all the Difference in life Two companies that share a lot of the

Same values are just a perfect match Zoid pay with their technological Superiority and great Solutions which Can be used in everyday life complement The philosophy of the one life rally Event so if you like racing you like This enzoid pay is slated to also become The main sponsor of an F1 team as well The super app being their main wallet Sponsor so big things to come now zpe is Unkucoin Maxi Global also a direct tweet From CEO of zoidpay he says listing on Tier 1 exchanges is a priority they Already have kucoin listing was a must It already happened as it represents a Great entry point for a larger market of Users and as we are fully focused on our Zoid Squad and ensuring great Accessibility being listed on tier 1 Sexes will remain a constant priority Zero for us also partnership Announcement we are currently working With world-class partners and clients With millions of users and high impact Names partnering with Best in Class Companies will represent one of the Pillars of the zoit era shift as it Offers a huge opportunity to boost our Visibility and get inspired from the Best in Class also zoidpay just put out The road map and as you can see by the Visual a lot on the horizon for Q2 Q3 Q4 That includes continuing their Multi-chain expansion strategy the goal

Of 1 million downloads on their super App by the end of the year as well as Scaling up the product and much more our Apis and sdks will make it easier for Developers to integrate web 3.0 into Their apps the transition from Web 2.0 To web 3.0 will be possible in a matter Of minutes so I'm going to link this Down below if you want to go over the Roadmap yourself a lot to dig into but Speaking about their sdks and apis sort Of their business to business side of The super app think of this as for the Builders think of this as sort of a Parallel to what word press did for Building websites this is a stepping Stone for every single person that wants To build a web 3.0 product you can use The apis and sdks in three different Ways number one you can integrate them Directly into your product number two You can create your own product directly From their interfaces Zoid pays Interfaces in a drag and drop experience So very easy and number three enzoid Pays AI prompt by naturally explaining What you want to build example you could Type in create a token named zeppe that Has this much of a supply with a staking And farming program launch it on X Blockchain maybe ethereum so those are The ways you can integrate the apis the Sdks make it easy to access web3 they Also have a farming component for those

Of you interested in liquidity Farms how It works make sure you have equal value Amounts of zipa any gold go to the Liquidity page and add liquidity return To the farm page and stake the lpo Togans you received in our farm to gain Rewards and they also have a Zoid verse Component a metaverse the first On-demand metaverse built entirely In-house Zoid verse is an upcoming fully Decentralized World offering an Immersive experience with augmented Reality virtual reality and extended Reality and all these options allowing You to explore Avenues including Shopping web free financial services and More with a fully digital experience From the comfort of your home all of This of course with your own custom Avatar and this metaverse will be both Browser and mobile based which I like Now obviously there's always more we can Dig into today's video was just more of A beginner's guide so links to zoidpay Down below give me your thoughts in the Comments and like always see you Tomorrow


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