YouTube is trying to outsmart ad blockers | TechCrunch Minute

All right let's be honest nobody loves Watching adverse but for YouTube ads Make the world go around so it makes Sense that YouTube is rolling out a new Tool to keep your eyes glued to those Precious money-making seconds even when You have an ad blocker so what's the Latest move in this digital chess match Let's break it down earlier this week The ad blocking Community was buzzing When sponsor block posted that YouTube Is testing out a new way to inject ads Into videos unlike the usual client side Ad injection where ADS and video content Arrive at your device separately YouTube Is now experimenting with serers side ad Injection that means that the ads are Embedded into the video stream before it Even hits your device making it much Much harder for ad blocking software to Detect and block them sponsor block Pointed out and I quote this breaks Sponsor block since now all time stamps Are offset by the ad times ouch so if You've been relying on sponsor block to Skip those annoying ads you may be out Of luck with this new test a Google Spokesperson confirmed the test and Let's be clear Google STS is firm ad Blocker violate YouTube's terms of Service and you know they do have a Workaround if you hate ads you can pay Them to get rid of the ads by signing up For YouTube premium this isn't the first

Time YouTube has upped the anti against Adlers remember last year when they Rolled out that pesky popup message the One that stopped you from watching Videos altogether unless you disabled Your ad blocker yeah they're pretty Serious about this more recently adguard Noted that while serers side ad Injection may be new for YouTube on the Web they've already been doing something Similar on their mobile app apse adguard Remains optimistic though believing that New Solutions will emerge from the ad Blocking community so there you have it YouTube's latest move in the battle Against the ad blockers is a tricky one But the ad blocking Community isn't Backing down quite yet stay tuned as we Continue to follow this digital tug of War thank you for watching and see you Again on Thursday


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