YouTube is making it easier to take down AI deepfakes | TechCrunch Minute

The end times are near as our AI Overlords become even more powerful but Fret not YouTube is here to save us if Your face or voice is being simulated by Ai and YouTube there's now a way for you To request that YouTube remove that Content you can request to take down Through YouTube's privacy request Process whereas in the past you could Report content for being misleading so This shift tells us that YouTube is Thinking about deep fakes as a privacy Issue rather than a Content moderation Issue YouTube published a blog post in November outlining its plans to navigate The rise of AI generated content where The platform said it would make these Privacy requests possible so thanks YouTube for following through but Nothing is ever that simple YouTube says It won't automatically take down these Videos it'll consider factors like Whether it's a parody or satire whether The person making the request can be Identified or if it's spoing a public Figure in which case YouTube says there Will be a higher bar YouTube also says It's working on a takedown process like This for musicians who can request Removal of AI gen erated content that Deep fakes their voice but there's Already a lot of AI music floating Around the internet and artists are not Happy musicians like Nikki Minaj and

Billy eish have signed on to massive Petitions against the use of AI in music Just last year the outputs from AI music Generators was lacking but they've Gotten scarily good and maybe that's Because they're training on real Copyrighted music two of the most Popular AI music generators udio andso Are now being sued by the recording Industry Association of America or the Raia AA as Devon coldway writes in Tech Crunch these companies and their Investors have literally admitted to Training on copyrighted music he also Writes and here let us quickly note that These AIS don't generate so much as Match the users prompt to patterns from Their training data and then attempts to Complete that pattern in a way all these Models do is perform covers or mashups Of the songs they ingested so maybe the Raa will help YouTube Clean up this Musical mess but back to the Deep fak We've still got a big problem on our Hands and any incremental policy change On YouTube is better than nothing


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