“You’re Fired!” Gensler gets grilled by Congress

Securities and Exchange Commission chair Gary Gensler appears to have had one Hell of a grilling from Congress this Week on September 27th the US SEC Chief Again found himself in front of Lawmakers in a scheduled hearing to Discuss his agency's oversight of the Markets when asked by Congressman Patrick McHenry whether Bitcoin is a Security you think Bitcoin is a security Gensler eventually relented stating that Bitcoin didn't meet the Howie test I Said it does not meet the Howie test Which is the of all the land about Implying that Bitcoin isn't a security McHenry then suggested Bitcoin must be a Commodity which Gensler avoided Answering saying the test for that is Outside the scope of U.S Securities laws Meanwhile representative Warren Davidson Also ripped into Gensler saying he hoped That the Biden Administration would fire Him I mean I wish the bite Administration Would say You're Fired Davidson accused Gensler of pushing a little political And social agenda and abusing his role As the sec's chair for all the latest Crypto news and updates subscribe to the Coin Telegraph official YouTube channel


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