You Will Own Nothing?! Blackrock’s Tokenisation Plans Revealed!!

When the spot Bitcoin ETS launched in January this year Black Rock CEO Larry Think revealed that it was just the First step of the technological Revolution in financial markets the Second Step involves tokenization Digitizing every single asset in Existence and putting it on a blockchain Many people believe this will be bullish For crypto and good for the world in Reality it will create a world where you Will own nothing and be happy because Everything you own will exist on a Centralized blockchain controlled by Black Rock today we're going to tell you Everything you need to know about black Rock's plans for world Tokenization and how you can protect Yourself and your Assets I'll start by saying that most of The information in this video comes from An article published by Bitcoin magazine Called tokenize Inc black rocks plans to Own the fractionalized world it was Written by Mark Goodwin and Whitney Webb And we'll leave a link to the full Article in the description if you're Interested it's definitely worth the Read if you have time that said the Article begins with a summary of an Interview that Larry did after the spot Bitcoin ETFs were approved that's the Interview we cited in the Introduction the authors critique the

Fact that black rock appears dead set on Turning Bitcoin into an asset rather Than a decentralized financial system For context there's a difference between Bitcoin and Network and BTC the asset Many argue that the implicit purpose of The Bitcoin network is to serve as the Base layer for an alternative Financial System by putting Bitcoin into an ETF Many have argued that it has made it Nothing more than an asset like BTC to That end the authors argue that the Bitcoin network is capable of being the Base layer for an alternative Financial System due to Innovations such as the Lightning Network they reiterate that The institutional investment that many BTC holders have been calling for Threatens this implicit goal again That's because institutional investors Don't see Bitcoin as an alternative to The existing Financial system rather They see it as just another asset class A more speculative Tech stock or the Next Generation store of value depending On who you ask FYI it's not yet clear How institutions see BTC notably the Authors underscore the fact that large Inflows into the spot Bitcoin ETFs could Risk draining the liquidity that layer Tools like the lightning Network need in Order to become fully fledged Financial Systems in Plain English they're sucking Up all of the BDC in circulation and

It's all going to sit idly in custodial Wallets the authors then drill down into Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF filing which Includes a clause that says black rock Or rather ey shares will dissolve the ETF under various Circ circumstances Including a regulatory request the Authors note that black rock did this With its Russian ETF after the invasion Of Ukraine for reference there has been Speculation that the US government will Shut down the spot Bitcoin ETFs if BTC Starts to threaten the US dollar in this Scenario ETF holders would not be given BTC but cash the authors highlight the Fact that black rock included similar Comments in its Russian ETF liquidation They also highlight the fact that Black Rock has a close relationship with the US government and that Larry seemingly Isn't a fan of democracy they provide a Quote from a 2011 Bloomberg interview as Evidence and I quote markets don't like Uncertainty markets like totalitarian Governments democracies are very messy The authors go on to recount The Rise of Black Rock following the 2008 financial Crisis noting that Larry was one of the And I quote pioneers of the mortgage Back Securities which caused the Financial crisis they know that black Rock has since been keeping a key player Helping government during times of Crisis and if you watch our video about

Black Rock's report prior to the Pandemic you'll know the asset manager Appears to have predicted the financial Response many months in advance more About that in the Description by the way if you're Enjoying the video so far be sure to Smash that like button to give it a Booth and And subscribe to the channel And ping the notification Bell so you Don't miss the next One so ma'am where exactly were you on The night of the murder I was right here Detective all night long you got anyone Who can back that up you mean an alibi Yeah that's the one no I was all on my Lonesome and what exactly were you doing All on your lonesome if you don't mind Me asking well keep it under your hat Detective but I was looking through the Coin bu deals page what's a coin Bureau Deals page when it's at home it's only The place where you'll find the best Discounts and Promos in all of crypto What do you mean I mean trading fee Discounts of up to 60% and sign up Bonuses of up to $60,000 on some of the Best exchanges holy smokes they got Discounts on Hardware wallets too by any Chance they sure do detective like you Wouldn't believe well that sure sounds Kind of swell lady but just you give me One good reason why I should believe a Single word you say you don't have to

Take my for a detective take a look at The link down below and see for yourself She wasn't kidding those deals really Were something else turns out that Crypto ain't such a bad place after all You just got to know your way Around now in the second part of the Article the authors assess whether it's Possible that the real reason why the Spot Bitcoin ETFs were approved was so That btc's price could be manipulated For those unfamiliar there is evidence To suggest that large Wall Street Entities have been manipulating gold Prices as a fun fact Mega Bank JP Morgan Was reportedly find almost $1 billion in 2020 for manipulating precious metals And the treasury market naturally There's been speculation that the reason Why JP Morgan did this was to keep the Price of precious metals low and Interest rates suppressed the reason why I say all of this is to point out the Fact that black rock chose JP Morgan to Be one of the counterparties for it spot Bitcoin ETF just 2 weeks before it Launched those of you that saw the Headlines will know that it took BTC Holders by surprise given the JP Morgan's anti BTC stance the authors Then go on to add that despite JP Morgan's anti- crypto stance the mega Bank has been experimenting heavily with Blockchain technology launching the

Tokenized collateral Network or TCN in October last year low behold Black Rock Was one of the counterparties in a Subsequent trade made on the TCM after recounting all of the times JP Morgan has been found guilty of Manipulating the market the authors then Note Larry's comments about a tokenized System being resistant to corruption as Being blatantly false of course that's Because of JP Morgan's track record Which calls the honesty of the TCN into Question obviously Black Rock has had Its fair share of blenders as well the Authors focus on the most infamous and That's black Rock's ESG investment Ideology if you've watched any of our Videos about ESG you'll know that it Hasn't produced any actual profit hence Why it's more appropriate to call an Ideology as some of you may have heard Black Rock has been publicly trying to Distance itself from the ESG Trend that It helped create with Larry saying late Last year that he stopped using the term Due to its politicalization however this Doesn't mean that black rock has ditched ESG far from it the authors argue that The whole reason why black rock Continues to promote the ESG ideology Under a different name is because the Asset manager wants to control these new Markets much like it controls many of The largest ETFs logically it stands to

Reason that it could be trying to do the Same with crypto the authors reveal that Entities affiliated with Black Rock have Essentially been pressuring countries Into making parts of their land Untouchable in exchange for loans they Argue that this is equivalent to the Same kind of debt slavery being enacted By the IMF and reveal that it's a key Part of the un's SGS more about the SGS In the description now moving on the Authors then claimed that despite black Rock's anti ESG commentary it's still Very much committed to the same goals Including these kinds of crazy debt Plans they believe that black rock has Read the room and understood that it Needs a new way to mark this financial System that's appealing to the masses They go as far as to claim that black Rock's recent proc crypto stance is Effectively a trojan horse for the ESG Ideology talking about things like Tokenization will get people excited and On board with black rock as I noted in The introduction it seems that so far This narrative has been having the Desired effect this ties into the work That's being done behind the scenes by The likes of the bank of international Settlements or bis the so-called bank For central banks basically the bis has Been working on tokenizing financial Assets and doing this on blockchains

That and I quote encode policy and Regulatory requirements on that note if You watched our video about the future Financial systems the bis is trying to Create you'll know that this is it Specifically It's a private and permission blockchain Where all assets are tokenized and where Central Bank digital currencies or cbdcs Are the primary means of exchange Mark And Whitney's article acknowledges the Use of cbdcs in this tokenized system And even talks about the new environment Based on credit scores the elites are Trying to roll out now as it so happens We did a video about that too and the Link is in the usual spot Now the article goes on to draw Parallels between the tokenized Financial systems that the likes of the Bis are working on and the ones that Larry and black rock Envision the authors recount Larry's Comments about how everyone and Everything will be tokenized on one Ledger with its own unique number yikes Not only that but the authors drawn an Efforts by other powerful entities not Affiliated with black rock to establish So-called natural asset corporations Which will practically involve Transforming nature itself into a series Of Corporations which can list their Stocks on exchanges to be speculated on

Wild what's even Wilder is that one of Australia's largest banks is Experimenting with creating a stable Coin that's backed by tokenized natural Assets but back to the topic at hand Black Rock tokenizing everything Including you and me the auth expand on This in the third part of the article They start by talking about this year's World economic Forum conference in Davos Which we actually summarized in a recent Video what we didn't mention in that Video were the comments made by Circle CEO Jeremy alair as most of you will Know circle is the issuer of the usdc Stable coin whose reserves are managed By Black Rock not surprisingly Jeremy is A fan of tokenization uscc is literally A tokenized US dollar the authors Connect this to the disclosures in Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF filings which say That the price of BTC can be influenced By stable coins like usdc that black Rock manages usdc reserves and is an Investor in circle in other words btc's Price can be influenced by something Black Rock controls the authors sto Short of saying that this creates an Enormous incentive for Circle and black Rock to disrupt other stable coin Issuers instead they focus on the fact That both Circle and black rock want Usdc to be front and center in the Tokenized financial system that they

Both seem to be working on to put things Into perspective the authors provide a Statistic from Boston's Consulting Group Which estimates that the value of the Tokenized financial system will be $16 Trillion in 10 years time if this Prediction comes true then it translates To trillions of dollars of usdc Which Jeremy predicts will be the case Meanwhile the W is predicting that the Tokenized financial system will be worth This amount by 2027 this should be taken with a grain Of salt considering that the we once Predicted that Bitcoin mining would use All of the world's energy by 2020 not sure if you've noticed but that Didn't happen and never will now what's Scary is that City Bank noted in a 2020 3 report that creating a tokenized Financial system where everything is Tracked and controlled by Financial Elites is and I quote end state of the Financial system the irony is that this Is what City Bank envisions isn't Actually that far from the existing Crypto industry by now you'll know the Difference is that tokenized assets on Crypto blockchains are public and also Permissionless meaning that they Actually can't be controlled at least in Theory by contrast tokenized assets on Private and permission blockchains can And will be controlled to the highest

Degree possible speaking of which in the Fourth part of the article the authors Pivot back to Larry's vision of all Tokenized assets existing on a single Private and permissioned blockchain they Reiterate that this vision is consistent With the un's SGS which Black Rock has Been enforcing via its ESG ideology They site Sg16 which mandates that every country Implements digital IDs by 2030 to bring You up to speed the stgs are supposed to Be all met by countries by 2030 this is Why you've been seeing the 2030 date Everywhere as you might have guessed Stuff like smart cities and cbdcs are Also part of the SGS you can learn more About the UN and how it controls the World using the link in the description But moving on Now the authors repeat that it won't Just be stocks so get tokenized and put On a single Ledger but the digital IDs That governments are working on if You've watched our video about the eu's Digital ID you'll know that it includes A built-in wallet the authors note that All digital IDs will have this Eventually in the fifth part of the Article the authors unpack the Narratives that have been spun to Promote black Rock's vision for Tokenization they commence by critiquing Argentin new prime minister Javier Malay

For meeting with Larry to discuss what Opportunities Black Rock could bring to The Country the authors rightfully flagged This as suspicious given Javier's Libertarian stance and black Rock's Apparent reputation for being one of Wall Street's Titans that profits from Struggling economies I'll quickly remind You that black rock will be helping to Rebuild Ukraine once the war is over Probably nothing in Argentina's case the Authors reveal that black rock is Planning on purchasing assets belonging To the government as part of M's plan to Privatize certain public operations the Authors note that this is not surprising Given that black rock was one of Argentina's largest Bond holders for a 2020 Bloomberg report in fact it was Apparently black rock that oppos Argentina's attempts to restructure its Debts after the country defaulted in Early 2020 the author speculate that Black Rock's involvement in Argentina And Mal's relationship with the asset Manager is why he was allowed to speak At this year's Davos event the authors Then note something that we notice and That's that despite M's apparent Criticisms of the we during his speech He was nonetheless well received by the Davos Elite per many media reports if You watch the actual speech you know

That we chairman CLA Schwab even Personally introduced him the author Again draws parallels between mala's Apparent popularity at the we and black Rock's very own public 180 about ESG put Simply it appears that it's all a Marketing gimmick after all it's Extremely unlikely that the we and black Rock have abandoned their plans for a Global digital ID and the like it's much More likely that the elites understand That people want anti-establishment Candidates and anti-establishment Policies so they're promoting their own Fake anti-establishment candidates and Fake anti-establishment policies to Increase their public appeal this seems To be working surprisingly well the Authors put it more bluntly and I quote You will allow Black Rock to build the Panopticon of tokenized Earth with Americans retirement money under the Dialectic pretext of owning the Liberals Unknowingly connecting all aspects of Ownership to centralized databases w Identity Gardens and fractionalized Reserve assets transmitted and issued on Private blockchains of Wall Street Banks They conclude however on a slightly more Positive note and I quote the new Tokenized economy must be created under The guise of free markets leading new Found prosperity for individuals and not A digital surf them paid with

Misunderstood user agreements biometric Credentials and faux collectivist Talking points this brings me to the big Question and that's how you can protect Yourself and your assets from a Totalitarian tokenization that black Rock and its cronies are trying to Implement for starters you can stop Buying into their narratives Specifically the idea that they're Somehow down with Decentralization next take a second to Assess how much of your net worth is Tied up in assets that black rock do Could or will want to tokenize on his Blockchain spoiler but if you're in Crypto chances are that a portion of Your assets that have been allocated to Coins and tokens that are aligned with Black rock I'll give you a hint stable Coins if you're not into crypto then you Need to understand that Trad fight Assets you hold will likely be the first To be tokenized this means stocks bonds And any other stuff that you trade or Hold through your bank or broker next You can expect the money in your bank to Be tokenized be it with a cbdc or Otherwise after that expect to see all Of the physical assets you own tokenized On a blockchain likely starting with Your house and your car all of the Records of you having ownership of those Assets will be digitized which means

That your ownership can be turned off if You say publicly go against black rocks ESG Ideology this is precisely how you'll Own nothing and be happy you see when These systems are all rolled out they Will be completely benign and even Convenient it won't be until some crisis Or the election of some controlling Government that you realized how fast This powerful technology can become very Dystopian thankfully you can protect Yourself in three ways the first way is To purchase valuable assets that can't Easily be tracked and tokenized such as Gold coins purchased with cash the Second way is to get in touch with Like-minded people so that you can Create an economy with these assets the Third Way is to hold promote and adopt Similar technologies that retain your Freedom namely Cryptocurrencies so take a second to Consider that mem coins could someday be More valuable than stocks simply because You can trade them any time that you Want using a permissionless blockchain And as we've mentioned many times before Doing what you want with your assets Whenever you want is the definition of Financial Freedom this kind of freedom Is quickly disappearing from the Existing Financial system thanks in Large to asset managers like Black Rock

And organizations like the UN the Silver Lining is that people are starting to Notice this and slowly holding and Promoting and adopting alternative Technologies all we need to do now is to Keep up the pace and remember not to get Caught up in the narratives that are Being spun up by the very same entities That are actively trying to enslave us With some luck the launch of the spot Bitcoin ETFs will supercharge interest In the crypto industry to the point that It reaches breakout adoption that can't Be stopped let's just hope that we don't Accidentally end up adopting crypto Projects and protocols that are aligned With black Rock that's it for today's video if you Found it informative smash the like Button to let us know if you want to Stay informed subscribe to the channel And ping the notification Bell if you Want to help inform others about black Rocks plans to tokenize everything be Sure to share this video with them if You happen to be stacking SATs to Protect your personal wealth then check Out the coin Bureau deals page it's got Trading fee discounts of up to 60% and Sign up bonuses of up to $60,000 on some Of the best crypto exchanges as well as The biggest discounts on the best Hardware wallets you can find all of These deals and more in the description

Thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one until then Crypto friends this is Jessica out [Music]


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