You Only Need These 8 Credit Cards (UPDATED)

If you happen to hop on to Google and Type in what are the best available Credit cards you're going to see a ton Of different options from travel carts To dining carts to starter cards and Even just cards with some pretty Spectacular welcome bonus offers there's Going to be a lot of different options To pick from and that's why in this Video I've decided to come up with a List of my eight credit cards that I'd Include in my dream setup I'll like that You like that little yeah now with this Eight card setup I've done my research From the experience that I've had in the Last five to eight years of being here Within the space to give you guys all The best information on making sure that You maximize your spend across all the Dollars that leave your wallet so in This video the way we're gonna break it Down is this I'm gonna walk you through The benefits of these cards we're going To talk about the requirements you need In order to get approved and then we're Gonna share how they all work Congruently together Unleash the Beast so the first credit Card in my dream setup that I've had for Quite a while now is gonna be the Chase Freedom Flex card now this has been a Long time favorite because of all the Outsized value it brings at the cost of Zero yes zero dollars so this card you

Can earn 200 after spending 500 on Purchases within the first three months So that zero just ended up taking you to Free cash back in your pocket if we Break that down that's basically 40 back On the first 500 in purchases that you Make within this card and usually for The most part most people are spending 500 within a week if you decide to buy Your groceries you buy a pair of shoes You already made your money back now I Also want to note this Chase did Decrease the welcome bonus to just a Hundred fifty dollars so I'm not sure if The 200 bonus will actually last so Definitely make sure that you act on This offer because at times it does Fluctuate up and down with these credit Cards but at the time of filming this Video I've at least done my due Diligence to give you the up updated Offer information for today now by the Way if you're interested in learning More about this card or any of the other Ones and you want to check out the Offers be sure to see the link Down Below in the description or you can just Scan this QR code here on your screen Now that being said some of the other Details on this card you get five Percent on travel purchased through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal you'll Also earn three percent on dining at Restaurants including takeout and

Eligible delivery services you'll get Three percent on drugstore purchases and Then one percent on all other stuff now The most unique part about this card is That it offers you earning rates in Rotating categories every quarter right Now going into quarter four here's the Update you can get five percent back at Wholesale clubs alright so Costco Sam's Club whatever it is you also get five Percent back on Charities and then five Percent back on PayPal purchases between Now and the end of the year now this is Probably the widest range of rotating Categories that we've had all year Especially because of the PayPal benefit Nearly any type of online shopping that You might do PayPal is usually a payment Provider that you can use so if you're Trying to get five percent back on a Purse or that shirt you're trying to get That you normally wouldn't get five Percent back on just because of the Chase Freedom Flex rotating categories And the PayPal benefit here today you're Able to maximize that for the next three Months when I'm filming this video last But not least this card is also going to Come with a zero percent APR Introductory offer on purchases and Balance transfers within that first 15 Months now I think this card is overall Just a great starter card all right you Get the zero percent balance offer in

Case for anyone who needs that but you Also get the welcome bonus offer you get Five percent in pretty much nearly any Category this is also one of the best Cards that you can pick up if you're Also trying to step into the chase Ecosystem now if you want to get a proof Of this card I recommend that you have a Minimum score of at least 660. following Up with that on our Dream credit card List setup I would say this is hands Down and easy choice to make make it's The built MasterCard now the built MasterCard is a newer credit card that Came out on the market and it's actually One of the credit cards that are not Teaming up with some of the biggest Banks in the world it's a newer startup Company but they have crazy backing from A lot of the biggest VC firms and on top Of that they have an amazing team but This is a credit card that's worth Mentioning because it does something Completely new where if you're paying Rent okay you got a landlord you live in An apartment you can use this credit Card and they will normally charge you a Credit card processing fee but Bill will Cover that for you so they'll give you a One to one ratio on usually what I Consider to be your biggest expense that Is rent so if you're living an apartment This is a no-brainer card you could Literally just exit out of this video

Right now get the bill MasterCard sign Up for it watch all the points start Just right into your account use those Points then for any one of the travel Partners that they have Hyatt American Airlines I mean the list goes on with Who they're adding on and you can find Yourself booking some free travel and When you're chilling in Cancun or Whatever nice Beach it is because of Your built MasterCard come back send me A DM thank me and I'll say you're Welcome nah I'm just playing or am I or Am I anyways some of the downsides about This card the only one that I can really Think of is the fact that it doesn't Offer a welcome bonus offer like the Chase Freedom Flex card that we just Mentioned but I think from the point Earning category it makes up that value A lot aside from that you'll also be Getting 3x points on dining purchases You get 2x points on travel and then 1X Points on everything else now this card Here also offers a nice bonus on rent Day so this means the first of every Single month they're gonna go ahead and Double all of those earning categories So instead of 3x on dining get 6X on Dining instead of 2x on travel you get 4X on travel and for the first day of Every month you get 2x back on Everything else instead of just the Traditional 1X within the space now in

Order to get a proof of this card I Highly recommend that you have a credit Score of at least 670 anything about Love that I'd say you have an 80 chance Of them automatically approving you now The third card on this list you're going To notice a little bit of a theme here So far but this is another no annual fee Card and it's actually what I label to Be one of the best beginner no annual Fee credit cards within the space to Drop this year and that is going to be The Capital One saver one card all right So this card has a lot of similarities To the chase turn on Flex card so we'll Make this one a little bit more quick You get the welcome bonus same thing After you spend 500 in three months you Get 200 back which is phenomenal in Terms of where this card stands out to Be one of the best is the fact that you Get a free Uber one membership until November of 2024 you also get 10 Cashback on Uber and ubereat purchases For a limited time you get eight percent Cash back on Capital One Entertainment Purchases you get five percent back on Capital One travel purchases you get Three percent back on dining and grocery Purchases you get three percent back on Entertainment three percent back on Popular streaming services and I'm Nearly out of breath here you guys but We are at the end you got one X back on

Everything else now you know what this Card reminds me of if you've ever played Call of Duty it's like getting just a Regular gun and putting it into that Pack-a-Punch machine yeah this is a Regular credit card it went through the Pack-a-Punch machine and it came out Busting so obviously this card is going To be most valuable for anyone who lives In a city where you tend to use Uber or Ubereats a lot now I don't live in the City per se but I still happen to use Ubereats quite frequently and this cart Is just so phenomenal for that so by Pairing this card you get five percent Off on ubereats orders with that Uber One membership and then you getting the 10 cash back literally means you're Saving about 15 on your Uber Eats food And then also you get that Uber one Membership where it also waves off that Delivery fee that normally you would Have to pay so to get approved for this Card just have a score of at least 670 You should get automatically approved All right fourth credit card here on This list we're halfway through this is Going to be the American Express gold Card and this is is actually one of my Number one annual fee credit cards and Still something that I carry within my Wallet that I use almost every single Day that I'm eating out now the American Express gold card is truly unmatched as

A primary dining and grocery store card For the welcome bonus offer look they're Gonna step it up a notch okay 60 000 Membership reward points after you spend Four thousand dollars and not three Months which is the normal time frame But you have six months to do that now Sixty thousand points what is that worth Well one point to one cent on the most Conservative side is gonna reward you Six hundred dollars cash back in your Pocket if you end up getting a one cent To two point Redemption that's about Twelve hundred dollars back in value and You can see how this card is already Starting to beef up against some of the No annual fee cards that we mentioned Either way I think this card works so Well with any other card just because The three ones that we mentioned are Still no annual fees it costs you zero Dollars to hold them and now that we're Talking about some of the annual fee Cards this just adds a little bit of an Amplified boost all right with this card Though you get 4X back at restaurants Worldwide not just in the US including Takeout and delivery and then you also Get Forex back at U.S supermarkets now This benefit here is so good that they Actually capped it at 25 000 per year so You can get Forex here using this card And then you can opt in for one of your No annual fee cards to recoup some of

The other points there on top of that if You book any flights to the AmEx travel Portal you get 3x and then you get 1X Back on all other purchases now outside Of rent one of the biggest expenses for People is still food and this card is Gonna Get You great earning on those Expenses not only that but they're gonna Hook you up with some additional card Benefits like a 120 restaurant dining Credit which breaks down to 10 a month In statement credits which also works at The more popular places like Cheesecake Factory gold belly Shake Shack GrubHub And more by the way there are some Little tips that I've also talked about Here on this channel where you can Optimize that benefit so you don't let It go to waste so if you are interested In this or any other card that I Mentioned on this channel where you want To learn more about it I have full Dedicated review videos watch that so You learn all the benefits so you know That it's truly meant for you but if You're able to watch this video and you Say all right it still makes sense you Can just check out the links Down Below In the description as well in order to Sign up next by the way I don't want to Sleep on this but you get a 120 Uber Cash credit so this card still works With a lot of the other cards we Mentioned and that's because if you have

This card just linked up with your Uber App you're going to see that credit Automatically load in there without any Additional work which comes in at ten Dollars every single month with this Card you also get a 100 experience Credit on a minimum two night stay book Through the AmEx Hotel Collection and With that all of it comes at you with a Cost of 250 dollars per year but if You're maximizing even just those dining Credits and the Uber credits this card's Annual fee comes out to effectively just Like 30 40 bucks a year depending on how You see it to get a proof of this card I Highly recommend that you have a bit of A better score around 690 I think would Be pretty solid for this next card here On my list way different all right we Just went from no annual fee to an Annual fee and now we're going to change It up this is no annual fee but this is Not a personal card this is what I Consider to be one of the best business Credit cards out on the market now hear Me out before you Skip Along this video Saying okay Brian I don't qualify for Business credit cards okay I'm gonna Just move on get your get back here all Right first of all the chase Inc Business Cash Card super strong welcome Bonus offer like I said no annual fee You're gonna come out net positive and On top of that if you are questioning

Whether or not you qualify for business Credit cards for the past five years I've been making content in order to Help you guys get business credit cards All for free it's actually very simple Little Brian Jung coming out of Community College with glasses and a Terrible haircut was able to get six Business credit cards within his first One to two years of hopping into the Space if I was able to do it I know that You guys can too because the term of Business is super loose the IRS defines Business as a sole proprietor this means That you can start something as a Freelancer as a contractor as someone One who's tutoring kids as someone who's Doing Uber eat deliveries at instacart Delivery driver someone who walks dogs On Rover and you are technically Considered to be a business owner Meaning you qualify for any of these Business credit cards look I'm not gonna Get into it if you want to learn more About that check out my ultimate Business credit card guide video and Make sure you have a notebook out there When you do watch it because it's a lot Of valuable stuff other than that with This card here you're going to be Getting a 750 cash bonus after you spend At six thousand dollars on purchases Within the first three months now by the Way this offer might have gone up okay

I'm not sure if it's hopping in yet but I did get word on this street that There's right now a 900 cash bonus offer Which is insane on the ink cash and on The Inc unlimited cards if you know you Have some big purchases coming up and You can hit that welcome bonus offer Spend which is about two thousand Dollars every three months which I think Most people are still able to do this Card is by far one of the highest valued Ones that you could get in terms of the Earning rates very simple you get 5 Percent back on all Lyft rides you get Five percent cash back on twenty five Thousand dollars worth of spend at Office supply stores internet cable Phone services and then you get two Percent cash back on the first twenty Five thousand dollars spent at gas Stations and at restaurants now look With some of the previous cars that we Mentioned yeah gas and restaurants are Gonna be beat out on the earning rates But keep in mind this is a no annual fee Card and then you get five percent back On a lot more interesting categories That generally other credit cards do not Ever offer what I love most about this Car too is that it has the 12 month zero Percent APR introductory period meaning That if you do happen to buy a lot of Stuff for your business okay and you Aren't able to pay off your credit card

Within that 12-month period and then say On the last day of the 12 month you Actually paid off in full you're not Going to see your personal credit score Getting impacted and that's because Generally with at least the cards we're Mentioning here on this channel these Business credit cards do not report onto Your personal credit score so Equifax TransUnion Experian there they're not Going to hear about this balance on your Business credit cards so whatever Happens with your business it stays on The business side now this is a bit more Of a risky method I'd only recommend Someone to do this if they are confident With their ability to scale a brand new Business but always be careful when You're playing around with credit card Debt because it could lead to a lot of Tremendous issues down the road if you Don't know how to settle it or if you Just happen to go a little bit crazy With your spending on things you don't Need on things that you can't pay off in Full I do want to mention that this card Here if you refer your friends you can Earn up to an additional 200 000 bonus Points every single year that's two Thousand dollars in cash which is pretty Insane and I've yet heard a credit card That is offering this much in their Referral bonuses so if you have a bunch Of friends who's trying to start their

Own business too this card is perfect Because if you refer them as well you Can go ahead and earn a bunch of points Where I believe 200 000 points that's a Good vacation almost anywhere here in The United States now to get approved For this card I highly recommend that You have a score at least like 690 maybe 700 on the safer side if you have that You should be good to go now moving back To the personal side let's take a look At the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card one Of my favorite starter cards it has a Lower annual fee but still a travel Credit card this card is still perfect For anyone who's still just trying to Tiptoe into the space you might not be Traveling every single month like the Ballers that you see on social media I Don't know how they do it I really don't But if you're someone who's traveling Maybe once or twice a year I think this Card is still perfect so with this card 60 000 Chase Ultimate reward points After you spend four thousand dollars in The first six months of owning this card After that you get 5x total points on Travel purchase through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal then you get 3x Points on dining including eligible Delivery services take out and dining Out and then on top of that you'll get 3x points on online grocery purchases Which excludes Target Walmart and

Wholesale clubs and then you get 3x Points on select streaming services and Then 2x points on all other travel Purchases now this this car doesn't stop There you also get a 50 Hotel credit Every account anniversary year that can Be used for hotel stays through that Chase portal now by the way as someone Who's used use the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal for many many years this Is not like a portal where they up Charge you on the back end to make it Seem like you're getting a good deal They are usually very comparable in Their price on top of that you also get 200 in partner credits just by using This card on things like doordash Instacart Peloton and as someone who got The Peloton recently these little things I really do value you know I just Realized too I used instacart and Peloton like the most so if you're Similar to me and you value any of those Things as well the Chase card is Definitely going to resonate with you Even more now if you want to get a proof Of this card I highly recommend that you Have a score of at least 690. moving on Probably one of the best travel credit Cards that they've added into the game And a card that I'm looking to apply for Actually next is going to be the Capital One Venture X card now if you might be Wondering why I didn't talk about the

Chase Sapphire Reserve because the Chase Sapphire Reserve I actually got like two Months ago you need to know that you can Only hold one of the Chase Sapphire Cards at a time and right now I think The Capital One Venture X card is just Gonna offer you a little bit more now Now the reason for this is because the Welcome bonus offer is solid you'll get 75 000 miles which is also 750 in cash After you spend four thousand dollars in Six months now by the way guys points And Miles they're interchangeable 750. That's the base rate one point to one Cent with this card you'll also be Getting a 10 000 mile bonus which means Every single account anniversary year You're just getting about a hundred Dollars back with this card you can also Now get 10x models on hotels and rental Cars booked through capital and travel Portal and by the way the travel portal Is pretty good you can price match They'll price alert you if the price Drops it's been pretty good for a lot of People so if you're trying to book Through here using cash I think right There if you have this card it's a No-brainer you get 5x miles on flights Booked through the capital and travel Portal 2 and then you get 2x miles on All other purchases keep in mind it's Rare that you're gonna get a card that's Going to give you pretty much 10 cash

Back when you book a hotel because Usually hotels if you're trying to book It for your entire family say it's like Three thousand dollars 300 cash back Right there a 300 discount is pretty Significant now with this card the Benefits don't stop there you get a 300 Annual Travel credit on bookings through That same op portal you get 100 Global Entry or TSA pre-check credit enough for A five-year Global Entry membership you Get access to the Capital One lounges And recently your boy went to the Capital One Lounge that opened in the DC Area and that thing was the nicest Lounge that I've ever been to the food Was delicious I literally recorded every Single bite that I took because it was That amazing and with how many more Lounges that they're opening up I still Find this to be even more Superior now I Know it's a bit more debatable but then Even the centurial knowledge so if you Value lounge access more you're going to Visit an airport that's going to have The Capital One lounge or you have a Home airport that has it look normally If you want to get in I had to pay 65 Because I didn't have this card and then I had this whole tip gratuity screen pop Up on my screen there was two of them And they didn't look like they're Getting paid that well so I was like Okay all right I gotta tip him so it was

Like 75 bucks for me to go and visit This super nice Lounge for one to two Hours granted I also did it so I can get Content for you guys but with that being Said if you have the Capital One Metro X Card you don't have to worry about Things like that just enjoy your Vacation enjoy your time at that Lounge Now at this point you might think that This card has probably the highest Annual fee out of all the cards and You're only half right so look the AmEx Business platinum or even the regular Platinum you're talking about annual Fees of over 695 dollars but this card Has an annual fee of just 395 dollars And if you break that down over a Month-to-month basis I'd say you're Getting still a pretty good deal Especially because you're coming out on Top with the welcome bonus offer and all The extra perks that they include now if You do want this card I recommend that You have a score of at least 700 in Order to get approved now the last card Eighth one on this list complete our Dream credit card setup this is gonna be That Amex Platinum Card all right so Look Amex Platinum Card like I mentioned It is expensive okay but there is good Reason for that too with this expensive Card you're getting a ton of benefits Now I want to say that this card even if You do not travel you can still find a

Lot of value because they give you a lot Of these what I consider to be coupon Benefits throughout the year this means Saks Fifth Avenue I buy myself a new Cologne I got myself a pretty neat Cologne collection literally coming from The MX platinum card where I just buy Myself something new every six months You smell good you get almost in essence A free cologne that offsets the annual Fee and it's a benefit that you can tap Into wherever you are even if you're not Traveling now welcome bonus then we'll Talk about the benefits and then we'll Bring this all together the AmEx Platinum card is going to give you 80 000 points after you spend eight Thousand dollars in six months which Breaks down to one thousand three Hundred fifty dollars a month for about A six month period that right there is Still great because look when I first Got the platinum card it was three Months I had to spend all that money on And there were moments where I like yo Am I actually gonna hit my welcome bonus Offer because I used to be a pretty Frugal spender I still kinda am but you Know I've tone toned back a little bit You know I'll spend money where I need To now so anyways with this card though 5x points on flights booked with Airlines or Amex travel on up to 500 000 Annually is what you get also 5x points

On prepaid hotels booked with Amex Travel and then 1X points on all other Purchases in terms of the travel Benefits okay you get a lot all right Stay tuned 200 Hotel credit on booking Through that portal you get 200 Airline Incidental fee credit I use it all the Time to get free Wi-Fi on my domestic Flights and if you ever have a check bag Fee use it on your platinum card if it's Hooked up with the right issuer that you Set when you first get this card you're Gonna get it comped back with those Credits you also get 189 clear Plus Credit so if you have this card you can Get the clear membership all for free You get that 100 Global Entry or TSA Pre-check credit and then from there you Can access their Centurion Lounge all Their different Lounge collections that They have and then you get the 100 Experience credit through the AmEx fine Hotel and Resorts program you get Marriott status Hilton status hurt Status there's a few more statuses too It just is more than I can cover in Terms of benefits 300 Equinox credit a 240 digital Entertainment Credit so New York Times Wall Street Journal peacock Disney plus they all fit within this Category get a 200 Uber cash credit That's 15 every single month and then 20 In December you then get a 150 Walmart Plus credit and people sleep on Walmart

Plus guys it's like instacart or Amazon Prime it works fast you can get items For the low don't sleep on this if you Have the Platinum Card right now and You're watching this video use Walmart Plus if you have the free membership Benefit right now you get these free Credits and Walmart is generally cheaper I remember I was trying to buy some Whipped cream no kidding I'm trying to Make a pumpkin spice latte organically And I was getting like some whipped Cream the Almond one or the coconut one Look dairy free all right it was like Seven dollars at my Harris Teeter Instacart but then it was like three Dollars and 40 cents on Walmart so it's Instances like that where it's a No-brainer too all right and then the 100 Saks Fifth Avenue credits split up Every six months fifty dollars each some Of the things that I didn't mention Though about this card you get really Good protection insurance protection Extended warranty protection uh purchase Protection travel protection and more This card is probably some of the best Within the space and if you ever need to File a chargeback or anything Amex Usually does a really good job in making Sure that you are settled and that they Are working for you and not against you With all that being said this card has An annual fee of 695 dollars if you want

To know whether or not this card is Really worth it to you I actually break Down all the benefits of the AmEx Platinum card in another video that I Made about a few months back so check That out too all right so now that you Guys know about all the cards that make Up my own dream credit card setup let's Talk more about how we can break it down So it makes sense within everyone's own Setup too so first you got the built MasterCard there's really no negotiating This if you pay rent at the start of Every single month this is going to make Up probably 20 to 30 percent of your Income that is generally the statistics That we get reported and this card is Going to be perfect for that next card The Chase and cash card this here is Perfect for utilities so your internet Cable and phone service I think is a Great way for you to earn the max amount Of points which is going to be five Percent back now the Capital One saver One card and the Chase Freedom Flex card Are gonna be two cards that give you First of all the zero percent APR intro Offer just in case you're going through Struggles and you need it now these two Cards are also the no annual fee card so They're just perfectly good sitting Around not doing anything but what I Would do is the Capital One saver one Card use this as the primary card for

Uber okay so you can get that 10 to 15 Back the Chase Freedom Flex card you're Also going to be getting five percent Back on rotating categories so so the One that I think comes in handy is going To be PayPal I would use this card until You cap out the amount of spend that you Have and then rotate back onto another Card by the way you also get five Percent back on wholesale clubs but I Know what the Chase Freedom Flex card it Is not accepted at Costco because it is A MasterCard and Costco only likes visa And any one of their cards so I believe If you use this at something like Sam's Club instead you can still get five Percent back all right next card here The AmEx Gold Card easy one here but Anything regarding food this should be Your card of choice The Only Exception Is first of the month use your built MasterCard where you can earn about 6X Back on dining instead next card here is The Chase Sapphire preferred this is Going to be a great option to earn high Rates on dining and groceries just in Case the restaurant says we do not take MX all right that just happened to your Boy at the fall restaurant again I don't Get why they gotta do that it's not Really that much that they're dealing With they just want to save a little bit More but okay I get it on top of that The Chase app I preferred is going to

Give you a 25 boost on your Chase Ultimate Reward Points so anything you Get from the five percent category with The Chase Freedom Flex card you can Transfer those points over onto your Chase Sapphire preferred and you're Going to be boosting up those points for Additional value now the Capital One Venture X Card this card has a twofold Purpose so one it acts as a great Catch-all card earning you 2x back on Every single purchase plus it's a Visa Don't have to worry about it not getting Accepted and then number two it offers You travel benefits that can help you Offset travel costs including getting More of a luxurious experience at even Some of these airport lounges for the Last card on my list the AmEx Platinum Card this is where you're going to earn The most positive Roi if you're able to Utilize those benefits hit that welcome Bonus offer and you can really find Yourself expanding a traditional regular Family vacation into something a lot More luxurious a lot more peaceful Through all the additional benefits you Get just holding this card now the Platinum card is what I consider to be More late game so if you guys were to Sign up for this card in the sequence That I mentioned starting from number One to number eight that is actually how I'd follow along I would not be getting

The platinum card as my first credit Card especially if you don't travel but Work your way up to it and if you're Someone who let's say you're gonna make More money next year with that new job Promotion or you're just getting out of School and you want to apply for the Platinum card then it's going to make More sense to hold off until that point Either way by holding all eight of the Cards that I mentioned in this video You're literally hitting every corner of Spend to maximize anywhere from three to Five x or more back on the dollars that Are leaving your wallet on top of that Just by getting these a cards if you're Hitting the welcome bonus alone you're Going to be getting up to four thousand Dollars minimum in value now if you're Trying to find the next card in your Wallet I'm sure one of these is going to Be perfect for you be sure to check out The links Down Below in the description If you're looking to sign up make sure That the offers are competitive for you And by the way if you guys want to join My Facebook group my Discord I made a Full community all for free okay that's Linked Down Below in the description and Not only that guys I'm also going to be Attending the travel Summit it's a long Ways from now it's in April I don't know When you guys are watching this video But April 2024 mark your calendar use

The coupon code down below if you want 25 off there and once again if you guys Have not yet follow me on Instagram and On Twitter be sure to do that and last But not least check out the links Down Below in the description for MooMoo and For Weeble thank you all so much again For watching today's video have an Amazing blessed day and I'll see y'all Soon peace


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