“YOU JUST LIED!” Elon Musk to BBC Journalist on Twitter Hate Speech

That's a false no what I create a slide What high school are you talking about You use Twitter right do you see a rise In hate speech personally I get more of That kind of content yeah personally Content you don't like or describe a Hateful thing yeah I mean you know just Content may include something that is Slightly racist or slightly sexist so You think if something is slightly Sexist it should be banned I didn't know Is that what you're saying I'm not Saying anything I'm just curious I'm Trying to say what you mean by hateful Content I'm asking for specific examples So you name one example I honestly don't You I I honestly you can't name a single Example I'll tell you why because I Don't actually use that feed anymore Because I just don't particularly like It well you said you've seen more hitful Content but you can't name a single Example not even one the night I say so That you don't know what you're talking About really yes because you can't be a Single example of hateful content not Even one tweet and yet you claimed that The hateful content was high well


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