“You Are Making a BIG Mistake” | Mark Cuban SLAMS Largest Crypto Company (Bitcoin & XRP News)

If you hold cryptocurrency three updates You need to see and even though xrp Might be the bigger story let's start With Mark Cuban openc investor Mark Cuban says the nft marketplace removing Royalties is a huge mistake this is a Video about openc the nft marketplace With everything for everyone for Everyone for everyone so most of you Have heard by now that the nft platform Openc will now have optional Creator Fees for new collections on August 31st And for existing collections by February 29 2024 including people who don't Really know what nfts are meaning if You're an nft artist that uses openc you May no longer get royalties Mark Cuban Had a problem with this he says not Collecting and paying royalties on nft Sales is a huge mistake by openc it Diminishes trust in the platform and Hurts the industry and I say this as an Openc investor now this exam change took Place on Twitter somebody actually Replied to Mark defending open C he says Anyone in the nft space that is shocked By this obviously has had their head in The sand for the last year open seed Didn't have a choice unless they wanted To lose all market share now we need to Fix the tech so royalties can't be Avoided meaning just encode it into the Blockchain so these third parties can't Mess with it but until then if people

Don't have to pay them then sites will Always exist they'll remove Creator Royalties it's a flaw in the tech not an Open Sea issue Mark Cuban clapped back Saying no question the fact that they Can't be enforced across platforms is a Problem that needs to be fixed but the Optional royalty approach kills future Applications that go far beyond Collectibles which is where the most Money will be we put more money in your Pocket too with royalties on every sale After the first sale like the second Sale the hundred sale all the sales but Open Seas reasoning was the platform Said it was making the change to do away With the ineffective unilateral Enforcement of nft royalties without Removing them completely it is also Worth mentioning that yoga Labs slams Open Sea shift to optional royalties They are one of the biggest brands Biggest companies in the nft space and They're actually now severing ties with Openc in light of Open Seas announcement Yesterday that they will be sunsetting The openc operator filter they Introduced and moving to an optional Creator fees Yuga Labs will begin the Process of sun setting support for Open Seas Seaport for all upgradable Contracts and any new collections with The aim of this being complete in February 2024 in tandem with opensees

Approach so they're done and this was a Direct statement from their CEO that for As much as nfts have been about users Truly owning their digital assets They've also been about empowering Creators Yuga believes in protecting Crater royalties so creators are Properly compensated for their work now As all this is happening xrp holders are Wondering what's next because you Already know that the SEC is appealing The Ripple rolling that xrp token is not A security meaning that the SEC Disagrees with the judge the SEC wants Xrp in all forms to be labeled to Security attorney John Deaton explains The judge's ruling and talks about What's next and what people need to know Is that judge Torres did exactly what The SEC said and requested the SEC said Here are different categories of sales There's Institutional Investor cells There's programmatic cells on exchanges And then there was some xrp given to Employees or independent contractors who Didn't pay for it but just uh was was Sort of given to them uh and we believe Each one of those categories violate the Law and so all the judge did and Remember now Gary ginsler and the SEC Has said for years now it's very simple It's very simple the clarity is we've Given Clarity Howie is the clarity how He is the test yes the judge then took

Their their different cells that they Um segregated and applied the test to Each one of those cells with the Evidence and then she came out now Did it make some did some people say Well wait a minute that doesn't make Sense Joe because Institutional investors are accredited And they were determined to be Securities transactions but the Unaccredited investors on the exchanges Are not aren't the Securities laws meant To protect the unaccredited versus the Credit you know and the answer to that Is that's not the Howie test the judge Applied the Howie test that's what Happens Joe when you take an 80 year old Test that try to stop orange Grows Right And try to pigeonhole it into modern day Blockchain technology wait till we get To artificial intelligence technology And any other technology thereafter so That's what happens and and judge Torres Her job Is not to say well wait a minute what is The policy considerations in the 1930s Do is does my result of the Howie test And when I apply it objectively and Fairly does it comport with policy Considerations from 80 years ago that That would be improper there is no Howie Factor that says what level of Education Or sophistication does the investors has And so correct very confident listen I

One thing I did write in this is I Predicted that this was going to happen I was on Fox Business and I said this Was going to happen and ripple might not Get a complete Victory and judge Torres Did her job she did it effectively and I Don't believe it's going to get touched On the pill also a big update from Partner of the channel bitgets Just a sec I gotta make sure I win this Digital auction for a super expensive Priceless piece of digital art that I'm Hanging in my virtual beach house Got it so for the many of you who Watched Workaholics they did announce a One-year partnership with a renowned Actor and comedian Adam DeVine as well As a celebration for bit gets fifth Anniversary this morning when I woke up I was just Adam DeVine I love movie and TV star and the voice of his generation In and now look at me a sophisticated Art collecting Avatar straight up Balling because that's the magic of Today now let me share with you this Whole thing but just to clue everybody In established in 2018 bitget is the World's leading crypto exchange that Offers copy trading Services as one of Its features serving over 20 million Users in over 100 countries and regions As well as over 10 billion dollars in Daily trading volume The Exchange is Committed to helping users trade smarter

By providing a secure One-Stop trading Solution you've probably seen the Collabs with legendary footballer Lionel Messi I personally love how transparent They are they offer proof of reserves They guarantee that they will hold 100 Of users Assets in reserves and will Publish its Merkle tree proof and Platform Reserve ratio on a monthly Basis checking in today their total Reserve ratio is over 200 percent that Means bit get holds more than 100 Percent of of user Assets in Bitcoin eth And stable coins again all this can be Verified on Chain by the way if you want To take advantage you can always go in The video description of any video and Sign up and take advantage of what Bitget has to offer get up to five Thousand dollars in rewards plus 10 Cashback now obviously that's after you Accomplish certain things like a deposit Of at least a hundred dollars only the First one thousand signups get the full Rewards so like I said link down below And also receive 20 bucks a twenty Dollar coupon just for creating an Account these are just things that I Like link down below check it out take Advantage of the rewards Been buck Le but we're out here set for change Did you guys see that That's crazy

So let's talk about Bitcoin sorry Bitcoin hammered overnight the the whole Crypto world was smashed but Particularly Bitcoin because we know we Had a massive dip we just saw the Biggest Wipeout of Bitcoin open interest Hourly resolution in over 1.5 years so Leverage got washed out of the system When Bitcoin crashed over 2.5 billion Dollars of open interest has been wiped Out equivalent to 25 of the total open Interest we also know that we've seen Drawdowns like this before and by the Way looking into 2024 this cycle in an Awareness aspect is so different Speaking of politics is there Presidential candidate that stands out With respect to bitcoin you know I think It's worth pausing and noting the fact That for the first time in history there Are four presidential candidates that Have named a digital asset Bitcoin and They are advocating for people's freedom To hold it and transact in it this has Never happened before and now I don't Like to put politicians on the pedestal But that's never happened before in History that we have four presidents They're not going to tell us who they Are presidential candidates naming Bitcoin vivec Suarez RFK Jr and DeSantis All saying Bitcoin for Freedom that's What you're here for that's right you're The Ambassador that's right well your

Show is called making money Bitcoins About making money better for everybody It's killing it this year and you know What's so funny oh almost every I think In the last 10 years bitcoin's been Number one like seven times at least the Number one asset seven out of the last 10 years that's right the performance Speaks for itself volatile in the short Term but long term it's outperformed Everything and it's about economic Freedom and really dignity right because Your dignity is tied to your self-worth And I think that everyone has that Deserves the chance to have Financial Freedom and be able to plan for their Future and take care of their families By the way be sure to join us in Bitcoin Amsterdam awesome conference use code Altcoin daily for 10 off your ticket and Click subscribe you do not want to miss A daily video see you tomorrow


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