YC’s Demo Day shows we’re in an AI startup bubble | TechCrunch Minute

I just watched several hundred startup Pitches at y combinator's latest demo Day let's talk about what people are Building now if you don't know YC Combinator is a startup accelerator in California it invests in hundreds of Companies each year putting them through A program that helps them Focus grow and Raise capital and like most Silicon Valley accelerators YC caps off each one Of its batches with a demo day so what Did we see this time around well not a Shock but lots of AI AI for video AI for Copyrighting AI for finding bugs in code The list went on and on and on and no One is shocked that a lot of startups Are building with AI at the moment Because the tech industry itself is Super bullish on what AI is going to do For software of all types consumer Enterprise and even prosumer but not all The companies I saw were just building With AI many of them were also building For AI companies like Lantern and Vector View I also really liked the companies Were building tools to help use AI to Help others build stuff pythagora is one Such company you tell it what you want And it writes the code for your app I Thought it was so neat that it actually Got me to download visual studio and try To make my own application which was Going medium until I ran out of time but Hey I'll go back to that when the baby

Is down but it was not just AI of course There was a company called garage that Wants to help fire departments buy and Sell equipment turns out that's a really Big problem Starlight charging that Wants to make it easier to charge EVS at Apartment buildings and condos there was Pico that wants to organize screenshots Manifold Freight that wants to aggregate Spot Freight demand the list went on and On and on and on and that's why I really Love demo days you get to see tech Companies at their most nent stages of Commercialization the point to which They are more than an idea but less than A real business mostly though some did Have very impressive Revenue growth now YC drops two batches each year so we'll Be back later in 2024 with more the Question now before the hundreds of Pitching companies is just how welcoming The fundraising Market turns out to be Recall that even VCS are seeing their Own Capital inflows slow lately so it Could be harder than in years past for YC graduates to raise though that said With as much money flowing to AI as we Have seen lately I'm not that worried


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