Yat Siu Tokenizes $9M Stradivarius Violin #cryptonews

I was very fortunate to acquire the Violin which is a golden Aeros thread of Arios 316 years old I think um I had a Chat then basically with the team at Galaxy and obviously with Mike and one Of the things that came up was but Wouldn't it be cool if we actually sort Of especially in the context of rwas as A demonstration of what you could do Tokenize the violin and do something and Of course you know I didn't need to take A loan but for Galaxy it was another way To demonstrate utility once you tokenize The viid which could be used as part of The collateral would then actually be uh Sort of leveraged as a loan as well just Imagine for the art world how many Pieces of art uh that are valuable today That are very valuable whether it's Picassos or whether it's another person Str of barers or Del Jesu or whatever Those type of sort of famous works of Art are if you actually got to tokenize Them and you could actually sort of Provide collateral for them actually Museums around the world could maybe Even potentially have a different type Of business model around how they could Help Finance their industry


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