Yahoo buys Artifact news app from Instagram’s co-founders | TechCrunch Minute

Yahoo is acquiring AI powered news app Artifact though the app as it exists Today is not going to survive now to Catch you up artifact was a cool app That recommended new stories to users And learn from them over time it also Had some AI tools for summaries and that Sort of thing I actually used it for a While and found it to be frankly pretty Neat as a News Junkie so I'm kind of Glad that it has found a new home the App was launched by Instagram's Co-founders Kevin Cam and Mike creger Back in the beginning begin of 2023 and Is going to be integrated into Yahoo's News applications at this point we Should note that Yahoo is Tech wrench's Parent company if you didn't know now You do so why is Yahoo our benign parent Company interested well syst said in a Release that essentially its Tech and Yahoo scale are a match made in heaven I Quote Yahoo brings the scale to help the Product achieve what we envisioned while Upholding the belief that connecting People to The Trusted sources of news And information is as critical as ever Now sure that's a lot of overly smoothed PR language but it's also not wrong Artifact under Yahoo will no longer Operate as a standalone service and its AI personalization deck is going to be Used across Yahoo including in the Yahoo News app itself in the coming months

Yahoo says that bringing these Capabilities into its portfolio quote Accelerates the opportunity to connect Users with even richer conscient Experiences and tailored personalization Again if you repass the corporate Verbiage the Yahoo side of this is that It wants to make better consumer apps And artifacts Tech might actually help This news all comes just months after Artifact announced it was going to wind Down operations because the market Opportunity that it saw wasn't big Enough for continued investment Yahoo Apparently begs to differ artifact did Start off Life as a very simple news app Though by the end it was a bit more of a Creator focused Twitter replacement I Expect though that that in stuff is not Going to be what Yahoo is too interested In now Yahoo was the eighth most visited Website in the world in February According to similar web that's the Scale that we're bringing to this Particular equation and frankly I'm Curious if you take new AI stuff and Apply it to kind of the legacy heft of Yahoo what does come out well we'll Cover it over on when it does Come out but for now we're excited


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