Y Combinator and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s Current Relationship | StrictlyVC | TechCrunch

What is YC's relationship with open AI I Started at YC in in October so I don't I've I've never met uh Sam but like I my My read is that you know you know folks Are still friends and whatnot there's uh A you know uh he uh led the organization For Sam led the organization for for Many years and it was sort of in some Ways sort of spun out of uh White Commentator um and Paul Graham has has Tweeted a decent amount about this to Dispel some of the myths you know many Of our companies are uh like about half Of our so every year now we're doing About uh 250 companies per batch so Every six months uh 250 companies so Every year 500 companies um and half of Those companies are Ai and a lot of Those companies are building on open AI So I think that's you know I think that Reflects the there is a strong Relationship there's a lot of former YC Folks that are in open AI we we you know Every once every couple weeks I'm you Know exchanging emails with them and and Corresponding with them on an issue so Uh you know there there might be issues Where we don't totally see eye to ey Maybe on on um when it comes to uh these Open source debates but frankly I think All the stuff is so early that it's it's Hard to like diagnose that you know you Know how you know I think the Relationship is is is fine


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