XRP is ready for a EXPLODE! This will SEND IT! [XRP Price Prediction]

I'm a multi-chain artist so I have nfts On ethereum I have ordinals on bitcoin I Have nfts on polygon I did one on BNB so Xrp Ledger is my next adventure Experiment in The Artsy nft World things That are new are hot that is the Advantage that The xrp Ledger in Particular has is that it's new but also It's fast it's literally lightning fast And that I had not experienced on Ethereum or polygon so that was actually A big Advantage I saw I do believe it's Undervalued but I also believe Bitcoin Is undervalued if they win it's gonna go Up [Music] You are an established artist in the Real world in the crypto world and now You're choosing The xrp Ledger to build Art and nfts on not ethereum not polygon Not cardano not Solana to create art on I've never heard of that why xrp for Nfts You actually kind of answered your own Question it's it's because you haven't Heard about it it's new I like to do Things that are new I like to be first I'm I'm that kind of artist that tries To jump the gun that tries to be first To everything as soon as I heard about Nfts in 2017 back when they were trading Crypto kitties I jumped on it Immediately started studying researching What it was and then you know during the

Past Bull Run you saw all these other Blockchains coming out with with their Technology to create nfts and build on Top top of their chains so The xrp Ledger was very late because it is Decentralized a lot of people don't know This but it is decentralized so the Nodes had to vote for it to go live and It went live like literally right during The Bear right after the crash at Probably the worst possible time so People haven't really heard about it yet And there's not a lot going on the Ecosystem it's to me it's brand new Compared to everybody else and I wanted To just like be first and and test it Out and so far it's been a really great Experience you know I've I've obviously Been in nfts a while I've fought and Sold nfts on different blockchains and What I like about The Ledger is it's It's fast and there's not very high fees That was one thing I hated with the Ethereum nfts when everyone was trying To buy them I'd have to pay a hundred Dollar gas fee sometimes 500 Gatsby it Was it just got like so crazy for me but Ultimately it's because I wanted to Experiment because it's new So interesting that's really cool and uh You know I asked the same thing to our Audience you know what's your take on Xrp and ripple for nfts versus ethereum Versus cardano we'll be looking at the

Comments I know Rags he's going to be Looking and your initial take you know You said it's new and that's the cool Thing about it but your initial take on This xrp nft ecosystem as an artist as a Place for nfts and art do you think it's Undervalued or what's your initial take Okay I think it's all I think it's all a Gamble at the end of the day because to Me just watching what's going on there's No clear winner for what our nfts are Going to be on what chain I think There's going to be a lot of competition Coming out there's a lot of innovation And also we just saw how Bitcoin Ordinals exploded once people knew they Could put art on there and it had a lot Of people who collect ethereum nfts by The way I am one of them I am a nft Collector as well just jump ship the Second Bitcoin was it you know Bitcoin Ordinals was it and jump ship and and Try and put their collections on there So it's kind of like almost like a game Of tag like you never know what what the Hot new thing is gonna be so that's why I like to be early and by the way I Don't think you know this I was actually Very early to ordinals I'm one of the First artists to actually put an ordinal On on bitcoin Um I think my earliest inscription is Around 50 000. now there's over 10

Million so I like to be as soon as I Hear about something as hard as it may Be or as crazy to just understand I Really try have tried as an artist to Kind of create something artistic and Put it on chain right away just because We don't really know what's going to Happen yet Yeah and that's why you know if anybody Were to really be able to give an Assessment ethereum versus ordinal Versus xrp versus the different Marketplaces and how you know they Support their creators or the Functionality they have you know you are The Primo expert in my opinion Thank you yeah I would try I I think Like experts such a weird word in like Nfts encrypted you know because you know It's funny I I don't know if you noticed I actually had a keynote with David Schwartz who's the CTO and I even said Are there like any experts like would You consider yourself an expert and we Both agree like it's hard to say yes Because there's so much Innovation going On all the time like it's hard for Anyone to be an expert because the next Day 20 new things are created so how can you Possibly be an expert just because Things are always on being innovated and Created like every day on blockchain so But I have been in I have been in nfts

Quite a while so I have a good sense of Um how to navigate through the space but It doesn't mean things are going to Change left and right you know in a Month or so like you never know Um yeah for sure and you know one like Positive I think for ripple a couple Positives one very professional Organization Two well-funded And they Support artists which is obviously a Great thing so you were a recipient of The of the Creator fund this is a you Know a 250 million dollar fund they're Giving to different creators but you got Like half of that or Oh I wish That would be amazing no no no Um so they they do uh I was I was also Again very lucky to be first uh the day I heard about the Ripple Creator fund And that they were supporting artists For this new thing I hadn't heard of the SRP Ledger I jumped on it immediately Came up with a proposal for my art and Submitted it and so I was wave one so I Was one of the first people that got Selected and how they're doing the Creator fund from what I know is they're Doing it in waves so it's still going on So they're trying to pick a lot of Different artists and you don't Necessarily have to be an artist you can Be like an application or I think They've also you know all this Tech

Stuff I don't understand different Projects doesn't have to necessarily be Nfts or a game or something like that But they're finding all this different Innovation creativity that's going to go On top of the Ledger and applications so That people can use it from my Understanding and so but boy that'd be One hell of a game It's like I have that I was hoping to Hear a yes Love it but as far as like working with The xrp Creator fund are they supporting You enough or are they maybe too Hands-On or like what's your experience Working within those guidelines Honestly it's been fantastic I was very Happy that from the from the time I I Got the news you know like blockchain Again is one of those things very Finicky and I was like oh you know so I Was maybe where your first day they had Been absolutely amazing I really have Nothing bad to say they've kind of just Let me be an artist who I need to be Um I came up with the idea I shared with You earlier space mermaids and they Really like embraced it and and Um didn't really tell me what to do or Anything in regards of what art I wanted To create and in my opinion they've been Very professional and very helpful Towards me the entire process so my Experience has been very very good with

Them so far mm-hmm and we'll talk about This in a second but your project for Ripple is called space mermaids it's a Game free to play and the nfts are free If you play the game so you're not Getting like charged for the mint or Anything we'll talk about in a second But I do you know our audience to get to Know you better because you know I know That you've sold art to Ray dalio Um you've had success before nfts and Digital art give our audience you know In brief a little background on yourself And feel free to brag a little bit I'm the best artist in the world guys I'm just kidding I'm just kidding Um yeah so I've been an artist Professional artists for over a decade Um Um and I think there's a great message For artists because I didn't know I Could be an artist this young I always Thought professional artists was Something you do when you were tired From like your nine to five I just kind Of kept making my putting it out there And I can say like I feel like the Universe really responded to that and I've I've seem to keep getting Opportunities and be on that trajectory Ever since I began my our career I like Most artists had to do the part-time job Thing do a job and or I wasn't always a Full-time artist I started doing a

Full-time about six six years ago and I've been fortunate enough to be able to Continue to do it full time I'm best Known ironically this is very Interesting people won't know this I am Actually known for my pixel and Lego Artwork in real life and that's why I Was so interested in blockchain because You see the explosion of pixel art and This block art style and that's what I Had been doing and what I'm known for in Real life so this this was a perfect fit For the media that I use which is like You know pixels blocks and squares so it Was right up my alley Um so that's kind of why I was very Excited and also very enthusiastic about Nfts in the space because it's kind of a Reflection of what I already do in real Life I didn't really have to change my Media or how I create things to put it On chain it's just digital instead of Physical So like like you said you've worked You're working with xrp you've built on Ordinals you've created on ethereum I'm Not sure if you've done polygon or Anything but you you know the whole Spectrum what do you think you'd choose In the future xrp again ethereum what do You think I'm uh well I'm a multi-chain artist so I have nfts on ethereum I have uh Ordinals on bitcoin I have nfts on

Polygon I did one on BNB so xrp ledgers My next uh Venture experiment Um I'm still open to exploring other Option uh options on blockchain and Seeing like what opportunities are best For artists it's all comes down to this Question of how can this blockchain Technology support the artist Um for for creatives that want to do What they want to do maybe they're a Film director maybe maybe they're Um a musician I'm always asking like how Can blockchain support artists and and Uh bring our work to a broader audience Right that's the ultimate question and That's why I chose to do multi-chain and Explore it's to me there's still no Clear winner Um but I like exploring it because I Look at the different blockchains as Different galleries so you know ethereum To me is like a gallery Bitcoin is like A gal Gallery The xrp Ledger is like a Gallery so why would I not want to share My work with these independent Communities because we all know like Crypto communities are very crypto loyal You know they're very coin loyal and I Had so many people Um for example I had a Bitcoin Maxi who Loved my work but he would not buy it Because it was on originally on ethereum So then when I discovered ordinals he's Like oh this is a great opportunity for

Someone like me now I will buy it so if People are very crypto loyal Um why would I not as an artist put my Art on different chains and same thing With the xrp Army right they're very xrp Loyal so I had a lot of fans that really Wanted piece from me but they really Wanted to get it on the xrp ledger so I Kind of like doing this multi-chain Thing because I'm building kind of this Mass Community as opposed to a niche Community within blockchain Um which is something I think is very Unique in the space So you usually stick with one yeah yeah For sure so and be real with us here Because you are actually doing it you'd Have the the inside knowledge do you Think the xrp Ledger is a contender in The nft space like ethereum is like Cardano like Solana I think so because it's new I think the advantage in this space Things that in The Artsy World aside From cryptocurrency aside from Trading In The Artsy NFC World things that are New are hot that's why ordinals got hot Aside from being Bitcoin it was this new Idea even though you could have done Counterparty that had always existed but This ordinals idea was new that's what Gets hot I think there's a big advantage To to what is newly coming out I feel Like in this artsy nft space people are

Looking for the new thing even with Ethereum when all those products were Going on people were going from one okay What's the new project what's the what's The next thing people are always looking For the next kind of big Trend in this Space so I think that is the advantage That The xrp Ledger has is that it is Newer and a lot of people don't know About it a lot of my collectors that I Told about had never heard about it Before so I think that is an advantage For it and um to me it's all an Experiment at the end of the day I look At nfts as an experiment like let's see What will happen crypto pumps the Leading Contender for ethereum nft Started as an experiment they gave all For free they didn't know what was going To happen and then it ended up creating This phenomenon right in on blockchain And there were so many people were still Against nfts I remember in the beginning Of the bull run I wasn't even allowed to Go on shows and talk about nfts like oh We don't talk about nfts here it's not It's only coin stuff and now Um people I think see the opportunities There and now people are really starting To come around and embrace the artsiness Of nfts I think same is true actually For meme coins like Believe It or Not People at first like oh no this camps And now everybody's like yeah this is

Great and then there seem to be popping These different meme coins like all the Time that are literally on the charts It's like crazy Um in the top 100 like uh charts so I Think that is the advantage that The xrp Ledger in particular has is that it's New but also it's fast and there's very Very little freeze like a fat fraction Of a cent to send something and it's Like it's literally Lightning Fast Um when I was testing this with our Group like we would send stuff it was There almost immediately and that I had Not experienced on ethereum personally Or polygen so that was actually a big Advantage I saw on The Ledger as opposed To other blockchains So it's that's fast even ordinals oh my God forget it it takes forever right so It's like this is an advantage that The Ledger does have is that it is lightning Fast and you feel like relieved to get It right away then wondering when I shot My first Bitcoin ordinal I didn't know if it was ever gonna get To my Taproot address I'm like oh my god Did I lose it did I did I do something Wrong like you know Um to me which I love that too you know I'm a little crazy so I love the whole Ride with that as well but there's Something really Um special about The Ledger in the sense

That you get it right away and you see It and it's there and it's done and you Don't have to worry about it for the Rest of the day very interesting in the Audience hit the like button if you're Part of the xrp army because these next Two questions are for you before I find Out the details about your game free to Play Freedom mint Questions about xrp the token itself Obviously xrp Ledger uses the xrp token To in the ecosystem your opinion is xrp Undervalued In my own personal opinion not Financial Advice all the disclaimers you could Think of yes because I think the entire Space is undervalued and especially now Um I'm sure you heard the big news of The BlackRock ETF like that's to me That's a pretty telling bullish news for The space like everybody who's in the Space should be pretty happy about that So I think the entire space is Undervalued I think in general because There's so many things that are going to Be built on top of chain that just Aren't there yet and it's weird to hear Like we're early if you've been in Crypto I know you've personally been in Crypto so long it's so weird to hear We're early but we still truthfully are So in that sense I do I do believe it's Undervalued but I also believe Bitcoin Is undervalued I believe ethereum is

Undervalued I believe like a lot of These top contenders that are like in The top 10 top 100 I believe are all Undervalued in a sense because I do Believe the space is just going to keep Growing let's say a couple years from Now the Bull Run is you know in its last Leg so things are going well Bitcoins You know heading towards 120 000 Ethereum's heading towards like eight Thousand dollars maybe I'll get ten What do you think xrp could hit price Prediction you're an Insider ragsy I'm an Insider i i a lot of people think That I don't know what qualifies as an Insider but I wouldn't say I'm an Insider like I don't have special Information but just from looking at What's going on If I mean I think nobody would argue That if they win right they're in the Middle Ripple the company is in the Middle of a suit right now right and I Don't think anyone argue that if they Win it's gonna go up I think everybody Thinks and believes that right that if They were to win is definitely going up Uh but you know I think that's what the Sentiment is if they lose we'll go down I maybe probably we'll go to I don't Know but it seems like regardless of What happens in the US though the US Does seem to set the stage for all this You know Financial policies and such

What I like about Ripple they have a lot Of international Partners though they Have a lot of big Partners you know in All these different countries so I don't Know if they're as dependent on the United States market so the United States is a huge huge market and usually Sets the stage it seems like they do Have a lot of international Partners Um one thing I thought was also very Interesting is I saw on the news that They had acquired Medical For 250 million so to me that that looks Very bullish like in in my personal Opinion in my eyes like that's I don't Think you would be going around buying Companies for 250 million dollars if you Weren't very looking at the future is a Bright future but again like that's my Opinion I thought that was like very Positive news that I read and also the BlackRock ETF I think is bullish news For the entire space because it shows Like they are these big hedge funds are Looking for that kind of crypto adoption And it shows like they do they like Crypto right everything I want to file For that they're like Bitcoin at least We know that so Um so yeah I mean I I'm I'm hopeful on It I think the whole Space is Undervalued but I you know as an artist I'm not as nitty-gritty into the trade At day-to-day trading like I'm sure

Um you know you are and looking at the Charts so much I always look at the Overall picture of the space and what's Going on and and just seeing the things That are going on I think there's Supposed to be some uh legislation that Might be passed early July 19th they're Shooting for July 19th for for some Crypto like uh legislation here in the United States I mean that's all positive News Regardless of all these suits going on With with the SEC with all these Different companies and stuff all those Other things are very very positive news For the space in my opinion So let's say the BlackRock ETF launches For Bitcoin Ripple wins the case Bitcoin's heading towards 120 000 Hopefully ethereum 8000 like just like Obviously xrp is going to hit at least This Oh like a price prediction it seems like I mean I would think that if they won it It would it would definitely go up maybe Like what what's what's the standard a 10x we like that phrase here in the Crypto space right we like a 10x right I Always love seeing that it's kind of 5x 10x I mean I think I think it's Definitely gonna if they win I think It's definitely gonna go to their last All-time high for sure which I was Thinking is around three dollars three

Dollars in some change Um I would say if they win I would think It would go to at least their past All-time high maybe a little higher and Only because we are it's hard to tell Because we are still in a bear Market Even if there's positive news I think no Whether it's xrp whether it's ethereum Bitcoin it can only go up so much Because it's still I I personally Believe it is still a bear market so I Don't think the prices can go up So astronomically during bear Market Even with bullish crazy positive news It's only going to go up so much like The Bitcoin ETF news came out and if and Bitcoin went up but it went up like a Thousand two thousand bucks right not 100x you know 2020x Um that's pretty bullish shoes now Should that happen in the bull market it Would have gone more I would think so Because people are investing it during That cycle right uh wouldn't you agree It's a bear market so it's it's kind of Different even with like bullish news And narrative Yeah you're right but the the you know The question was assuming we're on the Last leg of the uh the bull Mark there Are a lot of assumptions but you know What I heard everything you said very Nuanced and I'm going to take your Answer as all-time high three dollars 40

Cents whatever it is or if it does a 10x That would be around five dollars Because it's around 50 cents right now Oh it is yeah yeah Absolutely if that that would be if they Won ragsy people are aching to try out Your game so can you explain exactly Your game and your nft project of free Mint free to play tell our audience how They can get involved Oh yeah so my project is called space Mermaids Um and it is a play the men's game so it Is the first play them in game on xrpl Might be the first play to make game Ever I so far has not found anybody else Who has done this Um but basically anybody can connect to Zoom wallet and play the game Um completely for free and anybody who Gets a high score will be able to win a Space Mermaid nft from the collection so It's a play to Mint it doesn't cost Anything to play doesn't cost anything If you place the high score and and win The mints um that is going on so it's a 30-day tournament and uh we have a Couple hundred people already signed up Which is yeah and playing which is Pretty big for the xrpl ecosystem so it Seems like it's going extremely well and It's going to be a huge hit uh it's Super fun I love the game Feedback has so far been so positive

Um you know and they're not ordinary Mermaids they're space mermaids they're A little quirky things from from my Imagination we've revealed like some Sneak peeks of the art but the the full Collection is pretty outrageous and I Think people are really gonna love it That's awesome and you've had Many different art and many different Ecosystems in real life you've had art Sell for hundreds of dollars thousands Of dollars so my point is at home you Never know perhaps the nft you get is Going to be a rare one a high quality One or you know really it's important if It means something to you and it does Sound like it's really cool Yeah yeah we will have definitely like Some more rare mermaids for places That's for the highest and so forth we Haven't revealed all the prizes yet but We do have some really fun like uh Mermaids to give out and the community Seems to be really embracing it not just The xrp Army you'd be surprised how many Ethan um I I'm not allowed to adopt the Bitcoin people because they'll kill me But I had a few Bitcoins you said they They love this idea so much and they Love my art so much that they are going To play the game one guy in particular Hates hates person personally he hates Like xrp whatever and he signed up to Play the game because he loves the art

And he loves the project so that's a Really big compliment to me so thanks to Everybody who if you have sign up like This means a lot to me and I'm just Excited like I'm just excited I love What I built and I think other people Are going to really love it too or they At least seem to for now so so we'll see What happens are you gonna play Yeah I think I'll play if it's free to Play I'll play okay it is free to play But I wanna I I want to know who you are So I can try and beat you okay okay I'll Make an account and figure it out thank You so much for coming on today


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