Wow we are seeing a huge uptick in xrp Transactions globally today this is Happening live this is happening today Right now hundreds of thousands if not Millions of xrp transactions from all Over the world traded in the last minute With specific inflows and outflows Happening in Europe happening in South Korea as well as shockingly in the United States let's discuss what's Actually happening and how this affects You as a crypto holder open interest in Xrp surges to over 800 million dollars As crypto Traders hope that the Ripple SEC verdict will bring a new alt season And the speculation is we will receive a Verdict on the Ripple SEC case this has Been over two years running both parties Petitioned months ago to receive a Summary judgment meaning there's nothing Really left to discuss and now for some Reason the open interest in xrp Futures Hit its highest level since December of 2021 and as we shared with you on Twitter today the xrp price has been Rallying it's at a 10 month high today With the next obvious question being are We poised now for breakout or breakdown Well to dissect this chart the market is Thinking this since the rally began the Notional open interest or the dollar Value locked in unsettled and active Contracts trading on Futures and Perpetual Futures exchanges has

Increased by nearly 90 percent to over 800 million dollars the highest since December 2021. so we have an increase in Open interest we clearly have an Increase in price and an increase in That open interest coming alongside an Increase in price typically suggests an Influx of new money on the bullish side And is said to confirm the uptrend at Press time the funding rates Representing the cost of holding bullish Long or bearish or positions or positive On most exchanges indicating the Dominance of bullish leverage Traders And in a direct quote from portfolio Manager at decentral per Capitol he says The bullish impulse stems from Ripple's Case versus the SEC where optimism for Ripple's win seems to be coming more Dominant maybe that Ripple win sets off A bullish impulse down the risk curve All season and to be clear we are seeing Actual transactions pick up globally Today but let's just be very clear on Where we stand right now with this SEC Lawsuit I'll share with you both the Bearish perspective as well as the Bullish perspective so you have all the Information you need as a crypto holder This is the latest interview with Mark Chernside the CEO of Zago Technologies Which is an international money transfer And payment solution he doesn't care What the SEC rules here's why he

Specifically sees value in xrp you do You have you adopted all the the We use mainly xrp rental xrp oh Ripple Yeah we do it for a good reason it's Very quick yeah um and the cost of Transacting is quite low So typically we're only in crypto for Seven seconds That's it seven seconds So we're in and out so right you put Your hand in yeah and your hands out and It's gone from Brands to xrp XR feature Wow are you looking at expanding to Other uh digital assets perhaps tether Used Confusedc in the US Um we do US Dollars already euros and Pounds uh the next one is going to be Mauritian rupees and uh hopefully Kenyan Shillings Um and then we've got literally a list Of 41 to do right so in Africa in Africa So he'll use stable coins for the US He'll use individual Nations Sovereign Currencies but as for cryptos he likes The speed of xrp so if I have Start Straight or do I have to First Take ran To Ripple then Ripple two pounds if you Already have Ripple you can like do xlp Into Zago and convert it to pounds and And withdraw it to a bank account Now of course let's just be real if the SEC deems xrp bad then that company

Could use other cryptocurrency assets They could use Bitcoin on the lightning Network they could use Litecoin that has Tons of liquidity globally that's just Me being real please let me know Down Below in the comments if I'm wrong if I'm right what you think but one of the Biggest mistakes in my opinion that you Can make as a crypto investor is getting Married to your bags meaning don't Become overly emotionally invested for Example as tweeted by One xrp Bowl he Says Gary Gensler himself admits that Today's xrp has utility since 2018 when He was Professor teaching in MIT but Let's really listen do you think this is More bullish or more bearish from Gary They have been slowly selling and They're now down to 61 percent but their Revenue model and xrp is in essence Selling the xrp They only came up with a real use case Of xrp in 2018 and a prototype called Xrapid Their head X current which was a Messaging system prior that didn't need To use xrp at all So for four years you had no use of xrp As I understand it zero use So zero use for xrp in fact Gary states That Ripple's Prime Money Maker for xrp Pre-on-demand liquidity pre-2018 was Just to sell the coin I think that would Be a security in Gary's mind who

Unfortunately is the decision maker Currently for the SEC but really my Opinion on all this and obviously Nobody Knows the future but just like EOS which Was a Dap platform raised over 4.1 Billion dollars in their Ico they Settled with the SEC for only 27 million Dollars so they raised over 4 billion They just had to pay the SEC that's a Little slap on the wrist a fraction and While the settlement was that the Ico Was an unregistered Securities offering The current blockchain for Eos was not An unregistered security meaning you Could grow just because something Started as an unregistered security Doesn't mean that's what it is today I Think that would be the most likely Outcome for xrp of course on the flip Side the bearish outcome would be that Everything currently is an unregistered Security yet in a recent piece of xrp News Ripple CTO David Schwartz tweeted a Very compelling reason that xrp has been Good since 2013. yesterday he made this Reply to a person asking about this Ripple tweet from 2013 back then they Announced Ripple is now open sourced They link the GitHub and David Schwartz Says I think the server code becoming Open sourced was the point where people No longer had to rely on Ripple to Maintain the ledger so while Gary Gensler was saying 2018 because that's

When odl on-demand liquidity was Launched David Schwartz is saying 2013 Because that's when the code opened but This user pushes back on David Schwartz Open sourcing statement he says for Quite a while after open sourcing Ripple Kept their validators on the D UNL and Thus consensus relied on Ripple Additionally all code updates to Ripple Were made by Ripple Engineers do you not Feel these are key elements to Maintaining The Ledger that relied on Ripple so he sang Just because the code Was open source does not mean the Ripple Still didn't continue to do all the work David Schwartz says no if you let Somebody else do something for Convenience when there are no Significant obstacles to doing it Yourself that's not Reliance Ripple Didn't do anything others could not have Done had they wished to meaning that Just because Ripple continued to doing Basically all the work doesn't mean the Option wasn't out there for everybody Else and very quickly let's not forget The infamous William Hinman clip who is The former director of the SEC here is a 40-second clip of the speech he made Back in 2018 saying that Bitcoin in his Mind not a security and ethereum while The Ico might have been an unregistered Security ethereum's fine now when I look At Bitcoin today I don't see a central

Third party whose efforts are key a key Factor in determining the success of That Enterprise The network on which Bitcoin functions Is operational Pierce have been decentralized for some Time perhaps from inception Applying the disclosure regime of the Federal Security laws to the offer and Resale of Bitcoin would seem to add Little value Moreover putting aside the fundraising To accompany the creation of ether Based on my understanding of the present State of ether the ethereum network its Decentralized structure We Believe current offers and sales of Ether are not Securities transactions And the xrp community feels that their Coin their situation should be the same As ethereum final thing I want to point Out this just happened meme coin Project SAFE Moon wrecked for nine million Dollars due to a public burn bug so a Recent upgrade to meme coin safe moons Smart contract saw the project robbed of 8.9 million dollars and then stolen Again so never invest more than you're Willing to lose seriously because just Three hours after safe Moon upgraded its Smart contracts an exploiter identified And leveraged a bug in the code that led To the loss of almost nine million Dollars from the meme coins liquidity

Pool in a unique turn of events however The exploiter that initially leveraged The vulnerability was then quickly front Run by another address so somebody Exploited the exploiter the front runner Then sent a message to the safe Moon's Deployer contract to open negotiations Saying hey relax we are accidentally Front run and attack against you we Would like to return the fund set up Secure Communication channel let's talk Don't forget to join us at Bitcoin 2023 Awesome conference in Miami Beach in May There's a link down below use coupon Code altcoin daily for 10 off your Ticket and like always see you tomorrow


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