So one of the most massive wins for Crypto took place yesterday where the SEC has now lost their biggest case ever For the Ripple battle from this we saw a Massive surge kick off into what others Are claiming they start to the next Altcoin rally and crypto Bull Run so in This video we're going to be covering The details about the xrp case we're Going to break it down so it's super Easy to understand we'll go over the Highlights the key important information That you need to know and we'll also be Talking about Bitcoin and how other all Coins are now performing amidst all this News before we get into that ladies and Gents just came back from Vegas Viva La Vegas it was a great time with my Girlfriend and her family shout out to Uh Team Jung media holding the fort down Actually our views have been going up Even though I was not here in the studio Recording it is great to be back though We are back with some crypto content we Actually have a new how to invest into Crypto guide coming out over this Weekend and on top of that this credit Card audience that we started to grow Back since we've entered back into the Space has also been picking up a lot so If you guys are are not really Overlapping if you're just into crypto Versus you're just into credit cards let Me tell you there's a lot of overlap in

Between it if you're trying to make Money and that's the theme at the end of The day you can do it with both so be Sure to check out some of our credit Card content and if your credit card People watching this crypto video here Vice versa it'll go hand in hand we also Have a cool little coinbase offer the Highest offer that they've ever made Public I don't even know any other Creators that have this offer too where You can get up to 200 in free Bitcoin Link Down Below in the description of This video so with all that being said Let's get started alright so today Bitcoin is currently up about three Percent in the past day and it's made a New annual all-time high for this year At 31 800 as the xrp Catalyst brought Even more investors back into the market Now this time the RSI on The Daily is at A 63 which is nearing those overbought Territories and some short-term support Levels to watch out for is going to be The 31 000 level the 30 700 level and Then 30 three thousand four hundred Dollars short-term resistance if you Guys are looking to play some quick Little swing trades it's going to be Thirty one thousand five hundred dollars Thirty One Thousand eight hundred Dollars and then we have a strong Psychological resistance level at the Thirty two thousand dollar Mark for

Bitcoin now going into coin Market Cava Guys we have so many all coins now Riding up on this news xrp is still up About 27 up about 65 in the last seven Days and if we go to the largest winners For the top 100 all coins we have Synthetics up 38 Xrp Stellar Lumen injective even uh we Even got some uh meme coins that are Actually riding up the wave up about 15 Too now keep in mind that a lot of the All coins that are currently pumping Were the ones that were recently Declared Securities and the sec's Lawsuit against coinbase and binance if You take a look at your screen you're Going to be seeing pretty much what Those all coins are and what the all Coin overlap was between coinbase and Binance this is going to include Matic Ada axes Mana file algo Solana sand now That the SEC has lost their case and xrp Is indeed considered not a security this Has brought relief and confidence that Many of the cryptos mentioned by the SEC Will also have a similar outcome so Going more into the details and the fine Print on what we've seen happen with This whole xrp case let's break it down Layer by layer now we've also been Covering the xrp case in some more Intermittent updates throughout the past Few years but this year is going to wrap Up a two and a half year of ongoing

Legal battle between the two out of this Story you have to realize that there is A Twist to the judgment and that not all Is still in the clear because the Federal judge has also ruled that xrp Was a security when it was actually sold To institutional investors as it met the Conditions set in the Howie test at that Time overall this is still great news Because the judge within this case has Found favor of Ripple and concluded that Xrp is indeed not a security so Throughout this news xrp has now become The fourth largest crypto after their Win So within four hours of the Announcement xrp's price had pumped About a hundred percent to 95 Cent a Token but has since dipped and is now up About 60 from its original price sitting At about 47 cents at one point xrp's Market cap reached a high of 49 billion Dollars since then it has dropped down To the 40 billion dollar Mark now this Legal Victor here also gave crypto Exchanges confidence to relist xrp back Onto their platform so it's been over About two to three years since a lot of These crypto exchanges removed xrp when SEC first decided to sue their company Now coinbase is going to re-enable Trading Kraken I trust Capital they all Announce that they're going to re-list The tokens and exchanges including even Gemini are also following suit the

Reason why this here is so important as An investor is because the more Exchanges that have access to buy xrp The more we're gonna to see the token Price continuing to go up it's crazy too Because we actually mentioned this Outcome being a possibility within one Of our previous top five crypto picks Videos I believe even in that video we Called that xrp could potentially go Over a dollar or even higher and since Then it's been pretty close like I Mentioned earlier in this video if you Are now bullish on xrp you want to ride The wave or you want to hold this crypto In a long term go ahead check out Coinbase they are going to be re-listing This crypto token and you can get up to 200 when signing up using the link in The description out of all this all coin Season is now in the talks because Bitcoin's dominance has now fallen ever Since xrp's Victory and the spike in all Coin prices was actually so strong that The dominance has now fallen under the 50 Mark what this means here is that Bitcoin's market cap is lower than all Of the other all coins within the market So bitcoin's dominance currently went From 51.55 to now 49.8 since then Bitcoin's dominance is sitting around 50 But many people within the crypto Community are declaring that all coin Season may be coming back soon in this

Instance we would see bitcoin's Dominance coming down lower while all Coins continue to ride up now if we take A look back into the history of all Coins y'all need to realize that there Has been a lot of fun and it's for a Good reason too we had ongoing attacks We had lawsuits we had kryptos getting Hacked we had random meme coins also Popping off and it really questioned the Legitimacy of a lot of these all coins The main point of fud though definitely Came from the SEC which was pretty much Just firing blank shot saying that all These all coins were indeed declared Securities and that people could be Running into trouble now that the Ripple Case has now finally come to a Conclusion I feel like this is going to Be a huge huge bullish turn for the Entire crypto Market on top of that Right now the economy is in a really Interesting State we've actually seen The highest amount of influx pretty much Going to the stock market seeing the S P 500 go up on another tear and for the Month of June and July we've been seeing A ton of great news by the way now that There's a lot of hype around xrp keep in Mind there's going to be a lot of Scammers doing these fake little Airdrops fake little giveaways and the Ripples CTO David Schwartz actually Commented and said a lot of scammers are

Taking advantage of the recent good news To try to steal and cheat and there are No airdrops there are no giveaways or Special offers associated with this Ruling so be careful if you guys see a Random metamask airdrop with a note Attached to it or an email like by the Way you know here's like free ten Thousand dollars in xrp it's probably Fake it's probably going to drain your Account so just be careful of that so Can xrp break out of that one dollar Range well right now certain indicators Are showing that xrp's ongoing price Pump may not just be a short-term Reaction to the positive news for ripple But for instance the duration of xrp's Massive pump at a coincided with its Trading volume reaching a 10 month high On top of that xrp's whale transactions These are pretty much wallets that are Holding more than a hundred thousand Dollars climbed to their best level Since 2023 which suggests that people With money they're pretty much bullish On xrp and they're buying back in on top Of that there are some other bullish Factors that will help out xrp in the Long term like the re-listing of the Tokens on the exchanges something that We mentioned earlier and the insane Support that the xrp community will also Get in the long term I do believe that Xrp will surpass the one dollar Mark

Especially when the bull market happens And it seems very likely within 2024 we Are going to get that bull market so I Think there is a strong probability like 80 to 90 percent chance that this is Going to return back to those levels but In the short term I don't want to Speculate too much because we are in a Volatile season we did just get this News yesterday so if you are trying to Play across that volatility if you are Trying to make some pretty crazy little Day trade wins you have an opportunity To do that there just keep in mind xrp Went up like 70 to 100 but it's already Dipped down 20 to 25 percent if you are Looking to add this position into your Portfolio so for the long term run I Ain't no financial advisor but I am Pretty bullish on this long term in Terms of other news crypto lender Celsius CEO Alex machenski has now been Arrested and sued by Regulators on the Same day that xrp won its case against The SEC now the investigation against The former CEO of this exchange began After New York attorney general went Ahead and started this suit on January 5th so this was way earlier this year in That lawsuit more specifically the SEC Was claiming that Celsius and machenski Raised billions of dollars through Unregistered and fraudulent offers as Well as selling crypto asset Securities

Now the in complaint here at the SEC Argued that machensky falsely promised Investors a safe investment with its Earning service called the earn interest Program they also claim that machenski And Celsius fraudulently manipulated the Price of the Celsius token now this news Comes after the FTC also issued a 4.7 Billion dollar fine against the company And it seems like things with Celsius is Just not looking too good now guys I've Had money in Celsius luckily this was a Channel that didn't work with them but I've had about 10 to 13 000 on my own Money stuck within their platform and I Still have not been able to get it out If you guys are like me amongst a few Hopefully we're able to see a turn of Events hopefully we're at least able to Get you know a dollar back from the Dollar that we put in get all of our Money back I mean that that would be the Most ideal right I'm not sure how long This is gonna play out there are still Other exchanges that are working to get Money out for their users and hopefully This turns around soon this is why even If we get a new bull market I'm gonna be So cautious about where I store and keep My crypto and this is where I am Ultra Bullish right now about coinbase if for Some reason you've never created an Account with them check out the link Down below and on top of that if you

Guys want to go ahead and join our Patreon we're going to be making some Buys in this upcoming Bull Run and we'd Love for you guys to check those out and To also get a taste of being able to Make some money in this upcoming time be Sure to check out the link Down Below in The description for our patreon complete Revamp and right now it's at a price of 14.99 the price of a Netflix Subscription and this is gonna go up in The coming months and if you guys are Also interested in picking up a treasure Cold Storage wallet I also have links For that down below too if you guys want To go ahead and follow me over on Instagram and on Twitter see what I'm up To on my day-to-day also I got to Mention threads that's like the next new Thing I've been posting some more stuff On threads check that out link Down Below in the description have an amazing Weekend and I'll see y'all soon peace


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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