XReal Beam Pro Phone Introduced at the 15th annual Augmented World Expo | TechCrunch

The 15th annual augmented World Expo was Held this week in Long Beach California The event is a major launching pad for All sorts of mixed reality Technologies Its organizers claim that the show is The quote world's largest spatial Computing event featuring such big names As Nvidia Qualcomm and Lenovo one of the More interesting pieces of technology to Emerge out of this year's show is the Xreal beam Pro it's not technically an Android phone though it both looks and Mostly Acts like one the $200 device Which arrives in both Wi-Fi and 5G Flavors is designed to work with X re's Air Pro 2 which arrived to mostly Positive reviews last year bringing 3D Versions of various Android apps ex's Proprietary nebula OS runs on top of Android 14 bringing an extra Dimension To the mobile operating system it's a Unique take on a category currently Dominated by meta and apple given the Kind of lukewarm reception that the Vision Pro received earlier this year The perpetually emerging technology can Always use some kind of excitement the Beam Pro is available now in the US China Japan and parts of Europe


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